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Pokemon Unite Zoroark: The Ultimate Build Guide for 2022

If you’re a Pokémon UNITE enthusiast, you’re likely excited about the addition of Zoroark, the tricky Speedster, to the game. This unique melee character brings a fresh playstyle to the battlefield, and in this guide, we’ll show you how to make the most of it.

Pokemon Unite Boost Emblems Loadout

Pokemon Unite Zoroark: Best Build 2022

To optimize Zoroark’s build, you should focus on acquiring six Brown Emblems to increase the Attack damage of your moves, and four White Emblems to boost your HP and critical-hit rate. While Zoroark isn’t as fragile as some other Speedsters, it still won’t last long if caught off guard. Here are the negative stats you have to work with:

  • Special Attack
  • Movement Speed

It’s recommended to take on the jungle role due to its high EXP yield. In the early game, your priority should be reaching Level 7 and scoring as many points as possible.

Best Item Build for Zoroark

Pokemon Unite Zoroark: Best Build 2022

To maximize your damage output as Zoroark, we suggest equipping an X Attack as your battle item. This choice complements Zoroark’s late-game evolution and power spike. Some players are currently experimenting with an Eject Button, which remains highly effective. However, if you follow our recommended moveset, you’ll have the mobility you need.

Considering that Zoroark is relatively fragile and can easily get overwhelmed while attempting to control the enemy team, we recommend equipping a Full Heal if you prefer a more aggressive, attacker playstyle.

For held items, the best combination is a Score Shield, Attack Weight, and Razor Claw. The Attack Weight boosts Zoroark’s attack stat each time you score a goal (up to six times). Pair that with a Score Shield to maximize your goal-scoring potential, and you’ll be nearly unstoppable. When a melee Pokemon holds a Razor Claw, any additional damage also reduces the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time. This allows you to stack your attack buffs, trap the other team in place, and take them down.

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Best Moveset for Zoroark

Pokemon Unite Zoroark: Best Build 2022

Zoroark’s most effective moveset consists of Shadow Claw and Night Slash. Night Slash provides a short burst of mobility, allowing you to chain up to six moves and attacks. It also enables Zoroark to perform a powerful leap and slash move, dealing significant damage.

Shadow Claw is an excellent move for stunning enemies, providing an opportunity for your teammates to secure kills while you retreat to a safe distance. When combined with Night Slash, Shadow Claw allows you to stun targets, making it easier to chain attacks and maintain momentum.

Unlocking Zoroark

Pokemon Unite Zoroark: Best Build 2022

If you’re convinced that Zoroark is the Pokémon for you, be prepared to spend a pretty penny. The Unite License for Zoroark can only be obtained by spending a whopping 1318 Aeos Gems. Unfortunately, the £17.99 Aeos Gem bundle falls just short of the required amount. To get your hands on Zoroark, you’ll need to cough up £34.99 for 2450 Aeos Gems. However, this purchase does come with the Costume Party Style Zoroark Holowear. Alternatively, Zoroark will become available for purchase with Aeos Coins on November 2, 2022 PDT, a week after its release.

Stay tuned for more Pokémon UNITE updates and valuable guides!

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