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The Most Effective Viper Lineups on Ascent

Despite not being the most commonly picked controller Agent on Ascent, Viper still possesses highly valuable abilities, including strong walls, strategic poison cloud placements, and, above all, exceptional lineups.

Viper’s wall is particularly advantageous on the attacking side as it enables you to obstruct the enemy’s line of sight, ensuring a safer and more straightforward entry into the bombsite.

Additionally, both her wall and poison cloud are highly effective on the defensive side. With Viper alone, you can successfully lockdown one of the sites, making it exceedingly challenging for opponents to breach and enter the site.

In fact, there exist numerous Viper walls and poison clouds that can give you a significant advantage over other players specifically on Ascent. However, in this article, we will exclusively focus on the best Snake Bite lineups for Ascent.

Viper is an extremely potent Agent in the post-plant scenarios, thanks to her Snake Bite lineups, which have the potential to secure rounds without even firing a single shot.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the top Viper Lineups on Ascent.

Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Ascent A Bombsite

Default Plant Snake Bite Lineup

Among the most useful Snake Bite lineups for the default post-plant position on the A site is this one. By throwing the lineup from a safe location just outside A main, you gain a significant advantage since defenders have a considerable distance to cover before they can reach you. This, in turn, makes it much more challenging for them to intercept your Snake Bite and defuse the Spike effectively.

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To execute this lineup, stand close to the wall and position your crosshair as shown in the image. You can utilize the tree as a reference point to align your aim.

Viper Ascent A site snake bite lineup default plant

Double Box Plant Snake Bite Lineup

Another widely employed Viper Snake Bite lineup is the one designed for the double box plant spot. This particular spot is quite popular since it is exposed to multiple angles, making it more difficult for defenders to defuse the spike.

Similar to the Snake Bite lineup for the default plant spot, you will throw this Snake Bite from A main.

Once again, stand against the box and align your crosshair precisely as depicted in the image.

Viper Ascent A site snake bite lineup double box plant

Viper Snake Bite Lineups on Ascent B Bombsite

Default Plant Snake Bite Lineup

Among the most frequently used and highly effective Viper Snake Bite lineups is the one specifically designed for the default plant position on the B bombsite. Although mastering this lineup may require some practice and effort, the payoff is unquestionably worth it, as it proves to be incredibly useful in many scenarios.

To execute this Snake Bite lineup, position yourself at the B lobby entrance, stand against the octopus wall, and align your HUD between the two windows, as illustrated in the image.

Then, perform a standard throw (left-click) to apply the Snake Bite.

Viper Ascent B site snake bite lineup default plant

Default Plant Easier Snake Bite Lineup

Since mastering the first default Snake Bite lineup might prove challenging for some, here is an easier alternative.

To execute this Snake Bite lineup, head to B main and position yourself close to the left side of the wall, as shown in the image.

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Then, move slightly to the right and align your crosshair precisely as depicted.

Once aligned, perform a standard throw (left-click) to execute the Snake Bite.

Viper Ascent B site snake bite lineup easier default plant

If you’re keen on improving your overall performance on Ascent and achieving more success on the map, rest assured, we have an extensive Ascent Map Guide available for you to explore. It covers the best way to play Ascent and provides valuable insights for navigating the map.

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