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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Gloves in

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In, equipment plays a crucial role in boosting your base stats, such as HP and ATK. As you level up your equipment, you’ll also unlock unique grade skills that provide additional boosts like critical damage chance and movement speed. Among the six pieces of equipment that your survivor can wear, gloves are particularly important. However, choosing the right pair of gloves depends on various factors, such as your play style and the level or challenge you’re facing.

What Stats Do Gloves Affect?

Gloves in primarily affect your stats related to the ATK attribute. Once gloves reach the blue grade or better, they unlock grade skills that provide unique boosts. These grade skills can be further unlocked for better, excellent, epic, and legendary levels by merging your equipment.

Now, let’s delve into the best and worst gloves currently available in the game.

Gloves in offers seven pairs of gloves, each available in different grades except for the Voidwaker Handguards and Eternal gloves, which are of S quality. Here are the gloves you can choose from:

  1. Voidwaker handguards
  2. Eternal gloves
  3. Army gloves
  4. Protective gloves
  5. Leather gloves
  6. Shiny wristguard
  7. Fingerless gloves

Each pair of gloves offers unique grade skills and boosts. While we have compiled a list of the best and worst gloves in the game, it’s important to note that certain gloves may be better suited for different levels. Trial and error can help you find the best gloves for specific challenges or levels.

Let’s now explore the top-tier gloves in, starting with the most powerful:

Voidwaker Handguards

An image of the Voidwaker Handguards in
The Voidwaker Handguards are regarded as one of the strongest pairs of gloves in the game. As an S-grade equipment, they come at a cost but provide substantial benefits. These gloves offer a significant ATK stat boost right from the moment you obtain them.

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The Voidwaker handguards unlock five different grade skills. The first grade (green) skill allows you to instantly kill any non-boss enemy below 20% HP, which can be a lifesaver in tough situations. The blue-grade skill provides a +15% ATK boost.

At the excellent grade, the gloves truly shine. You’ll receive a massive 50% damage increase against elites and bosses, making them invaluable for defeating tough monsters. Reaching the epic grade unlocks another +25% ATK boost.

Finally, at the legendary grade, the gloves grant you the Sanguine Aura skill, gradually draining the HP of enemies within a certain radius. This skill is highly effective against surrounding enemies but doesn’t work against bosses.

Eternal Gloves

An image of the Eternal Gloves in
The Eternal Gloves are another top-tier pair that increases your ATK and critical hit chance. Like the Voidwaker Handguards, these gloves are of S-grade rarity.

Upon obtaining the Eternal gloves, you automatically unlock three grade skills. These skills provide a +20% ATK boost when your HP is over 50%, a +15% ATK boost, and an additional 10% chance for critical attacks.

At the epic grade, the gloves unlock another +25% ATK boost, drastically enhancing your attacks and making them more lethal. The legendary grade skill grants an additional +10% critical attack chance and doubles the damage of critical attacks.

These gloves excel in situations where you need to deal extremely high damage, making them invaluable when facing formidable bosses.

Army Gloves

An image of the Army Gloves in
The Army gloves, available in normal to legendary grades, significantly boost your ATK stat. The higher the level and grade, the more ATK increase you’ll enjoy. These gloves are ideal for overcoming challenging boss and elite encounters.

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Upon reaching the better grade, the Army gloves unlock the first grade skill, granting a +10% ATK boost. At the excellent grade, you gain a +20% damage boost against elite enemies and bosses, making the gloves exceptionally powerful against these formidable foes.

When the gloves reach the epic grade, the damage boost against elites and bosses increases to an impressive +50%! The final grade skill unlocks at legendary grade, providing another +15% ATK boost.

Protective Gloves

An image of the Protective Gloves in
At number four on our list are the Protective gloves, which enhance your ATK stat and feature a useful radiation ring upon defeating an enemy.

Upon reaching the better grade, you’ll receive a +15% ATK boost. At the excellent grade, the gloves unlock a radiation ring that deals continuous damage to enemies within its range. When the gloves reach the epic grade, the damage dealt by the radiation ring is doubled, making it significantly more effective. The legendary grade skill provides another ATK boost of +15%.

Leather Gloves

An image of the Leather Gloves in
Leather gloves are a solid pair that becomes particularly useful when they reach the epic grade. At the better grade, they provide a +15% ATK boost. Upon reaching the excellent grade, you gain a +5% critical hit chance. While this boost may seem modest, it proves mostly ineffective at this level.

However, once the gloves reach the epic grade, they unlock a critical damage boost of +50% and enable critical hits to inflict bleed. This massive boost to critical damage, coupled with the ability to inflict bleed, assists in defeating tough enemies. The legendary grade skill provides another ATK boost of +15%.

Shiny Wristguard

An image of the Shiny Wristguard in
We consider the Shiny Wristguards to be average gloves. While they can still be useful, especially if they are your highest-graded item, they lack the unique boosts that give you a significant advantage.

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At the better grade, you unlock the first grade skill, providing a +10% ATK boost. The excellent grade skill triggers a minor explosion upon defeating a monster. When the gloves reach the epic grade, the explosion damage is doubled. These gloves may prove effective in earlier stages of the game, but we found them most useful when the explosion damage was doubled. The legendary grade skill grants another ATK stat boost of +15%.

Fingerless Gloves

An image of the Fingerless Gloves in
The final pair of gloves on our list is the Fingerless gloves. These gloves can be obtained in every grade from normal to legendary and provide an ATK stat boost.

At the better grade, they grant a +10% ATK boost. Upon reaching the excellent grade, you have a 1% chance to instakill non-boss monsters. While this skill may seem appealing, it carries a low probability and applies only to non-boss monsters with low HP.

The epic grade skill provides a +3% damage increase for every 200 monsters defeated, capped at 30%. Although this boost significantly enhances your attack damage, it excels more in quantity than quality.

Finally, at legendary grade, the gloves unlock another ATK stat boost of +15%.

And there you have it! This is our guide to the best gloves in to date. Keep in mind that each pair of gloves has its own strengths and weaknesses. The list we provided reflects our extensive battle experience in the game. However, you may discover that switching gloves can help you overcome specific levels and continue your journey toward becoming the ultimate survivor!

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Remember, equip wisely and conquer the challenges that lie ahead in!

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