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Legendary Fishing Quest Guide – New World

Introduction to New World’s Fishing Quests

In the vast world of New World, there lies an intriguing and challenging fishing quest line. Embark on this epic journey, and you shall be rewarded with a legendary Fishing Pole. This guide will serve as your compass, leading you through every quest and providing valuable knowledge on how to complete them. Discover the locations, strategies, and gear you need to conquer this legendary quest.

When you have successfully finished all the quests, you will be entitled to a Legendary Pole Reward Box. Inside, you will find one of four remarkable fishing poles. Let’s take a closer look at these exquisite tools of the trade:

NameImageRarityTierGear Score
Legendary AncientLegendary AncientLegendaryN/AN/A
Angry EarthAngry EarthLegendaryN/AN/A

As you progress through the fishing quest line, you will also acquire fishing armor sets. These sets will greatly enhance your abilities to catch bigger and rarer fish. Currently, we will focus on the Tier 3, 4, and 5 sets. Please note that there are other armor sets you will acquire during your journey, but they do not provide any fishing perks and thus are not worth mentioning.

Hardy Fisherman’s Set (Tier 3 Fishing Buff Gear)

This exceptional fishing set will be rewarded to you as you complete the main fishing quest line. Each quest completion will grant you a piece of the set. The Tier 3 set boasts a Gear Score of 300, ensuring you can tackle even the most formidable of aquatic creatures.

Item NameImageStatsFishing Buffs

Sleek Fisherman’s Set (Tier 4 Fishing Buff Gear)

The Sleek T4 fishing set is another remarkable reward on your journey through the fishing quest line. With a Gear Score of 400, this set will empower you to reel in truly magnificent catches.

Item NameImageStatsFishing Buffs

Fierce Fisherman’s Set (Tier 5 Fishing Buff Gear)

Finally, we reach the apex of fishing armor sets – the T5 Fierce Fishing Set. This set will be awarded to you just before obtaining the Legendary Fishing Rod. With a Gear Score of 500, you will become an unstoppable force in the world of fishing.

Item NameImageStatsFishing Buffs

1 – Fishing With Shields

Starts With: Michael Shields
Ends With: Michael Shields

Imagine starting your legendary fishing quest with none other than Michael Shields. Located just outside of Windsward Town, Michael beckons you to collect Woodlouse Baits. These can be easily found by gathering bushes in the vicinity. Although the drop rate may not be ideal, you should be able to gather enough to complete the quest and claim your rewards.

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Rewards for Fishing with Shields:

  • 280 experience
  • 43.75 coin
  • 250 standing
  • Wooden Fishing Pole

2 – Fishing Basics

Starts With: Michael Shields
Ends With: Dena Ruby

Having started your journey under Michael’s guidance, it’s time to broaden your fishing skills. Catch three fish and travel to Everfall, where you will find Dena Ruby eagerly awaiting your arrival. The location where you catch the fish doesn’t matter, so find the closest body of water and cast your lure. Once you have acquired the required fish, bring them to Dena in Everfall.


Rewards for Fishing Basics:

  • 520 experience
  • 50 coin
  • 175 standing
  • Battered Fisherman’s Boots

3 – Baited

Starts With: Dena Ruby
Ends With: Dallas Clemenson

In the quest Baited, initiated by Dena Ruby, you must catch a Snail in Fresh Water and a Clam in Salt Water to use as bait. These precious items are required for the esteemed Master Fisherman Ruby. Once you have successfully acquired the Snail and Clam, deliver them to Master Fisher Clemenson in First Light. Our suggestion is to visit the Broad Fishing Hotspots in First Light to increase your chances of catching these elusive creatures.

Rewards for Baited Quest:

  • 870 experience
  • 78.75 coin
  • 175 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Battered Fisherman’s Gloves

4 – Hotspot Hunt

Starts With: Dallas Clemenson
Ends With: Quinton Warwick

Prepare to embark on the Hotspot Hunt, the next thrilling quest in your fishing adventure. Your first task is to catch three fish from fishing hotspots. It is essential to reach level 20 to activate this quest. Refer to our fishing hotspots guide to find the locations closest to you. We highly recommend revisiting the hotspots in First Light that were suggested in the Baited quest.

Make sure to observe the fish jumping out of the water, as this indicates that the hotspot is active. If none of the pools are active, patiently fish until the cooldown timer expires and the hotspots become active again. Once you have fulfilled the requirements, seek out Quinton Warwick in Monarch’s Bluffs.

Rewards for Hotspot Hunt:

  • 1,200 experience
  • 87.50 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Battered Fisherman’s Trousers

5 – Practice Makes Perfect

Starts With: Quinton Warwick
Ends With: Edith Perchal

Now that you have honed your skills, it’s time to put them to the test in the quest titled “Practice Makes Perfect.” Your objective is to catch a total of 15 fish, regardless of their location. Once you have reeled in the required fish, make your way to Edith Perchal to proudly display your accomplishments.


Rewards for Practice Makes Perfect:

  • 1,540 experience
  • 96.25 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Battered Fisherman’s Hat

6 – The Giant Ones

Starts With: Edith Perchal
Ends With: Park Jennet

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In the quest “The Giant Ones,” you must prove your fishing prowess by catching eight fish weighing at least 20 pounds each. To improve your chances of landing these impressive catches, utilize fishing baits specifically designed for larger fish. Refer to our comprehensive fishing bait guide to discover the perfect bait for this challenge. Once you have successfully caught the required fish, journey to the northeastern area of Brightwood to meet with Park Jennet.

Rewards for The Giant Ones:

  • 1,830 experience
  • 105 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Battered Fisherman’s Smock


Park Jennet’s Location on the map:

7 – Fish Reagents

Starts With: Park Jennet
Ends With: Sheetal Agarwal

In the quest “Fish Reagents,” your mission is to catch a Squid and a Catfish. These extraordinary creatures can be found in the water where Park Jennet resides. Embrace the opportunity to fish to your heart’s content until you have successfully captured both the Squid and the Catfish. Once you have accomplished this feat, proceed to Sheetal Agarwal in Weaver’s Fen.


Sheetal Agarwal’s location in Weaver’s Fen:

Rewards for Fish Reagents:

  • 2,120 experience
  • 113.75 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Fishing Reward Box 1 > Grants Hardy Fisherman’s Gloves & Boots (Tier 3 Table in introduction Section)

8 – Reel Life

Starts With: Sheetal Agarwal
Ends With: Finola O’Connor

In the quest “Reel Life,” Sheetal Agarwal requires you to catch three boots. These unwanted items can sometimes be found while fishing, and you can easily catch them next to Sheetal in Weaver’s Fen. To increase your chances of obtaining them, refrain from using fishing armor or bait that increases rarity. Remember, you want to have the worst possible luck to acquire these boots. Once you have successfully collected the boots, head to Restless Shore to find Finola O’Connor near the Restless Shore Fort.

Rewards for Reel Life:

  • 2,380 experience
  • 122.50 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Fishing Reward Box 2 > Grants Hardy Fisherman’s Trousers & Hat (Tier 3 Table in introduction Section)

9 – Weapons of the Sea

Starts With: Finola O’Connor
Ends With: Tariku Abebe

In the quest “Weapons of the Sea,” you find yourself on another mission to catch valuable items. This time, you must acquire a Fish Sword and a Fish Head Hammer. These items are needed to impress Master Fisher Abebe in Mourningdale. Employ the same strategy as before by avoiding bait and equipment that increase fish rarity. Fish beside Finola until you obtain the sword and the hammer, and then journey to Mourningdale to meet Tariku Abebe near his favorite Broad Fishing Hotspot, just north of Mourningdale Town.

Rewards for Weapons of the Sea:

  • 2,380 experience
  • 122.50 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Hardy Fisherman’s Smock – Tier 3 Fishing Chest

10 – Treasure of the Deep

Starts With: Tariku Abebe
Ends With: Eberhart Klaus

Prepare yourself for an enticing challenge in the quest “Treasure of the Deep.” Your goal is to catch a treasure chest, a true testament to your skill and luck. Maximize your chances by equipping fishing baits that increase fish rarity and fishing in a hotspot. The higher the star rating of the hotspot, the better your odds, but even 1-star Broad hotspots can yield success. Once you have triumphed and secured a treasure chest, head to Great Cleave to meet Eberhart Klaus next to his Secret Hotspot. You may choose to venture directly to Eberhart, hoping that the Secret Hotspot is active, allowing you to catch the treasure chest right beside him. Enjoy the envy in Eberhart’s eyes as you reel in your magnificent prize!

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Remember, secret hotspots take 45-90 minutes to respawn after depletion.

Rewards for Treasure of the Deep:

  • 2,640 experience
  • 131.25 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Ironwood Fishing Pole

11 – Soulwarden Rations

Starts With: Eberhart Klaus
Ends With: Rory Davies

Prepare for a challenging quest in “Soulwarden Rations.” Your task is to catch five fish, each weighing over 30 pounds. To increase your chances of success, use fishing baits that promote larger fish size and any fishing equipment you have acquired during your journey. Cutlass Keys’ saltwater areas are an excellent spot to find larger fish, particularly Swordfish. Once you have gathered the required fish, return to Rory Davies in Edengrove, located southeast of Reekwater Town.

Rewards for Soulwarden Rations:

  • 2,890 experience
  • 140 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 20 Azoth
  • Sleek Fisherman’s Hat

12 – Azoth-Tinged Fish

Starts With: Rory Davies
Ends With: Konrad Bernard

In the quest “Azoth-Tinged Fish,” your objective is straightforward. Fish in the waters of Edengrove, where Rory Davies resides, until you catch the elusive Azoth-Tinged fish. Once you have accomplished this task, journey to Shattered Mountains to find Konrad Bernard. Konrad’s location is at a Rare Fishing Hotspot northeast of Mountainrise Outpost.


Rewards for Azoth-Tinged Fish:

  • 2,970 experience
  • 148.75 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 30 Azoth
  • Fishing Reward Box 3 > Grants Sleek Fisherman’s Smock, Gloves, Trousers, & Boots

13 – Corruption-Tinged Fish

Starts With: Konrad Bernard
Ends With: Laquan Chang

The quest “Corruption-Tinged Fish” is as straightforward as the previous one. Fish in the water where Konrad Bernard is located in Edengrove until you catch a Corruption-Tinged fish. Once you have successfully caught it, travel to Ebonscale Reach to find Laquan Chang. Laquan is situated right within the town of Ebonscale Reach.


Rewards for Corruption-Tinged Fish:

  • 3,750 experience
  • 157.50 coin
  • 250 standing
  • 30 Azoth
  • Fishing Reward Box 4 > Grants Fierce Fisherman’s Gloves and Boots

14 – Ecological Report

Starts With: Laquan Chang
Ends With: Gaspar Machera

In the penultimate quest, “Ecological Report,” you are tasked with collecting fish fillets of various levels. Explore different areas and fish until you have gathered the required types. Once you have all the necessary fish fillets, proceed to Gaspar Machera, located southeast of Reekwater Town.

15 – To be a Grand Master

Starts With: Gaspar Machera
Ends With: Gaspar Machera

Finally, in the culminating quest of your legendary fishing adventure, you must reach fishing level 100 to become a Grand Master. Fishing your way to this impressive milestone will grant you a Legendary Pole and the esteemed title of a fishing legend.

Rewards for To be a Grand Master:

  • 3,750 experience
  • 157.50 coin
  • 175 standing
  • 30 Azoth
  • Legendary Pole Reward Box > Grants one of the Legendary Fishing Poles shown in Table 1 in the introduction to this guide: Legendary Ancient, Angry Earth, Corrupted, or Lost Fishing Pole.

With perseverance, skill, and a bit of luck, you will conquer these legendary fishing quests in New World. May the waters be plentiful, and the fish be ever within your grasp!

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