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Defeating Berserker King Hrolf in God of War: Ragnarok

King Hrolf Kraki serves as the final Berserker boss in the Fit for a King favor of God of War: Ragnarok. This side quest, similar to the Valkyrie hunt in the previous game, requires you to put the souls of ghostly Berserkers to rest across all nine realms.

To begin the Fit for a King favor, you’ll need the Inert Hilt of Skofnung. This hilt enables interaction with scattered Berserker Gravestones throughout the realms. By using the Hilt on these gravestones, you can summon their respective Berserker mini-bosses.

Among the Berserkers, King Hrolf poses the greatest challenge. To defeat him, it is advised to be at least level 9 and fully upgrade your gear. This guide will provide you with the necessary strategies to overcome King Hrolf in God of War: Ragnarok.

Finding King Hrolf

Return to the King’s Grave in Midgard, where you initiated your quest to vanquish the ghostly Berserkers. If you’ve already defeated all the other Berserkers, King Hrolf will be waiting for you at his gravestone.

Best Build for Berserker King

King Hrolf’s Attacks and Moves

King Hrolf employs various attacks during the battle. Familiarizing yourself with his moves is crucial to your success.

Hammer Swing: King Hrolf initiates this attack when you’re within close range. He swings his hammer in multiple directions before slamming it down on the ground. Dodge in the opposite direction of the swing to avoid this attack.

Energy Burst: King Hrolf releases a sudden burst of energy, which can be done once or twice in a row. Although it is short-range, he can combine it with the Block Arena to cover the entire arena. Jumping backward or timing a jump with the Energy Burst can help you dodge this attack.

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Element Bolt Attack: This long-range attack is powered by elements and has several variations. King Hrolf can perform a double bolt or quad bolt attack. He may also unleash a straight-line element attack with a beam of bolts. Dodging can easily evade these attacks, except for the Quad Bolt Attack, which cannot be locked onto.

Area of Effect Attack: King Hrolf can execute area of effect attacks using three different elements: Flame, Lightning, and Frost. Flame and Lightning AoE attacks manifest as danger zones scattered across the battleground. Frost attacks have larger danger zones but are limited to three specific places. You can dodge these attacks or throw the Draupnir Spear between the attacks to avoid them.

Bifrost Energy Attack: King Hrolf charges up the air with Bifrost Energy, launching an attack that covers the entire battleground. Throwing detonating spears or axes at King Hrolf can help you avoid this attack, causing it to end prematurely.

Shield Strike Attack: Using Shield Strike, King Hrolf smashes his weapons together, causing damage across the battleground. This attack can be performed at both short and long range. You can block this attack with the Onslaught Shield’s Shield Strike ability, even after it has been initiated.

Strategies to Defeat King Hrolf

Almost half of King Hrolf’s attacks are unblockable, requiring you to dodge them. He aggressively delivers close-range attacks before retreating to maintain distance.

Combining Runic, Companion, and Spartan Wrath attacks provides a powerful combo to deal damage to King Hrolf. Additionally, equipping the Berserker Armor allows you to block his attacks and reduce the cooldown time.

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When King Hrolf is at a distance, utilize Charged Draupnir Spears to inflict damage. These spears detonate upon impact, causing additional damage.

To restore your health during the fight, make use of Greater Regenerating Essence and Health Crystals.

Rewards and Loot

  • 15000 Kratos XP
  • 3750 Freya XP
  • Hilt of Skonung
  • Berserker Armor Set
  • Gale Flame

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