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Soar through the Skies and Ignite the Heavens

The Dawnblade is a powerful Warlock subclass in Destiny 2 that harnesses the power of Solar energy. With the ability to take flight and wield a flaming sword, the Dawnblade grants Warlocks unparalleled aerial mobility and devastating offensive capabilities.[1]

Unleash the Inferno

In combat, the Dawnblade’s sword acts as a grenade, allowing the player to slash through enemies and deal explosive damage. While the Super is active, the Warlock can hover or walk, and up to eight swords can be thrown at once.[2] However, those who choose the Attunement of Flame subclass can unlock the Everlasting Fire perk, which refunds super energy on kills, enabling them to throw more than eight swords and rain down fiery destruction upon their enemies.[3]

A Tale of Fire and Wings

The lore behind the Dawnblade tells a story of a young Warlock apprentice struggling to grasp the power of fire. With the guidance of a wise mentor, they learn to summon a sword with a single word – “Sword.” As their skills progress, the apprentice and their teacher take flight, their swords and wings ablaze. Together, they vow never to look down and embrace the freedom of the skies.[4]

Upgrades and Abilities

The Dawnblade offers a variety of upgrades to enhance your arsenal.


  • Solar Grenade: Traps enemies within a burning flare of Solar Light.
  • Firebolt Grenade: Unleashes bolts of Solar Light, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Fusion Grenade: Attaches to targets and deals bonus damage upon detonation.


  • Balanced Glide: Enhances control and speed during Glide jumps.
  • Burst Glide: Provides a powerful speed boost during Glide.
  • Controlled Glide: Improves directional control while in the air.
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  • Daybreak: Harness the Solar Light and rain down blades upon your foes.

Class Abilities

  • Healing Rift: Create a healing well of Light for continuous restoration.
  • Empowering Rift: Forge a well of Light to increase the attack power of allies.

Paths and Passives

The Dawnblade offers three unique paths, each with its own set of passive abilities:

  1. Attunement Of Sky:

    • Celestial Fire: Unleash a spiral of explosive Solar energy blasts.
    • Winged Sun: Fire weapons, throw grenades, and unleash celestial fire while gliding. Airborne final blows extend the effects of Heat Rises and grant melee energy.
    • Heat Rises: Consume grenade energy to extend glide time and enhance in-air accuracy.
    • Icarus Dash: Dodge while in midair to swiftly change direction.
  2. Attunement Of Flame:

    • Igniting Touch: Strike enemies to burn them and cause explosive damage.
    • Fated For The Flame: Seek targets with Daybreak projectiles and leave a trail of deadly flames upon impact.
    • Everlasting Fire: Extends the duration of Daybreak upon killing an enemy.
    • Phoenix Dive: Descend quickly from mid-air and regenerate health.
  3. Attunement Of Grace:

    • Well of Radiance: Slam your Daybreak sword into the ground to create a powerful rift that empowers and heals allies.
    • Guiding Flame: Empower nearby allies with melee attacks.
    • Benevolent Dawn: Empowering allies with Guiding Flame grants bonus energy for melee, grenade, and rift abilities.
    • Divine Protection: Convert your grenade into a Blessing, a health pickup that heals and shields allies.

Choose Your Melee

The Dawnblade offers unique melee abilities for each path:

  • Attunement Of Sky: Celestial fire – Send out a spiral of three explosive Solar energy blasts.
  • Attunement Of Grace: Guiding Flame – Strike enemies to burn them and empower yourself and nearby allies.
  • Attunement Of Flame: Igniting touch – Strike enemies to cause them to burn and explode.
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Harness the Power of Solar 3.0 (Destiny 2: Witch Queen)

The future of the Dawnblade subclass in Destiny 2: Witch Queen brings exciting upgrades.


  • Daybreak: Wield Solar Light as deadly blades that ignite your enemies upon impact.
  • Well of Radiance: Plunge your sword into the ground, damaging and scorching nearby targets. The sword projects a continuous aura, granting restoration and radiant effects to nearby allies, protecting them from the effects of Stasis.


  • Solar Grenade: Traps enemies within a burning flare of Solar Light.
  • Firebolt Grenade: Unleashes bolts of damaging Solar Light, scorching nearby targets.
  • Fusion Grenade: Attaches to targets, dealing damage and leaving them moderately scorched.
  • Incendiary Grenade: Explodes in a fiery burst, heavily scorching nearby targets.
  • Thermite Grenade: Sends forth a line of fire, damaging and scorching targets in its path.
  • Swarm Grenade: Detonates on impact, releasing drones that seek out nearby enemies.
  • Tripmine Grenade: Attaches to surfaces and detonates when enemies pass through, moderately scorching them.
  • Healing Grenade: Cures allies and creates an Orb of benevolent Solar Light for restoration.


  • Incinerator Snap: Snap your fingers to create an explosion of burning sparks that scorches targets.
  • Celestial Fire: Unleash a spiral of three explosive Solar energy blasts.


  • Burst Glide: Activate Glide while airborne for a powerful speed boost.
  • Strafe Glide: Activate Glide while airborne for enhanced directional control.
  • Balanced Glide: Activate Glide while airborne for moderate speed and directional control.

Class Abilities

  • Healing Rift: Conjure a well of power that continuously restores health to those inside.
  • Empowering Rift: Conjure a well of power that increases weapon damage for allies.
  • Phoenix Dive: Dive to the ground, creating a burst of Solar Light that restores health to nearby allies. While Heat Rises is active, diving scorches targets upon landing.


  • Icarus Dash: Dodge quickly while airborne. Gain an additional dodge while Heat Rises is active.
  • Heat Rises: Fire weapons, melee, and throw grenades while gliding. Hold to activate Heat Rises, consuming your grenade. Airborne final blows extend the duration of Heat Rises and grant melee energy.
  • Touch of Flame: Enhances the effectiveness of Healing, Solar, Firebolt, and Fusion grenades.
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The Dawnblade offers a variety of powerful fragments to augment your abilities:

  • Ember of Ashes: Apply additional scorch stacks to targets.
  • Ember of Beams: Improve target acquisition for Solar Super projectiles.
  • Ember of Benevolence: Applying restoration, cure, or radiant effects to allies increases regeneration of grenade, melee, and class abilities for a short duration.
  • Ember of Blistering: Defeating targets with Solar ignitions grants grenade energy.
  • Ember of Char: Solar ignitions spread scorch to affected targets.
  • Ember of Combustion: Final blows with Solar Super cause targets to ignite.
  • Ember of Eruption: Solar ignitions have an increased area of effect.
  • Ember of Empyrean: Extend the duration of restoration and radiant effects from Solar weapon or ability final blows.
  • Ember of Searing: Defeating scorched targets grants melee energy.
  • Ember of Singeing: Class ability recharges faster when scorching targets.
  • Ember of Solace: Increase the duration of radiant and restoration effects applied to you.
  • Ember of Tempering: Solar weapon final blows grant increased recovery to you and your allies. Stacks up to 3 times.
  • Ember of Torches: Powered melee attacks make you and nearby allies radiant.
  • Ember of Wonder: Rapidly defeating multiple targets with Solar ignitions generates an Orb of Power.

Did You Know?

  • Dawnblades represent the new system for subclass upgrades, allowing one passive tree to be active at a time, such as Attunement Of Sky, Attunement Of Flame, or Attunement Of Grace. This system also applies to older subclasses that have been reintroduced.
  • The Daybreak sword in the Dawnblade subclass shares similarities with the exotic Void sword known as the Black Talon.
  • The renowned Warlock Osiris is known to wield the power of the Dawnblade.
  • As part of an update to all Solar subclasses, the Attunement Of Sky underwent significant reworking. The speed at which players can be propelled by Icarus Dash during the Dawnblade super has been reduced, tempering some of the previously gained speed.



  • Destiny 2 (First appearance)


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