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Guide to the Best Dark and Darker Classes

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure in the world of Dark and Darker? In this fantasy RPG, you have the opportunity to choose from a diverse range of character classes, each with their own unique abilities and skills. Whether you prefer to be a mighty warrior, a sneaky thief, a helpful healer, or a magical mage, there is a class for you. But which classes are the best? In this guide, we will break down the top Dark and Darker classes and provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The Best Dark and Darker Class: The Cleric

The best Dark and Darker class is undoubtedly the Cleric. This versatile class boasts a high health pool, making them an excellent choice for tanking. But that’s not all – the Cleric is also a formidable healer, capable of supporting their party and dealing bonus damage to undead enemies. With most of the dungeon’s enemies being zombies and skeletons, the Cleric’s smiting abilities come in handy. You can pair the Cleric with a Wizard and a Barbarian for maximum party support, or take a more offensive approach with a Ranger placing campfires to replenish spells.

If the Cleric doesn’t suit your play style, don’t worry! You have the freedom to create and level up multiple Dark and Darker classes. Experiment with different classes to find the perfect combination for your party.

Every Dark and Darker Class

Dark and Darker offers a total of eight classes for you to choose from. Here is a list of all the classes available:

  • Barbarian
  • Bard
  • Cleric
  • Fighter
  • Ranger
  • Rogue
  • Wizard
  • Warlock

Each class has its own unique strengths and abilities, allowing you to tailor your gameplay experience to your preferences.


The Barbarian is known for their toughness and melee expertise. They excel in close combat and can wield various weapon types, but we recommend using a battle axe as their primary weapon. While Barbarians may be slow, you can enhance their key stats such as strength, health recovery, and impact power. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Barbarians:

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Best Barbarian Perks:

  • Axe Specialization: +5 weapon damage to axe attacks.
  • Crush: Ability to destroy doors and containers, increasing attack impact power.
  • Executioner: Increased headshot damage with axes.
  • Robust: Increased maximum health.

Best Barbarian Skills:

  • Rage: Temporary increase in strength and movement speed, with a decrease in defense.
  • Savage Roar: Frightens enemies and reduces their physical damage bonuses.


The Bard is a support type character, using music to confuse or entertain enemies. They can heal allies and provide temporary buffs, making them an invaluable addition to any party. However, Bards are not the stealthiest class and require some mastery of their gameplay mechanics. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Bards:

Best Bard Perks:

  • Melodic Protection: Increased physical damage reduction while playing music.
  • Wanderer’s Luck: Improved chances of finding high-quality items in treasure chests.
  • War Song: Increased weapon attack power for nearby allies during successful performances.
  • Lore Mastery: Increased interaction speed.

Best Bard Skills:

  • Encore: Automatically plays the next song without any input.
  • Music Memory: Ability to store multiple sheet music.


The Cleric is the ultimate healing class, responsible for keeping their teammates alive. They also possess the ability to deal significant damage to undead enemies. To make the most of the Cleric’s abilities, you need to equip a Spell Memory skill and carefully choose the spells that best suit your party’s needs. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Clerics:

Best Cleric Perks:

  • Requiem: Improved resurrection with higher health and no sacrifice at the Altar of Sacrifice.
  • Advanced Healer: Increased base magical heal.
  • Undead Slaying: Increased physical damage bonus against undead monsters.
  • Kindness: Self-healing when healing others.
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Best Cleric Skills:

  • Spell Memory: Ability to memorize spells for use in the dungeon.
  • Smite: Additional magic damage to all enemies hit.


The Fighter class offers a balanced approach, with agility and a variety of playstyles. While not as strong or durable as the Barbarian, Fighters make up for it with better speed and versatility. You can customize your Fighter’s perks and skills to enhance your strengths and mitigate weaknesses. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Fighters:

Best Fighter Perks:

  • Defensive Expert: Increased armor rating.
  • Weapon Mastery: Access to all primary and secondary weapons.
  • Counterattack: Temporary increase in movement and attack speed after a successful defense.
  • Projectile Resistance: Reduced damage from projectiles.

Best Fighter Skills:

  • Sprint: Temporary increase in movement speed.
  • Second Wind: Slow health recovery over time.


The Ranger is a popular choice among Dark and Darker players, offering the ability to shoot down enemies from a distance. With a starting weapon like the Recurve bow and a campfire kit for resting and recovering, Rangers excel in ranged combat. Their perks and skills focus on utilizing ranged weapons and aiding their party. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Rangers:

Best Ranger Perks:

  • Chase: Increased detection of enemy footsteps.
  • Trap Mastery: Decreased installation time for traps.
  • Nimble Hands: Faster shooting with a bow.
  • Enhanced Hearing: Increased hearing range for enemy footstep sounds.

Best Ranger Skills:

  • Multishot: Fires multiple arrows simultaneously.
  • Quick Fire: Speeds up the next projectile attack.


The Rogue is the most agile class, specializing in stealth and fast-paced combat. While they may have lower health and strength, Rogues make up for it with their movement speed and the ability to hide from enemies. Their perks and skills revolve around stealth, lockpicking, and backstabbing. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Rogues:

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Best Rogue Perks:

  • Back Attack: Increased damage when attacking from behind.
  • Stealth: Increased movement while hiding.
  • Lockpick Expert: Ability to pick locks without a lockpick.
  • Trap Detection: Highlighting nearby traps for disarming.

Best Rogue Skills:

  • Rupture: Inflicts bleeding damage on the target.
  • Hide: Temporary invisibility.


The Warlock is a magic user who has made a pact with the devil. They possess powerful offensive abilities and are a little more durable compared to other magic users. With the ability to use melee weapons alongside their magic, Warlocks offer a unique playstyle. While their class is relatively new, the Warlock has the potential to become a fan favorite. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Warlocks:

Best Warlock Perks:

  • Immortal Lament: Protection from death at the cost of reduced spell power bonus.
  • Dark Enhancement: Increased damage for Dark magic spells.
  • Torture Mastery: Healing from damage dealt to enemies.
  • Malice: Increased will stat.

Best Warlock Skills:

  • Spell Memory: Ability to memorize spells for use.
  • Phantomize: Ability to phase through attacks and reduce magic damage taken.


The Wizard class is a powerful damage-dealing magic user, capable of unleashing devastating spells on enemies. While their defense may be weak, their offensive capabilities make up for it. Wizards can equip spells using the Spell Memory skill, allowing them to cast a variety of spells. Here are some of the best perks and skills for Wizards:

Best Wizard Perks:

  • Reactive Shield: Temporary shield when taking damage.
  • Mana Surge: Increased magic damage bonus.
  • Quick Chant: Faster spell casting.
  • Arcane Mastery or Fire Mastery: Increased damage for respective spell types.

Best Wizard Skills:

  • Spell Memory: Ability to memorize spells for use.
  • Meditation: Spell recovery over time.

And there you have it – a comprehensive guide to the best Dark and Darker classes. Remember, the key to success is finding the class that suits your play style and complementing it with the right party members. Prepare yourself for an epic adventure filled with monster battles, hidden treasures, and thrilling dungeon exploration. Good luck on your journey!

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