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Destiny 2: Unveiling the Finest Fusion Rifles in 2023

Hey there, Guardians! Struggling to find the perfect Fusion Rifle that dominates the current meta? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Join us as we showcase the top Fusion Rifles available in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 is an ever-evolving online multiplayer game set in a dynamic world where you and your friends can team up at any time. Customize your Guardian’s looks and playstyle by acquiring unique items, handcrafted weapons, and powerful elemental powers. Bungie, the game’s creators, continuously introduce new weapons with each update and expansion pack, including 50 new ones in recent times. With such an extensive arsenal to choose from, players often find themselves confused about which weapon best suits their playstyle.

Among the varied options, Fusion Rifles have gained popularity due to their versatility and the ability to be further enhanced with mods and rolls. They excel in shredding Crucible players and clearing out hordes of enemies during missions, making them an excellent choice in the current meta.

The Top Ten Fusion Rifles

Choosing the right Fusion Rifle can be challenging, particularly for beginners with numerous options available. Fear not! We present to you the finest Fusion Rifles in the world of Destiny 2. This list will make your decision-making process much easier.

10. Exile’s Curse

Exile’s Curse
Image source: Bungie

Exile’s Curse is a high-impact Rifle introduced in season 10. It quickly became a dominating force in PvP encounters. This energy slot weapon utilizes special ammo and deals arc damage to opponents. To acquire Exile’s Curse, you’ll need the Witch Queen DLC, so make sure you have it.

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9. Likely Suspect

Likely Suspect
Image source: Bungie

Likely Suspect is a legendary rapid-fire fusion rifle that packs a punch. It excels in PvP battles, dealing void damage while occupying an energy slot. This weapon, introduced in season 16, boasts the capability of rolling all-new “God Rolls.” The best part? You don’t need any DLC to obtain it. Find Likely Suspect in the throne world and make it your own.

8. Cartesian Coordinate

Cartesian Coordinate
Image source: Bungie

Cartesian Coordinate, a rapid-fire legendary Fusion Rifle released in season 13, has garnered a devoted fanbase. It shines in extreme PvE content, making it the perfect choice for taking down bosses and majors. This energy slot weapon unleashes solar damage in style. You can obtain Cartesian Coordinate from the world loot pool, available through non-specific activities. However, beware of the large loot pool in the core game, as it might take some effort to find.


Image source: Bungie

PLUG ONE.1, a precision frame legendary Fusion Rifle introduced in season 14, offers a balanced option for both PvP and PvE content. With its good range and impactful damage, this energy slot weapon deals arc damage to foes. Attain PLUG ONE.1 by conquering Nightfall: The Ordeals. The best part? You don’t need any DLC or expansion packs to acquire it.

6. Delicate Tomb

Delicate Tomb
Image source: Bungie

Delicate Tomb, an exotic Fusion Rifle introduced in season 18, has quickly risen to prominence for PvE encounters. This energy slot weapon utilizes special ammo and deals arc damage, ideal for clearing out hordes of enemies. Observe that Delicate Tomb is tied to the season 18 battle pass. But fret not, if you possess the battle pass, this weapon is easily within your grasp.

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5. Deliverance

Image source: Bungie

Deliverance, a precision frame legendary Fusion Rifle from season 16’s Witch Queen DLC, caters to both PvP and PvE enthusiasts. As a kinetic slot weapon, it employs special ammo to unleash stasis damage on adversaries. To obtain Deliverance, venture into the Vow of the Disciple Raid, provided you already possess the Witch Queen DLC.

4. One Thousand Voices

One Thousand Voices
Image source: Bungie

One Thousand Voices, an exotic Fusion Rifle introduced in season 4, remains a powerhouse in both PvE and PvP content. As a heavy slot weapon, it utilizes heavy ammo and delivers solar damage to enemies. If you own the Forsaken Pack DLC, you can acquire this formidable weapon from the Last Wish Raid.

3. Snorri FR5

Snorri FR5
Image source: Bungie

Snorri FR5, a legendary precision frame weapon recently added to Destiny 2, has quickly garnered recognition as an S-tier Fusion Rifle with incredible “God Rolls.” Although it’s still new, it has already become one of the best contenders in the PvP Meta. This energy slot weapon unleashes void damage with every shot. Obtain Snorri FR5 from the world loot pool, available through non-specific activities. Be aware that finding it might prove a tedious task, given the extensive core game loot pool.

2. Jotunn

Image source: Bungie

Jotunn, an exotic Fusion Rifle introduced in season 5, stands as one of the most formidable weapons in Destiny 2. As an energy slot weapon, it harnesses the power of special ammo, dealing solar damage to adversaries. To obtain Jotunn, ensure you have the Forsaken Pack DLC and visit the Exotic Kiosk.

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1. Telesto

Image source: Bungie

Telesto, an exotic Fusion Rifle, currently reigns supreme as the strongest weapon in its class. Regardless of PvP or PvE encounters, this weapon is an absolute beast. Since its introduction in season 2, it has remained a viable option in the Meta. Unleashing void damage upon foes, Telesto is an energy slot weapon fueled by special ammo.

To obtain this beastly Fusion Rifle, focus on exotic engrams. The best part? You don’t need any DLC or expansion pack to acquire Telesto.

These ten Fusion Rifles represent the pinnacle of Destiny 2’s armory. Remember, this list is subjective and subject to change with future updates. Each of these rifles can be fantastic when used correctly with the right loadouts, so choose one that suits your playstyle. Good luck out there, Guardian!

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