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Destiny 2 Exotic Armor Focusing: The Ultimate Guide

After years of grinding Lost Sectors for Exotics, Bungie has finally introduced a new method to obtain the Exotic armor you truly desire: Exotic Armor focusing. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this exciting new system, ensuring you get the most out of it.

How Does Exotic Armor Focusing Work?

Starting from Season of the Deep, Exotic engrams will no longer decrypt automatically. Instead, they will remain in your engram inventory. With Exotic armor focusing, you have the option to focus an engram to receive a random roll of a specific Exotic. There are two tiers of Exotic Focusing available:

  • Focusing Tier 1: Allows you to focus an engram into an Exotic from a specific expansion, such as a random helm from the Shadowkeep expansion.
  • Focusing Tier 2: Allows you to focus an engram into the exact Exotic you desire, like a random roll of the Synthoceps Titan Exotic arms.

To access these tiers, you must meet certain requirements:

  • Focusing Tier 1: You need to own the associated expansion and have previously acquired all armor pieces within the engram for your class.
  • Focusing Tier 2: You need to own the associated expansion and have previously acquired that specific piece of armor.
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If you don’t meet these requirements or simply don’t want to invest your precious resources into focusing Exotics, you can still decrypt the engrams for free, resulting in a random drop from the standard Exotic engram pool.

Exotic Focused Decoding Cost

The cost for Exotic Focusing varies depending on the tier:

  • Exotic Focusing Tier 1 costs:

    • 1 Exotic engram
    • 30,000 Glimmer
    • 1 Ascendant Shard
  • Exotic Focusing Tier 2 costs:

    • 1 Exotic engram
    • 60,000 Glimmer
    • 3 Ascendant Shards
    • 1 Exotic Cipher

Considering the much lower cost involved in focusing Exotic engrams into an Exotic from a specific expansion, it is certainly worth taking into account the following loot pools.

How to Farm Exotic Engrams & Exotic Ciphers

Keep in mind that Exotics obtained from activities that previously rewarded Pinnacles, such as Lost Sectors, Vex Strike Force, and Nightfalls, will automatically decrypt into an Exotic.

Exotic engrams can be acquired from the following sources:

  • Season Pass
  • Activities that previously rewarded Pinnacles now reward Exotic engrams

For more detailed information on farming Exotic Ciphers, check out our dedicated guide.

Exotic Focusing Expansions: Loot Pools

The loot pools for Exotic Focusing expansions are as follows:

Red War Exotics

The Red War loot pool is so extensive that it has been further split into separate loot pools per armor slot. Exotics from the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions are considered Red War Exotics.

  • Red War: Exotic Helms
  • Red War: Exotic Arms
  • Red War: Exotic Chests
  • Red War: Exotic Legs

Forsaken Exotic Armor

Shadowkeep Exotic Armor

Beyond Light Exotic Armor

The Witch Queen Exotic Armor

How to Obtain the New Exotic Armor in Destiny 2

Exotic armor can be obtained either through Exotic engrams or by completing Legend/Master Lost Sectors solo. Additionally, the Season Pass offers several Exotic engrams, and Xur sells a single Exotic engram every weekend.

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Destiny 2 Exotic Engram

Exotic engrams have a higher chance of dropping from end-game activities. If collecting Exotics is your priority, Nightfall: The Ordeals is the way to go. Remember, the higher the difficulty, the higher the chances of obtaining one.

Lost Sector Farming

If you’re specifically looking for new Exotic armor, it can only be farmed by completing Legend and Master Lost Sectors solo on specific days. Lost Sector rewards rotate daily, offering different armor pieces each day. Check out our comprehensive guide on how to farm Legend and Master Lost Sectors for more details.

Before You Go…

Not all Exotic armor pieces are created equal. Despite Bungie’s routine balancing adjustments, some Exotics will always be superior to others. To help you make informed decisions, we recommend checking our Warlock, Titan, and Hunter Exotic tier lists.

Now that you have a complete understanding of Exotic Armor focusing in Destiny 2, get ready to fine-tune your Exotic collection and enhance your Guardian’s power!

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