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Destiny 2 Submission God Roll and How to Obtain

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Destiny 2’s Submission submachine gun and how to acquire it. The Submission, a kinetic lightweight frame submachine gun, was introduced with the Vow of Disciple raid. This highly versatile weapon boasts exceptional perks on a formidable archetype, making it a formidable choice in both PvE and PvP scenarios.

How to Obtain Submission

Destiny 2 Vow of Disciple Loot Table - Full list
Destiny 2 Vow of Disciple Loot Table – Full list

To obtain the Submission, you’ll need to participate in the Vow of Disciple raid from the Witch Queen Expansion. This submachine gun has a chance to drop from the first, second, and third encounters of the raid. Additionally, there are two hidden chests that also have a chance of yielding the Submission after it has been acquired for the first time.

Every drop of the Submission has the possibility of containing Deepsight Resonance, an item that can be extracted to unlock the weapon’s crafting pattern. After completing the final encounter, you can interact with Rhulk’s Glaive to focus the weapon using Spoils of Conquest, provided you have already obtained and unlocked it in your collections.

It’s worth noting that focusing the weapon for the first time each week guarantees you a Deepsight Resonance.

PVE Submission God Roll

Submission PVE God Roll
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When it comes to the perfect PVE Submission God Roll, consider the following traits:

  • Barrel: Opt for Smallbore as the barrel perk to enhance range and stability. This allows your weapon to deal damage effectively from a greater distance while reducing recoil.
  • Magazine: Choose Appended Mag to increase the weapon’s base magazine size, ensuring you have ample ammunition for any encounter.
  • Column 3 Perk: Select Overflow, which doubles your magazine size when picking up an ammo brick, be it special or heavy. This provides an abundance of ammunition without the need for frequent reloads.
  • Column 4 Perk: Frenzy is the go-to perk in the final column. It grants a significant damage boost, reload speed increase, and improved handling when engaged in combat. This makes it one of the best PVE perks for primary weapons in the game.
  • Masterwork: A Range masterwork is recommended to give a slight boost in range, maximizing damage potential from a distance. As submachine guns typically have limited base range, this enhancement greatly benefits their effectiveness.
  • Mod: Equip a Minor spec in the mod slot to increase damage dealt to minor enemies. Since the Submission excels at add clearing, this mod provides an additional edge against the foes you encounter.
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In conclusion, submachine guns excel in PVE activities due to their high fire rate and impressive damage output. Whether you’re in patrol zones, raids, dungeons, or endgame PVE content, the Submission is a must-have weapon in your Guardian’s arsenal.

PVP Submission God Roll

Submission PVP God Roll
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For optimal performance in PVP, consider the following traits for the Submission:

  • Barrel: Opt for Full Bore as the barrel perk to maximize range at the expense of some stability and handling.
  • Magazine: Choose Accurized Rounds as the magazine perk. As the only range-boosting magazine perk available for the Submission, it significantly enhances falloff distance, aim assist, and overall accuracy. Range is crucial in PVP engagements.
  • Column 3 Perk: Encore is the preferred choice in the third column. It grants a timed stacking bonus in range, stability, and accuracy cone upon securing kills. Precision kills provide two stacks, while regular kills grant one. Each kill refreshes the timer, ensuring you maintain the advantage in combat.
  • Column 4 Perk: Killing Wind is a must-have perk in the final column. It bestows a temporary boost in range, mobility, handling, and damage falloff distance upon getting a kill. This perk enables you to dominate your opponents with increased versatility.
  • Masterwork: Strengthen the weapon’s range further with a Range masterwork. Given the Submission’s naturally low base range, maximizing this stat enhances its effectiveness in PVP encounters.
  • Mod: Consider equipping a Targeting Adjuster in the mod slot. This minor boost to aim assist improves bullet accuracy and increases the likelihood of hitting your target.

In summary, submachine guns are remarkably potent in PVP due to their rapid time to kill and ease of use. A Guardian armed with a submachine gun can wreak havoc on the battlefield, netting high kill counts. Pairing the Submission with a long-range special ammo weapon allows you to effectively engage enemies at close and long distances.

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Thank you for reading our detailed guide on the Destiny 2 Submission God Roll and how to obtain it. It’s worth noting that this weapon is compatible with all classes (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), subclasses (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand), and can be utilized in any PvE or PvP activity in Destiny 2 (including Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner).

If you’re interested in witnessing more exciting Destiny 2 gameplay or want additional information, consider tuning in to my live streams on Twitch and checking out my Youtube Channel. As an experienced MMO player, I delve into all aspects of the game, including solo content, PvP, and PvE.

Together, let’s embark on exciting adventures in the world of Destiny 2. Happy gaming!

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