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CreativeGaming’s Rupture Explosion Barb

Credit to Build Creator: TurboGremlin on YT

Are you tired of the traditional shout-based gameplay loop in your Barbarian build? Look no further than the Rupture Explosion Barb, a dynamic and active playstyle that offers a more rewarding experience. Developed by TurboGremlin on YT, this build brings a fresh approach to combat, allowing you to push content without relying on shouts in the early/mid-game.

The Dislike for Shouts

In this build, TurboGremlin expresses a personal dislike for the typical gameplay loop of casting shouts, dealing damage, waiting for shouts, and repeating. Instead, the Rupture Explosion Barb focuses on a more engaging and active combat style. TurboGremlin has successfully completed the WT3 capstone dungeon at level 39 and the WT4 capstone dungeon at level 54, proving the effectiveness of this build. As they continue to fine-tune and explore the build in end-game content, they will make any necessary adjustments.

Iron Skin vs. Challenging Shout/Rallying Cry

Iron Skin takes center stage in this build, offering the benefits of Unstoppable, Damage Reduction, Barrier, and either Healing or Fortify, all in a single skill. With only 3 skill points and 1 aspect’s worth of investment, Iron Skin has a shorter cooldown, approximately 50% shorter than Challenging Shout/Rallying Cry. This choice provides a more efficient and versatile option for the Rupture Explosion Barb.

The Power of Rupture

Rupture is a skill that plays a vital role in this build. While many players use it simply for burst damage when bleeds are fully stacked, TurboGremlin recognizes its potential at the beginning of encounters. By starting with Rupture before applying any bleeds, several advantages are gained. Firstly, the recent buff to the Warrior’s Rupture node in the skill tree grants a massive +30% attack speed for 5 seconds upon use (previously +15%). This, combined with the Enhanced Rupture node, provides a significant bonus to the first cast of Rend. Additionally, starting with Rupture activates the Expose Vulnerability node, causing the first Rend to apply vulnerability for 2 seconds, with each subsequent Rend extending the duration by 2 seconds. The Rupture skill also adds crowd control capabilities when combined with the Creeping Death malignant heart, enhancing the build’s overall effectiveness. The goal is to reduce Rupture’s cooldown to below 5 seconds by acquiring Fields of Crimson, thus maintaining the 30% attack speed buff permanently.

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Malignant Hearts

The Creeping Death (Wrathful) and Punishing Speed (Devious) malignant hearts play crucial roles in completing the Rupture Explosion Barb build. These hearts significantly increase bleed damage to unstoppable and crowd-controlled enemies, which is essential as Rend serves as the primary source of damage. Punishing Speed, in particular, brings an additional form of crowd control to the build—Knock Down. This prevents enemies from dealing damage and allows for the stacking of bleed damage. With the right attack speed on skills, easily achieved through the Warrior’s Rupture node and the Duelist’s Node when using one-handed weapons, Punishing Speed is a powerful addition. TurboGremlin personally prefers Focused Rage due to its synergy with the Gushing Wounds key passive, but a Brutal heart like Prudent or Revenge could provide added defensive capabilities.

The Importance of Crit

Although critical strike damage does not affect bleeds directly, the bleed amount is increased by the critical strike damage multiplier when Rend or Flay critically strike. Additionally, the Gushing Wounds passive benefits greatly from critical strike chance and critical strike damage, making crit an essential aspect of this build.

Exploiting Vulnerability

Exploit Weakness is a node that grants the Rend skill the ability to apply vulnerability when using Rupture. Furthermore, Enhanced Flay has a 15% chance to apply vulnerability by default. Since Rend extends the duration of vulnerability by 2 seconds when dealing direct damage, the uptime for vulnerable damage is almost 100%. This allows the Rupture Explosion Barb build to capitalize on vulnerability for increased damage output.

Gems, Arsenal Selection, and Gear Affixes

Currently, TurboGremlin utilizes Amethyst for increased bleed damage, as critical strike damage only applies to direct damage and not bleeds. However, gems like Topaz and Rubies on armor can be swapped based on personal preference. It is crucial to use Dual Wield weapons, preferably Swords, with this build. Dual Wield weapons provide increased attack speed and fury generation upon kills, which smoothes out the core gameplay loop.

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When it comes to gear affixes, Movement Speed is a personal preference and is prioritized on all gear and within the skill tree whenever possible. Feel free to swap it with other affixes or skill tree nodes to suit your playstyle.

Aspects and Ultimate Ability

Exploiter’s and Edgemaster’s are general damage aspects that can be replaced with any preferred aspects. As for the ultimate ability, TurboGremlin suggests that Wrath of the Berserker may be swapped out for Call of the Ancients once the Blood Rage legendary node is acquired. This substitution increases boss damage and clears speed, especially if the extra Unstoppable effect from Wrath of the Berserker is unnecessary.

Paragon Board and Uniques

TurboGremlin presents their expected paragon board at level 100, which is subject to change as the season progresses. Rage of Harrogath is a useful unique, but the loss of defensive affixes from the chest slot may not be ideal for everyone. Fields of Crimson, while not a requirement, contributes to a smoother gameplay loop with increased ranks and cooldown reduction for Rupture.

With CreativeGaming’s Rupture Explosion Barb build, you can experience an active and engaging playstyle that deviates from the traditional shout-based Barbarian builds. TurboGremlin’s expertise and innovative approach to combat make this build a viable and rewarding choice. So, grab your dual-wielded swords and unleash the power of Rupture!

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