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Ecochamp Energy Saver Reviews: Is It Worth Your Money? Discover the Truth!

Introduction: What is Ecochamp Energy Saver?

Ecochamp Energy Saver is a device that claims to enhance the efficiency of your home’s electrical current, resulting in reduced electricity consumption and a decrease in dirty electricity. By preventing unnecessary power consumption, this device promises to significantly lower your electric bill. It also boasts a 50% discount and free shipping in the USA.

While Ecochamp may appear legitimate, this review aims to determine if the device lives up to its name. Read on to uncover the truth about Ecochamp Energy Saver.

Does Ecochamp Power Saver Really Save Energy?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Users have expressed their disappointment, stating that this device does not save power or reduce electricity bills in any way. Numerous negative reviews online confirm the skepticism surrounding this product, and even reputable sources like BBC have exposed the Ecochamp scam.

“It’s a scam – don’t trust their ‘reviews’ or website. It used to be called Motex, and now Ecochamp, but both gadgets are complete rubbish. It’s simply not technically possible for them to save ‘up to 90%’ of power used in a home.” – Evans

Potential Fire Hazard

It’s important to note that the Ecochamp Energy Saver could pose a fire hazard if not handled with caution. The uncertain rating of the device’s capacitor and its vulnerability to lightning strikes raise concerns about fire outbreaks. For more information on this matter, refer to credible sources.

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Is Ecochamp a Legitimate Power Saver?

Considering the significant drawbacks mentioned above, there are multiple red flags surrounding the Ecochamp Power Saver. It is implausible for a device of this size to stabilize the AC supply in a home or deliver the advertised savings. Electricity consumption is primarily determined by the total power consumed, not VAR correction.

Most household appliances, such as water heaters, cookers, dryers, air conditioners, and heaters, require 230-240 VAC power. It is impossible for a device plugged into a 110-120 VAC outlet to “reduce electrical consumption” through phase corrective techniques. This claim is simply unfounded.

Conclusion: Beware of Ecochamp Power Saver

Based on the evidence presented, it is evident that the Ecochamp Power Saver is a scam, and we strongly advise against purchasing it. Similar to other dubious websites like viviizstores, dicoola, alien-tees, galacmart, southood, and crocodiletime, customers have reported receiving cheap or nonexistent items.

What to Do If You’ve Been Scammed!

If you have fallen victim to a scam, take the following steps:

  • Contact your bank immediately and file a complaint. Request a new debit card to prevent further unauthorized transactions.
  • If you used PayPal for payment, document the transactions by taking screenshots for future reference.
  • Exercise caution when ordering online to avoid the risk of credit card hacking and excessive charges. Before making a purchase, check the website’s age, the availability of a return address, customer reviews, and its social media presence.

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