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Trimble EZ Guide 250 Display & EZ Steer Steering System – Ag15 Antenna

Trimble is a renowned name in precision agriculture equipment, and the EZ Guide 250 Display and EZ Steer Steering System with the Ag15 Antenna are no exception. These cutting-edge solutions offer farmers the tools they need to enhance productivity and efficiency on their fields.

User-friendly Interface for Seamless Operation

The EZ-Guide 250 lightbar sets itself apart with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. With a common-sense design and vibrant color screen, this display is ready to use right out of the box. Farmers of all experience levels will find it effortless to navigate and operate, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Expertise that Comes from Experience

As a leading distributor of Trimble products, Farm World brings over a decade of experience to the table. Our team of experts understands the ins and outs of Trimble systems, enabling us to guide farmers in finding the perfect solution for their unique farming operations. We have assisted countless producers in optimizing their efficiency, reducing input costs, and improving crop performance and productivity. Regardless of your field type, crop type, or vehicle, we have the knowledge to help you find the Trimble system that suits your needs.

The EZ-Guide 250 Display and EZ Steer Steering System

The EZ-Guide 250 Display is an entry-level precision farming tool that delivers high-quality guidance capabilities. It is ideal for farmers who require basic precision ag functionality in fields that do not demand high-accuracy corrections. Featuring rugged construction for everyday field use, an intuitive user interface, a compact 4.3″ color screen, and 15 built-in LED lights, this display is both reliable and user-friendly.

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The package includes not only the EZ-Guide 250 Display but also the EZ Steer Steering System and an upgraded AG15 Antenna. This comprehensive bundle ensures that farmers have all the necessary tools at their disposal to achieve precise and efficient operation.

FM750 Display for Versatile Farming Applications

If you need a display with adaptable accuracy levels and compatibility with various satellite constellations, the FM750 Display is the perfect choice. Whether you are engaged in broad-acre or row crop farming applications, this display can handle it all. Regardless of your crop or soil type, field shape, or equipment brand, the FM750 Display provides seamless operation and supports a range of precision agriculture applications, such as coverage, mapping, and manual guidance. Additionally, by incorporating the Ez-Steer, Ez-Pilot, or Autopilot, you can enjoy hands-free guidance.

Featuring an 8.0″ color touch screen, rugged construction for field use, support for two cameras, and 27 built-in LED lights, the FM750 Display is designed to meet the demands of modern farmers.

The Advanced Trimble XCN-1050 Display

The Trimble XCN-1050 Display represents the pinnacle of sleek and user-friendly displays from Trimble Agriculture. With its roof-mounted guidance controller, your cab will remain clean and uncluttered, thanks to this automated guidance system. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, combined with ISOBUS compatibility, allow you to address farming applications across all equipment brands and seasons.

Featuring a large 10.1″ high-definition color touch-screen display, an Android-based operating system that allows customization, rugged construction for field use in harsh environments, a NAV-900 Guidance Controller, and support for multiple cameras, the XCN-1050 Display is a complete and versatile solution.

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Assisted Steering Systems for Seamless Farming

Trimble also offers a range of assisted steering systems that make farming tasks simpler and more efficient. The EZ-Steer Assisted Steering system provides simple and hands-free operation for over 1,200 vehicle models. With the ability to quickly transfer the system between vehicles, you can focus on your farming tasks while the system keeps your vehicle on track. With features such as terrain compensation technology, reduced operator fatigue, and the ability to operate in any condition, the EZ-Steer system ensures accurate and safe operation.

The EZ-Pilot System takes assisted steering a step further by integrating an electric motor drive that turns the steering wheel. GNSS guidance from the FM750 Display or FM1000 Integrated Display provides precise control. With enhanced terrain compensation technology and a sleek design that preserves the use of the original steering wheel, the EZ-Pilot System offers improved steering and flexibility in the field.

Enhance Accuracy with the AG15 Antenna

The AG15 Antenna is an upgrade kit designed for the EZ-Guide 250 and EZ-Guide 500. By incorporating this antenna, you can achieve pass-to-pass accuracy between 6″ and 8″ with WAAS, EGNOS, or MSAS corrections. This upgrade provides farmers with the accuracy they need to make informed decisions and maximize efficiency in the field.

Field IQ Crop Input Control System for Optimal Precision

For those looking to optimize seed and fertilizer applications, the Field IQ Crop Input Control System is the ideal solution. This system ensures that there is no overlap, controls material application rates, and monitors seed delivery or fertilizer blockage. Compatible with both the FM1000 Integrated Display and FM750 Display, the Field IQ System offers precise control over planters, air seeders, sprayers, spreaders, and anhydrous ammonia strip-till applications.

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When it comes to precision agriculture, Trimble is a name you can trust. Their EZ Guide 250 Display, EZ Steer Steering System, and Ag15 Antenna offer farmers the tools they need to optimize their farming operations. With a focus on user experience, expert knowledge, and cutting-edge technology, Trimble is at the forefront of precision agriculture solutions. Trust Trimble and Farm World to help you find the right solution for your farming needs.

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