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Defeating the Tank Boss in Modern Warfare 2: A Guide

In the action-packed world of Modern Warfare 2 (CODMW2 2022), players encounter a formidable enemy tank as a boss. This guide will provide you with essential tips on how to defeat this challenging opponent. Brace yourself for spoilers as we delve into the details.

The Tank Boss Encounter

Found in the Ghost Team Story Mission

Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Team

The tank boss awaits you in the sixteenth mission, “Ghost Team.” This confrontation takes place after the storming and recapture of the Shadow Company headquarters. As Soap, your mission is to head to the base’s training grounds and face off against this menacing tank.

Piloted by Graves

Graves Tank

Graves, the leader of Shadow Company, takes control of the tank that patrols the training grounds. Accompanied by his men, he poses as a fierce boss and presents one of the most challenging battles in the game. Prepare yourself for an intense fight against his heavily armored tank.

Guide and Tips for the Tank Boss Fight

Taking Down the Tank: Two Approaches

Modern Warfare 2 2022 Burning Tank

There are two primary methods to bring down Graves’ tank:

  1. C4
  2. RPG

Note that the tank requires multiple hits to be defeated. During my playthrough, I successfully utilized a combination of C4 charges and RPG to deal significant damage. You’ll notice the tank weakening as its hull turns darker and becomes engulfed in flames.

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C4 – Locate the Orange Boxes

Orange C4 Boxes

C4s are abundantly available in the field, with one typically found inside or just outside each structure. While evading the tank’s turrets, make your way through the area and procure these orange boxes containing C4. Attach them to the tank as it passes by, then detonate them. Remember that you can equip and detonate two C4 charges simultaneously for maximum impact.

RPG – Rare but Effective

RPG Boss Fight

RPGs can also be found within the arena, usually near the edges. Although they are somewhat scarce compared to readily available C4s, RPGs are remarkably easy to use. Simply aim and fire at the tank from a distance, eliminating the need to get too close, as you would with C4.

Evading the Tank’s Attacks

The tank possesses two types of formidable firepower: its main barrel and its gun turret. Both can rotate independently, and being caught out in the open spells certain death. Seek cover behind walls, but don’t linger in one place for too long. Let me explain why.

Destructible Walls

Destroyed Walls

While the strategy of dashing out, planting C4, and hiding in the same spot may seem tempting, it rarely works in this fight. Walls can crumble under the tank’s brutal assault. The tank’s turret can obliterate walls, leaving you vulnerable to its hail of bullets from the auto-turret. Moreover, enemy infantry can also exploit these destroyed walls to flank and engage you. Therefore, it is best to constantly move and jump from cover to cover.

Beware of the Infantry

Infantry Assisting Graves

As mentioned earlier, the tank is accompanied by enemy infantry, including heavily armored soldiers. Stay vigilant and swiftly eliminate these patrols as they emerge. Typically, they appear in groups of four, so be prepared for intense combat.

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Read the complete walkthrough of this mission by referring to our comprehensive Ghost Team walkthrough and guide. For a convenient list of all campaign missions in Modern Warfare 2, check out our helpful guide.

With these tips in mind, go forth and conquer the tank boss in Modern Warfare 2. Good luck, soldier!

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