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Join the Order and Embark on the Path of Druidry

Rediscovering Ancient Wisdom

Many believe that the ancient teachings of the Druids disappeared with the advent of Christianity. However, we beg to differ. The knowledge imparted through our course is rooted in five distinct sources:

The first source, which surprises many, reaches back to a time long before Christianity. It is believed that the teachings of the Druids were carefully encoded within ancient stories, passing down their wisdom to future generations. These stories contain comprehensive programs of Druidic training, forming the bedrock of our teachings within the Order. Additionally, we draw upon the Druidic triads, recorded by Christian scribes, but reflecting the profound wisdom of our pre-Christian ancestors.

The second source originates from the Druid Revival, a movement that emerged over three centuries ago in the late seventeenth century. Our Order traces its lineage back to this period, inheriting certain rituals and teachings. While some practices have been deemed incompatible with the modern age and discarded, others have been preserved for their beauty and relevance. It is possible that these practices are rooted in earlier sources or draw inspiration from them.

The third source emerges from a more recent era, around sixty years ago. At that time, the former Chief of the Order, Philip Ross Nichols, along with fellow Druids from the Ancient Druid Order, formed The Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. While maintaining connections to the Ancient Druid Order and its roots in the Druid Revival, they made a conscious decision to incorporate the study of Celtic source material. They also introduced the celebration of the four Celtic fire festivals. Ross Nichols, a close friend of Gerald Gardner, the founder of modern Wicca, influenced both Wiccan and Druidic teachings. Nichols even edited Gardner’s first book on Wicca and contributed to his second book.

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The fourth source comprises the contributions of the former Chief of the Order, Philip Carr-Gomm, to the teachings. Trained by Ross Nichols and possessing expertise in psychology and psychotherapy, particularly Jungian analytical therapy and Psychosynthesis, Philip assumed leadership of the Order in 1988. In June 2020, he passed on the role to Eimear Burke from Ireland.

The fifth and final source stems from the invaluable insights and writings of numerous contemporary scholars and experts in Druidry and Celtic spirituality. These individuals have generously shared their knowledge and wisdom with the world, including the Order, to build a comprehensive body of teachings that is relevant and beneficial to modern Druidry students. Detailed references to their contributions can be found in the bibliographies and indexes provided throughout the Order’s training.

Embrace the Legacy of the Druids

Discover the ancient path of Druidry and immerse yourself in the wisdom that has been carefully preserved and passed down through the ages. Join the Order today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

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