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The Ultimate Guide to Obtaining the Perfect Roll for Destiny 2’s Just In Case Sword


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on obtaining and optimizing the legendary Just In Case sword in Destiny 2. Whether you’re a fan of PvE or PvP gameplay, this guide covers all you need to know about its perks and how to obtain it. So, let’s dive in!

Just In Case Sword
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Why Just In Case Sword Is Worth Your Attention

If you’re looking for a reliable Solar sword option for PvE encounters, Just In Case is the perfect choice. This blade boasts exceptional traits that make it a formidable weapon against high-health enemies. It grants ammo on rapid hits or kills and can deal bonus damage with rapid attacks on a single target. In PvP, it can even provide health regeneration on rapid kills.

How to Obtain Just In Case God Roll in Destiny 2

To add Just In Case to your arsenal, you must first own the Season of the Deep expansion and complete the introductory mission. Once you’ve accomplished this, progress through the initial steps of the “Into the Deep” Mission to unlock the Fishing Tackle, which enables fishing. By fishing and turning in your catches at the HELM, you’ll have a chance to obtain Reckoning Weapons.

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Additionally, if you have the Deep Weapon Focusing Sonar Station Upgrade, you can focus the Deep Engrams you earn at the Sonar Station in the HELM. The upgrades and their unlock criteria can be found in the Seasonal challenges menu. Once you’ve obtained a weapon and unlocked it in your collections, you can focus that specific weapon from the Deep Engram Decoding menu at the Sonar Station.

Deep Engram Decoding Menu
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PvE God Roll for Just In Case


For the blade, prioritize Jagged Edge. While it slightly reduces ammo capacity, it significantly boosts your damage output, especially against high-health targets.


Equip Swordmaster’s Guard in the Guard slot. This enhances all weapon stats, including the charge rate, allowing you to unleash heavy attacks more frequently.

Column 3 Trait:

Choose Relentless Strikes for the third trait slot. This trait replenishes 1 ammo for every 3 sword hits, making it essential for sustaining damage against high-health enemies.

Column 4 Trait:

Opt for Whirlwind Blade as your final trait. This stacking damage buff can accumulate up to 10 times, amplifying your overall damage output. Each hit with the sword adds to the stack count.

Origin Trait:

Just In Case’s origin trait grants increased flinch resistance and range upon picking up ammunition. However, swords experience a substantial boost in charge rate instead.


Upgrade the masterwork to maximize the weapon’s damage potential.


To further enhance your performance, equip the Major Spec mod. This grants a small damage bonus against champions and mini bosses.

PvP God Roll for Just In Case


Utilize Jagged Edge to increase your damage output, making it especially effective against super-powered players.

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Equip Heavy Guard in the Guard slot to reduce incoming damage while blocking and to maintain sword energy more efficiently.

Column 3 Trait:

Opt for the Unrelenting trait. With this trait, rapid kills with the sword instantly heal you, offering immediate health recovery during intense PvP encounters.

Column 4 Trait:

Choose Incandescent as your final trait. When you eliminate an opponent, nearby enemies will suffer scorch damage. This allows you to maintain a chain of eliminations.

Origin Trait:

Similar to the PvE roll, the origin trait grants increased flinch resistance and range upon picking up ammunition. Swords, however, experience a significant boost in charge rate instead.


Upgrade the masterwork to increase the weapon’s damage capabilities.


Equip the Quick Access Sling mod for swift weapon switching, enabling you to react efficiently in fast-paced PvP battles.


In conclusion, Just In Case is a solid choice for both PvE and PvP engagements. Its ability to regenerate ammo through attacks and deal bonus damage on successive hits makes it a valuable asset in any Guardian’s loadout. While it may lack the Eager Edge trait found in other swords, its high guard stat compensates for this drawback.

More Destiny 2 Weapon Guides and Builds

Thank you for reading our comprehensive Just In Case God Roll guide for Destiny 2. Keep in mind that this weapon is compatible with all classes (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), subclasses (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, Strand), and both PvE and PvP game modes in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner).

If you want to explore more content related to Destiny 2 and ESO, consider joining me for live streams on Twitch or Youtube. Additionally, we regularly publish Destiny 2 news, builds, and seasonal and weapon God Roll guides.

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