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Diablo IV: A Guide to Clearing the Kor Dragan Stronghold


Strongholds play a vital role in Diablo 4. These former towns or forts, now overrun by enemies, hold valuable treasures and unlock various features when cleansed. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of completing the Kor Dragan Stronghold in the Fractured Peaks.

Locating the Kor Dragan Barracks

The Kor Dragan Barracks, situated in the Fractured Peaks, is the highest minimum level Stronghold in the region. To find it, head to the far north of the Fractured Peaks, accessed via the Sarkova Pass sub-region. This massive fort has been infested by vampires, but you can enter through a hole in the west side of the outer wall.

Purging the Vampiric Corruption

The main objective in the Kor Dragan Stronghold is to eliminate all the vampiric corruption. This process involves taking out the smaller Vampiric Corruptions before targeting the Vampiric Incubators. The Incubators can be identified by following the veins that extend from them. It’s important to note that after defeating an Incubator, you’ll face a higher-level Elite enemy.

Southwest Vampiric Incubator

The first Incubator you’ll encounter is known to cause difficulties for many players. The Vampiric Corruptions connected to it are well-hidden. Here’s the breakdown:

  • The first Vampiric Corruption is located to the left of the Incubator.
  • Climb the nearby ladder and leap across the gap to find the second Vampiric Corruption.
  • Head up the stairs to the east of the Incubator to locate the final Vampiric Corruption.
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North Vampiric Incubator

The northern Incubator is found within the Cathedral. Here’s how to handle the Vampiric Corruptions:

  • Climb the northwest wall near the southwest Incubator and look to your left for the first Vampiric Corruption.
  • The second Vampiric Corruption is inside the Cathedral, just south of the Incubator itself.
  • Climb the wall north of the southwest Incubator, head east, and ascend the steps to the south to find the third Vampiric Corruption.

Southeast Vampiric Incubator

The final Incubator is located southeast of Kor Dragan, in the Chancery. These are the corresponding Vampiric Corruptions:

  • Climb the wall to the southeast of the Cathedral to discover the first Vampiric Corruption.
  • Proceed east and descend the stairs from the first Corruption to find the second Corruption.
  • The final Corruption can be found just east of the Incubator itself.

Once you’ve eliminated all three Incubators, you’ll face the massive Vampiric Aberration located at the far north of the Stronghold. Defeat it to progress further.

Confronting Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop

The boss battle with Nilcar takes place in a relatively small arena, limiting your mobility. Nilcar is surrounded by three additional Incubators which initially have shields. Here are some important points to remember:

  • Nilcar’s attacks include the basic Blood Shot, the dangerous Blood Barrage, and the summoning of Sanguine Adds.
  • Each time you reduce Nilcar’s HP by a quarter, he will spawn difficult Sanguine adds. Focus on dealing with these enemies before returning your attention to Nilcar.
  • The Sanguine Knight that spawns from the third Incubator is especially troublesome due to its massive aura. Try to group it with Nilcar and eliminate it quickly.
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This battle intensifies as more adds appear, so use Ultimate skills strategically. Inflicting Vulnerable status on Nilcar can maximize your damage output. Area of Effect (AoE) attacks become useful when the battle becomes chaotic. Remember, the Knight should not remain active for too long. Once you defeat Nilcar, ring the bell to liberate Kor Dragan.

Rewards in the Kor Dragan Stronghold

Cleansing the Stronghold rewards you with more than just Renown bonuses. Although you won’t unlock Waypoints or Vendors like in Nostrava and Malnok, there is a Campfire that grants an EXP bonus. Make sure to interact with it.

The Kor Dragan Event: The Gathering Legions

In addition to the rewards mentioned earlier, there is a chance for an exclusive world event, The Gathering Legions, to spawn in the Stronghold. This event offers the opportunity to obtain the rare Ghastly Reins Mount as a rare drop from the final chest. Note that if you have already completed this Stronghold during the beta, you won’t be able to participate in this event.

The Gathering Legions event may take some time to spawn. To increase your chances, engage in other activities in the area until it triggers. The goal of this event is to summon three servants of hell by clearing waves of enemies and defeating them within the time limit. Successfully completing the event will spawn the boss, the Blood Bishop, and defeating it within the time limit guarantees the greatest rewards.


With this guide, you’re now equipped to face the challenges within the Kor Dragan Stronghold. Cleanse the corruption, vanquish Nilcar, and reap the rewards. Good luck, adventurer!

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Image: Diablo IV logo
Image: Kor Dragan Stronghold
Image: Nilcar, the Forgotten Bishop

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