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Legend of Slime Tier List 2023 – A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Relics


Welcome, gamers! In this informative article, we will delve into the world of Legend of Slime and explore the most powerful relics that will enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, this tier list will provide valuable insights based on my personal expertise and in-game knowledge. So, let’s jump right in!

Understanding the Tier List

Before we begin, it’s important to understand the structure and significance of the tier list. The relics in each tier are ranked based on their usefulness and effectiveness in various aspects of the game. Keep in mind that these rankings are subjective and based on my personal experiences. Now, let’s explore each tier in detail:

SS Tier

Relics in this tier are a must-have, regardless of your playstyle or build. They offer significant advantages that can greatly impact your gameplay.

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S Tier

The relics in this tier are highly useful and powerful. However, there may be alternative options depending on your specific playstyle or build. Some relics in this tier, such as Birdy Mask and Kitsune Mask, offer different benefits based on your build.

A Tier

The relics in this tier are valuable and provide great benefits in certain situations. Opal is particularly useful when utilizing a Slimy Press build, while Ruby is a solid choice in most other scenarios.

B Tier

Relics in this tier may not offer significant advantages in general, but they can still prove useful in specific builds that heavily rely on skill usage.

C Tier

Similar to B Tier, relics in this tier have niche uses and are not as commonly chosen. Pottery, Slime Mucin, and Sacred Necklace can be situationally useful in Slime Legions, but there are generally better options available.

D Tier

Relics in this tier can be used occasionally, but they are overshadowed by more powerful alternatives.

E Tier

Relics in this tier are primarily useful in the early stages of the game when better options are not yet available. The first two relics may also be beneficial if HP preservation is a concern.

Best Relics in Legend of Slime – A Comprehensive Guide

Now that we understand the tier list, let’s dive into the best relics in Legend of Slime and explore their unique attributes:

Tome Of Disorder – SS Tier Relic

  • Increases slime ATK by X%

Slime Figurine – SS Tier Relic

  • Increases Companion ATK by X%

Ancient Coins – S Tier Relic

  • Use Magic Coin every 3 seconds
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Pile of Coins – S Tier Relic

  • Increases damage of Magic Coin by X% and fires X additional coins
  • At max level, it increases the damage of Magic Coin by 1695%

Friendship Necklace – S Tier Relic

  • Once every battle, summon Goblin Troops

Ruby – S Tier Relic

  • Using Rage also increases companion ASPD by X%
  • At max level, Ruby does 1040% damage

Birdy Mask – S Tier Relic

  • If you have at least 4 bird companions on your team, increase slime ATK by X%

Kitsune Mask – S Tier Relic

  • Increases slime ATK by X%

Opal – A Tier Relic

  • Slimy Press falls X times more

Regal Pillow – B Tier Relic

  • Reduces skill cooldown by X seconds for every hit landed by companions

Pottery – C Tier Relic

  • When equipped with a chicken companion, use Egg throw every X seconds

Slime Mucin – C Tier Relic

  • With a snail companion on the team, enemy movement speed is reduced by X%

Sacred Necklace – C Tier Relic

  • Enlarges slime and increases HP by X%

Pearl Necklace – D Tier Relic

  • Increases Evil Spirit’s duration by X seconds and damage by X%

Message in a Bottle – D Tier Relic

  • Summons 1 more Battlesphere and increases its duration by X seconds

Slime Mask – E Tier Relic

  • Increases slime HP by X%

Top 3 Best Relics – Level and Damage Breakdown

Here’s a breakdown of the top 3 relics and their corresponding damage at different levels:

LevelTome of DisorderSlime FigurineBirdy Mask

… (continues to level 100)


That wraps up our comprehensive guide to the best relics in Legend of Slime. I hope this tier list and relic guide will assist you in optimizing your gameplay. For more game tier lists and guides, visit Theclashify. Level up your gaming skills today!

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