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Chapter 296 – Kid, You’re Definitely Dying Today

The elderly man couldn’t contain his astonishment. The medicinal properties of the pill were exactly as Luo Tian had described. Moreover, it could be safely used by those below the Profound Saint realm, without any negative side effects. It could even strengthen the body and improve one’s overall health. The old man, being an alchemist himself, understood the value of such a pill. It was a new and improved version of the Profound Burst Pill, a remarkable breakthrough.

Overwhelmed with excitement, the old man hurriedly said, “Please wait a moment! I will call for my Manager. We will help you auction this medicinal pill at an unprecedented price. It will surely shock the world!”

Luo Tian, on the other hand, couldn’t help but find the old man’s reaction exaggerated. To him, it was just a slightly improved version of the Profound Burst Pill. Nonetheless, he remained unaware of the immense difficulty in refining such a pill.

While waiting, Luo Tian observed his surroundings in the beautifully adorned courtyard. The exotic flowers and rare herbs left him even more impressed with the Dao Shang Alliance.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man accompanied by a thin, pretentious-looking young man entered the scene. The middle-aged man addressed Luo Tian, “Noble Liu, please move over there,” before warning him about the slippery ground due to last night’s rain.

The young man, named Liu Junfeng, mocked Luo Tian, assuming he was a mere cleaner. He belittled him, questioning the value of anything he could possibly have to auction. Liu Junfeng’s arrogance didn’t bother Luo Tian, who remained composed.

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At that moment, two individuals descended from upstairs, one of them being Steward Liu. The second person, known as Manager Cheng, possessed a powerful presence. Liu Junfeng’s previous bravado vanished instantly as he tried to impress Manager Cheng, mentioning his connection to Minister Li.

To Liu Junfeng’s surprise, Steward Liu and Manager Cheng completely ignored his presence and focused on Luo Tian. Steward Liu introduced Luo Tian, stating that it was him who brought the Profound Burst Pill.

Liu Junfeng’s existence went entirely unnoticed, and his attempts to gain attention were futile. The Dao Shang Alliance held no regard for his status or backing.

Luo Tian expressed his gratitude towards Cheng Danian, the Manager, for the opportunity to auction the pill. This prompted Liu Junfeng to direct his anger towards Luo Tian once again. However, Luo Tian, exuding a strong aura, warned him sternly, threatening to make him lie down like a dead dog if he pointed his fan at him once more.

The sudden eruption of killing intent from Luo Tian startled Liu Junfeng, causing him to retreat. Steward Liu gestured to Li Liu, prompting him to escort Liu Junfeng outside.

Unfazed by Liu Junfeng’s threats, Luo Tian remained calm and composed. The Dao Shang Alliance feared no one, not even a brother-in-law of a Minister. Cheng Danian also remained composed, offering Liu Junfeng a chance to discuss matters outside.

As Liu Junfeng left, he declared, “Kid, just wait for this day, because you’re definitely going to die!”

And so, the chapter concludes.

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