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Beginner’s Guide to Playing the Wardancer Class in Lost Ark


Lost Ark, the highly anticipated MMORPG, has finally arrived for Western audiences. Embark on an epic journey through lush forests, treacherous deserts, and mysterious lands between landmarks. Face countless challenges, from dungeon dives to relentless boss battles. In Lost Ark, players have the opportunity to choose from a diverse selection of classes, each with its unique playstyle and advantages. Among these classes is the Wardancer, a martial artist who combines lightning-fast combat with elemental magic. If you’re seeking a versatile martial arts experience, the Wardancer is the perfect fit – allowing you to wield both magic and close-quarters combat.

The Wardancer Class: Beginner-Friendly and Powerful

The Wardancer class is particularly well-suited for beginners due to its straightforward mechanics. As a Wardancer, your abilities are governed by Elemental Orbs, represented by a gauge. With each Wardancer skill you use, the gauge fills up, up to a maximum number of available Elemental Orbs. Additionally, you can leverage Esoteric Skills, potent abilities that consume your Elemental Orbs to unleash devastating attacks.

Best Wardancer Builds in Lost Ark

Similar to other classes, the Wardancer has two main build paths, determined by your choice of Class Engravings.

The First Intention Build

Opting for the First Intention Build means relying solely on Normal Skills. By selecting the First Intention Engraving, your ability to acquire Elemental Orbs is disabled. However, in return, you enjoy a significant global increase in damage. Esoteric Skills cannot be used in this build due to the inability to spend Elemental Orbs.

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Advantages of the First Intention Build:

  • Simplicity: This build allows you to concentrate on dealing damage without the need for managing resources.
  • Swift and Critical: Focus on Swiftness and Critical stats, aiming for a 60/40 split. While prioritizing Swiftness, remember that Wind’s Whisper and Roar of Courage synergistically provide the party with Critical chance. However, if you desire more critical hits, feel free to allocate resources accordingly.
First Intention Engravings:
  • First Intention
  • Grudge
  • Keen Blunt
  • Adrenaline
  • Raid Captain

The Esoteric Skill Enhancement Build

With the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Build, your goal is to generate Elemental Orbs using Normal Skills, which are then spent on powerful Esoteric Skills. The Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engraving grants you an additional Elemental Orb and increases the damage of Esoteric Skills based on the number of orbs you possess.

Advantages of the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Build:

  • Devastating Power: This build delivers harder hits by amplifying your skills’ damage with each Elemental Orb.
  • Optimal Engraving Level: Keep the Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engraving at level 1, as it gains most of its strength at this level.
Esoteric Skill Enhancement Engravings:
  • Esoteric Skill Enhancement
  • Grudge
  • Raid Captain
  • Adrenaline
  • Keen Blunt

With these build options and the unique mechanics of the Wardancer class, you have the freedom to choose a playstyle that suits your preferences. Dive into Lost Ark as a Wardancer, and experience the thrill of combining martial arts and magic in the fight against darkness!


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