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Best Destiny 2 Warlock Builds: Unleash the Power of Necrotic Grips and Solar Sunbracers Loadouts

With Season of the Deep in full swing, Guardians are on a quest to discover the most formidable Warlock build in Destiny 2. Luckily, we have a few suggestions for top-notch loadouts, including an extraordinary Solar build that surpasses all others.

Build customization has received a significant upgrade in Destiny’s latest expansion, Lightfall. There have been numerous mod rebalances for players to grasp. While it may seem overwhelming at first, don’t worry – we understand the struggle of finding the best loadout for Season 21 in Destiny 2.

For all Warlocks out there, we have a couple of build recommendations for you to explore. Although Warlocks have felt slightly weaker in recent times, in Lightfall, they are undeniably the class to reckon with.


  • Warlock Necrotic Grips Strand Build
  • Warlock’s Strand Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments
  • Warlock Strand Weapons and Exotic
  • Warlock Strand Armor Mods
  • Warlock Strand Stat Priority
  • Warlock Strand Build: How to Master it
  • Warlock Solar Sunbracers Build
  • Warlock’s Solar Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments
  • Warlock Solar Weapons and Exotic
  • Warlock Solar Armor Mods
  • Warlock Solar Stat Priority
  • Warlock Solar Build: How to Unleash its Full Potential

Warlock Necrotic Grips Strand Build

Similar to the Hunter and Titan classes, Warlocks have access to a powerful Strand build that excels in various combat scenarios. This Strand build, which incorporates new and exciting elements, is currently one of the strongest in the game.

The focus has shifted from Threadlings, which were central to many Warlock abilities in the context of Strand, to suspending, unraveling, and poisoning enemies. This grants you complete control over any room. Let’s dive into how you can create the Warlock Necrotic Grips Strand build in Destiny 2, covering everything from Aspects and Fragments to armor mods and weapons.

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Warlock’s Strand Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments

  • Super: Needlestorm
  • Class ability: Healing Rift
  • Jump: Strafe Glide
  • Melee: Arcane Needle
  • Grenade: Shackle Grenade


  • Weaver’s Call: Enhances the functionality of your Grapple, Shackle Grenade, and Threadling Grenade. Your grapple melee spawns three Threadling eggs. Activating Weaver’s Trance with consumed Shackle Grenade creates a suspending detonation on final blows. Consuming Threadling Grenade generates five perched Threadlings instantly.
  • Mindspun Invocation: Cast your Rift to weave three Threadlings and deploy any perched Threadlings.


  • Thread of Mind: Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy.
  • Thread of Warding: Dealing damage generates grenade energy (-10 Discipline).
  • Thread of Generation: Dealing damage generates grenade energy (-10 Discipline).
  • Thread of Continuity: Suspend, unravel, and sever effects applied to targets have increased duration (+10 Strength).

Warlock Strand Weapons and Exotic

  • Kinetic: The best Exotic to pair with Necrotic Grips is Osteo Striga. Its intrinsic ability to poison enemies is extremely effective and can spread to large groups.
  • Energy: This slot can be adjusted based on the content you are playing. Any strong or meta Energy weapon works well.
  • Heavy: No specific Heavy weapon is required for this build, but a Rocket Launcher or Linear Fusion Rifle can enhance boss damage.

Warlock Strand Armor Mods


  • +10 Stat Mod of choice (3-4)
  • Kinetic Siphon x2 (4)
  • Radiant Light (1)

Note: Consider swapping one Kinetic Siphon for Heavy Ammo Finder in content where more ammo is needed.


  • +10 Stat Mod of choice (3-4)
  • Focusing Strike (2)
  • Font of Vigor (3)
  • Impact Induction (1)


  • +10 Stat Mod of choice (3-4)
  • Font of Endurance (3)
  • Charged Up (3)


  • +10 Stat Mod of choice (3-4)
  • Kinetic Weapon Surge x2 (6)

Note: If a Stat Armor Mod is unnecessary, consider using Stacks on Stacks instead to enhance the consistency of other armor mods.

Class Item

  • +10 Stat Mod of choice (3-4)
  • Time Dilation (3)
  • Reaper (3)

Warlock Strand Stat Priority

In terms of stat priority, prioritize the following:

  1. Resilience: Despite the nerf in Lightfall, resilience remains crucial for survivability, especially in higher-level content.
  2. Recovery: The next important stat for Warlocks, as it reduces Rift cooldown and improves survivability.
  3. Discipline: Important for eating grenades on cooldown to activate Weaver’s Trance and string up enemies.
  4. Other stats (Intellect, Strength, Mobility) have less priority.
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Warlock Strand Build: How to Master it

The rotation for this build is fairly simple and can decimate enemies effortlessly. To maximize its potential, follow this sequence:

  1. Press and hold your grenade to consume it and trigger Weaver’s Trance.
  2. Use Weaver’s Trance for a staggering 25 seconds, during which nearby defeated enemies will be automatically suspended.
  3. Unravel enemies by using Melee Ability on a low-level enemy, allowing the Unraveling effect to spread on kills.
  4. Utilize Osteo Striga to spread poison.

As enemies fall, a cascade of effects will ensue. The poison from Necrotic Grips, the Unraveling from your Melee ability, and Weaver’s Trance will inflict immense damage and control over surrounding enemies. Keep these abilities active, and watch as rooms full of enemies crumble before you.

Warlock Solar Sunbracers Build

Season of the Deep saw the once beloved Starfire Protocol nerfed, leaving Warlock players searching for an alternative. Luckily, we have just the build that might fill the void.

Similar to Starfire, this Sunbracers build revolves around spamming grenades for high DPS and superb ad clear. It’s also a Solar build, so you won’t have to start from scratch with a new subclass.

However, there are some key differences. Empowering Rift is replaced by Phoenix Dive as the preferred option, making this build unique yet extremely powerful.

Warlock Solar Abilities, Aspects, and Fragments


  • Super: Well of Radiance
  • Class ability: Phoenix Dive
  • Jump: Burst Glide
  • Melee: Incinerator Snap
  • Grenade: Solar Grenade


  • Touch of Flame: Enhances the functionality of your Healing, Solar, Firebolt, and Fusion Grenades.


  • See original article for a detailed description of the fragments.

Warlock Solar Weapons and Exotic

  • Kinetic: Arbalest and Wish Ender are excellent options if you don’t mind using your Exotic slot. For Legendaries, choose any meta weapon like Rufus’s Fury, Riptide, or Heritage.
  • Energy: Any strong Solar weapon works well, with Incandescent providing additional value. Options include Acasia’s Dejection, Retraced Path, BxR-55 Battler, Judgment of Kelgorath, and Ammit AR2.
  • Heavy: Flexibility is key for the Heavy slot, although Gjallarhorn works exceptionally well if your Exotic slot is available. Feel free to experiment with different options, as most meta Heavy weapons pair effectively with this build.
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Warlock Solar Armor Mods

Please refer to the original article for a detailed breakdown of Solar armor mods.

Warlock Solar Stat Priority

Unsurprisingly, Recovery and Discipline are crucial for this build. Faster Phoenix Dive cooldown and readily available grenades are key factors here. Resilience is also important for the added survivability it provides, especially in high-level content. The remaining stats have less significance.

Warlock Solar Build: How to Unleash its Full Potential

Sunbracers are activated by getting a Powered Melee final blow. This triggers the Sunbracers Ready buff, granting 20,000% grenade regeneration for five seconds. In essence, you can throw out five Solar Grenades rapidly.

To optimize the Sunbracers build, follow this rotation:

  1. Consume one Solar Grenade to activate the Heat Rises Aspect.
  2. Secure kills with Powered Melee while airborne to refund Solar Grenades through the Sunbracers effect.
  3. Throw as many Solar Grenades as possible while Sunbracers are active.

In addition to the core rotation, consider these tips to make the most of this build:

  • Phoenix Dive triggers restoration, providing your main source of healing. Extending its duration is possible by securing Solar weapon kills.
  • Use the Well of Radiance Super whenever available for a substantial healing boost.
  • Be airborne as frequently as possible to maximize the benefits of Heat Rises. Jump around while using abilities and dealing damage.
  • Scorching targets triggers the Ember of Singeing Fragment, allowing for consistent cooldown reduction.

So there you have it – the best Warlock builds for Lightfall in Destiny 2. For more exciting Destiny 2 content, check out our other guides:

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