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Outlaw Rogue PvP Talents and Builds for Dragonflight 10.1.7


Outlaw Rogues in PvP have a specific playstyle that revolves around utilizing Ambush and maximizing its potential. This build focuses on enhancing Ambush by utilizing talents like Shadow Dance, Subterfuge, and Audacity. Ambush deals significant damage and applies Find Weakness, which is crucial as Outlaw Rogue’s damage is primarily Physical and can be mitigated by armor. Additionally, the talent Hidden Opportunity allows Ambush to hit twice, triggering half-cost uses of Pistol Shot and building stacks of Fan the Hammer. These Pistol Shots can consume Fan the Hammer stacks and possibly grant more Audacity procs, leading to more Ambush opportunities.

Adaptability in Talents

Depending on the situation, there are a few talents that can be adjusted. When facing melee opponents or Hunters, players may opt to remove the point in Devious Stratagem and choose Float Like a Butterfly instead. This sacrifice slightly reduces damage but greatly improves durability. On the other hand, if there is a need for high cleave damage against two melee enemies throughout the match, players can consider removing the point in Ruthlessness and Killing Spree to pick Dancing Steel and Precise Cuts, respectively.

PvP Talent Selection

Outlaw Rogues have a variety of PvP talents to choose from, each with its own advantages and usefulness. While the top three choices are generally the most effective, choosing specific PvP talents should be based on the team’s strategy and goals.

  • Enduring Brawler: This talent significantly increases the damage output by granting Sinister Strike a chance to hit an additional time, providing twice the damage, two Combo Points, and an Opportunity proc. This allows Pistol Shot to deal double damage at half the cost.

  • Dismantle: A strong PvP talent that disarms an enemy for 6 seconds every 45 seconds. Disarming opponents can delay or entirely halt their potential kill attempts. It is particularly effective against Warriors, Rogues, and Marksmanship Hunters, and also useful against other Hunter specializations. Note that Dismantle can be used offensively against Death Knights and Warriors to prevent the use of Death Strike and Die by the Sword.

  • Smoke Bomb: This talent creates a smoke cloud that prevents enemy players outside the cloud from targeting anyone inside. Smoke Bomb can be used offensively to stun a target without a trinket, preventing the enemy healer from saving their teammate. It can also be used defensively to protect oneself or an ally from lethal casts, such as Greater Pyroblast. Additionally, it can be used to prevent incoming crowd control effects that could potentially cost the team the game.

  • Veil of Midnight: This powerful defensive option allows Cloak of Shadows to cleanse physical debuffs in addition to magic ones. It also grants 100% dodge chance for 5 seconds. Veil of Midnight proves useful against Feral Druids and other Assassination Rogues.

  • Control is King: This talent adds extra burst damage to your opener and Kidney Shot. It can be a decent choice when playing double DPS compositions, although that may not be the strong point of Outlaw Rogues currently.

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It is highly recommended to always choose Enduring Brawler in the first slot. In the second and third slots, Dismantle is the preferred choice against melee DPS reliant on weapons, while Smoke Bomb is advisable when the team has enough burst damage to justify its use. In other scenarios, players can opt for any other optional talent based on their specific needs and strategy.

By understanding these talent options and making suitable choices, Outlaw Rogues can maximize their effectiveness in PvP encounters.

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