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The Most Powerful Weapon Skins in Apex Legends


Apex Legends, as a live-service multiplayer game, strives to maintain a fair and competitive environment for its players. It regularly introduces new skins and cosmetics for purchase, allowing players to flaunt their style in-game. However, this has given rise to the issue of “pay-to-win” skins. While all Legendary weapon skins in Apex make slight modifications to the weapon models, some skins have gained a reputation for providing a competitive advantage by enhancing the iron sights.

Understanding the Advantage

Having a clear and unobstructed view of the battlefield while aiming down sights (ADS) can give players an edge in combat. Even a slight advantage can make a difference when it comes to winning fights. Respawn, the game’s developer, has acknowledged this fact by nerfing one of the most notorious pay-to-win skins, Heat Sink and Heavy Metal Flatline, which were rewards from the season four battle pass.

Although these specific pay-to-win skins no longer exist, there are still others in the game that can offer players a slight advantage over their competition. In this article, we will explore the best pay-to-win skins in Apex Legends.

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The Apex Predators

Zero Point R-99

Outlands Avalanche R-99

The Unloader R-99

The Kill Switch R-99

Totally Gnarly R-99

Cutting Edge R-99

Revolutionary R-99

The default iron sights on the R-99 feature a full-circle forward sight with a dot in the center and brackets on the sides. While these skins may differ slightly, they all remove the top portion of the circle on the forward sight, providing players with a clearer field of view. Additionally, some of these skins slim down the gun’s model along the barrel, particularly the Zero Point skin. Although certain skins may be more difficult to acquire than others, they all fall under the pay-to-win category.

The Winged Advantage

The Death Ray Wingman

Merciless Wing Wingman

The Dismantler Wingman

Red Rocket Wingman

The Sunburst Wingman

Brass Beast Wingman

These Wingman skins, whether base Legendaries or their recolored versions, are among the most popular pay-to-win skins in the game. The gun’s barrel is noticeably slimmer, allowing for a wider peripheral vision. The sight itself features longer, slimmer brackets, with more space beneath the circular reticle, providing a better view of the battlefield.

Precision and Accuracy

The Last Spartan R-301

The Daybreaker R-301

The Pale Moonlight R-301

Predatorial Instincts R-301

While the R-301’s default iron sights are not problematic, many players prefer the iron sights found on these base Legendaries and their recolored versions. The “V”-shaped reticle at the end of the barrel helps players line up their shots without being obtrusive.

A Clear Line of Sight

Teal Zeal Flatline

Despite the nerf to the Heat Sink and Heavy Metal skins, the Teal Zeal Flatline remains the undisputed champion among pay-to-win Flatline skins. Although it may not provide as much advantage as its predecessors, it still offers noticeably easier target acquisition when aiming down sights.

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The Alternator’s Edge

LED Rez Alternator

The Galvanizer Alternator

Ocean Spray Alternator

Palate Cleanser Alternator

The Alternator already boasts clean iron sights. However, if you’re looking for that extra competitive advantage, try these sleek base Legendaries and their recolors. These skins slim down the barrel of the Alternator, and the brackets on the side almost resemble a 1x HCOG classic sight in front of a translucent reticle. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also enhance the iron sights for precision aiming.

Improved Vision

World’s Fair 30-30 Repeater

Bullet Train 30-30 Repeater

Wild West 30-30 Repeater

The 30-30 Repeater can be challenging to use without an optic due to the bulky brackets around its iron sights. Fortunately, players can rely on a variety of excellent options to improve their ADS experience. The Wild West and Bullet Train base Legendaries, along with the World’s Fair recolor, offer substantial improvements over the default skin and many other Legendaries. These skins slim down the outer edges of the iron sight brackets, providing players with a broader field of vision.

In conclusion, the presence of pay-to-win skins in Apex Legends is a contentious topic. While Respawn has taken steps to address this issue, some skins still provide players with a competitive advantage, no matter how slight. So, keep an eye out for these powerful weapon skins in the store rotation or unlock them if you already have the chance. Equip them and see if you can feel the difference in your gameplay.

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