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Information about Prestige Skins in 2023

Prestige Kai Sa KDA

Riot Games recently made significant changes to the prestige skin system in 2022. These changes will continue in 2023, with the release of new skins. But how can you obtain these skins and which ones are currently available?

While the livestream for Season 13 of League of Legends didn’t provide many details, we can still speculate about which champions might receive new prestige skins in 2023, as well as the unvaulting of old prestige skins in the mythic shop. Let’s delve into the world of prestige skins in 2023!

Prestige Skins in 2023: Carrying on from Where They Left Off

Last year, Riot completely revamped the prestige system by introducing a new currency, making it easier for fans and players to earn their favorite skins. It seems that there won’t be many changes to the system as we head into 2023.

This new monitor is perfect for appreciating the beauty of prestige skins!

During the Season 13 livestream, there was no mention of upcoming prestige skins or other mythic content. Fans will have to wait for more information about the new mythic content skin line.

Rotating Prestige and Mythic Skin Shop

Riot introduced the Mythic Shop in the client. Each month, players can purchase new prestige skins with Mythic Essence. Any prestige skins that are over a year old can be found in the shop.

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So, if you missed out on Prestige Arcade Caitlyn or didn’t have the opportunity to acquire a prestige K/DA skin, there’s a chance you can pick up an older prestige skin that you’ve always wanted.

Which Prestige Skins Are Unvaulted?

The first mythic shop unvaulted six skins. Moving forward, new prestige skins will be unvaulted every 2 patches, while mythic skins will rotate every 3 months. Here are the currently unvaulted skins:

  • Champion: Valiant Sword Riven
    Time: 150 ME
  • Champion: Nightbringer Lee Sin
    Time: 150 ME
  • Champion: Lunar Beast Fiora
    Time: 125 ME
  • Champion: Star Guardian Soraka
    Time: 125 ME
  • Champion: Crystalis Motus Leona + Border & Icon
    Time: 100 ME
  • Champion: Hextech Jarvan IV
    Time: 100 ME
  • Champion: Hextech Sejuani
    Time: 100 ME

Which Prestige Skins Have Been Released in 2023?

In the previous year, Riot released 13 prestige skins. It is likely they will follow suit in 2023. The first patch of the year already introduced two prestige skins, so if you enjoy collecting them, good luck!

Here are the released prestige skins for 2023:

  • Mythmaker Sivir Prestige Edition
  • Porcelain Lissandra Prestige Edition
  • Broken Covenant Miss Fortune Prestige Edition
  • Faerie Court Katarina Prestige Edition
  • Inkshadow Yasuo Prestige Edition
  • DRX Aatrox Prestige Edition
  • Soul Fighter Shaco Prestige Edition
  • Soul Fighter Pyke Prestige Edition

New Mythic Currency Introduced in 2022

In 2022, Riot introduced a brand-new currency for obtaining mythic content, including prestige skins. This meant the retirement of prestige points and the replacement of gemstones in the League of Legends client. When the transition from gemstones to Mythic Essence took place, gemstones were converted to ME, while prestige points had to be used up.

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This new monitor is perfect for appreciating the beauty of prestige skins! Just like before, you can acquire Mythic Essence through Masterwork milestones and chests, allowing you to make purchases in the mythic shop.

Ashen Knight Pyke skin HD

What Else Can You Get with Mythic Essence?

Previously, gemstones were used to obtain hextech skins. However, over time, players became less enthusiastic about them, considering them not special enough for the effort. As a result, Riot will be revamping their hextech crafting for skins and introducing yearly thematic skins that can also be obtained with Mythic Essence.

New Mythic Chromas Available

Additionally, Riot has introduced new mythic Chromas in the mythic shop. While the Ashen Knights have received their usual mythic chromas for their mythic skins, older legendary skins can also be paired with mythic chromas at a cost of 40 Mythic Essence.

Has the New Mythic Shop and Overhaul Worked?

The aim of this mythic content strategy was to make it easier for fans to obtain the skins they desire. However, many players have felt that it has become more of a grind to obtain the skins they want compared to before.

Riot also promised to elevate the thematic quality of prestige skins, aiming for a more high-fashion aesthetic similar to the Louis Vuitton Senna and Qiyana skins. Unfortunately, many fans feel that they haven’t quite achieved that goal.

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