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The Complete Guide to Buffs and Debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends

In the heat of battle, champions in Raid Shadow Legends are often subjected to various positive and negative effects known as Buffs and Debuffs. These effects can greatly impact the outcome of a battle, making it crucial for players to understand their meanings and implications. In this comprehensive guide, we have compiled a complete list of all Buffs and Debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends, providing you with the knowledge to strategize effectively and emerge victorious.

Complete List of All Buffs & Debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends

All Buffs in Raid Shadow Legends

Buffs are positive effects that can be applied to an ally or oneself by a champion. In Raid Shadow Legends, buffs are represented by blue-colored effects, with each image denoting a unique effect. Let’s delve into the different types of Buffs and their respective meanings:

Ally Protection

The caster champion takes 25-50% of the direct damage inflicted upon the target champion. However, self-inflicted damage and poison do not trigger this effect. It is important to note that each champion utilizes their respective defense values to mitigate the incoming damage.

Block Damage

The champion with this buff becomes immune to all types of damage, making them impervious to enemy attacks.

Block Debuffs

The champion with this buff becomes immune to all types of debuffs, effectively neutralizing any negative effects inflicted by the enemy.

Counter Attack

When a champion with this buff gets attacked, they will strike back using their first skill, dealing 75% of the damage inflicted by their first skill. It is essential to remember that counterattacks only occur once, even if the enemy hits multiple times with their skill. Furthermore, counterattacks do not count as a turn.

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Continuous Heal

The target champion receives a healing effect at the beginning of their turn, restoring 7.5-15% of their maximum HP. This continuous healing ensures the champion’s longevity during battles.

Increase ATK

This buff increases the attack of the champion by 25-50% of their current attack value, considering all other effects that affect their attack.

Increase DEF

The champion’s defense is increased by 30-60%, bolstering their resilience against enemy attacks.

Increase CRIT RATE

This buff increases the champion’s critical rate by 15-30%, enhancing their chances of landing critical hits and dealing significant damage.

Increase SPD

This buff increases the champion’s speed by 15-30%, allowing them to take more turns and outpace their opponents.

Reflect Damage

Any champion who hits a target with this buff will receive reflected damage equivalent to 15-30% of the total damage inflicted. This counterattack effect serves as a deterrent against enemies who dare to strike.


The champion receives an HP shield, absorbing damage inflicted by enemies. Attacks will first deplete the shield before affecting the champion’s normal HP. Notably, damage dealt to the shield does not count towards damage dealt to the champion, rendering effects like lifesteal ineffective.

Revive on Death

If a champion with this buff dies, they will immediately revive with 30% of their maximum HP and a turn bar of 0. This resurrection effect can turn the tide of battle and potentially snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.


The champion with this buff cannot fall below 1 HP for the entire duration of the effect, ensuring their survival even in the face of overwhelming odds.

All Debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends

Debuffs, on the other hand, are negative effects that can be inflicted upon enemy champions, weakening their abilities and enhancing your chances of victory. Let’s explore the various debuffs and their effects:

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When this debuff expires, the next hit the enemy receives will inflict high damage that ignores their defense. This explosive effect can catch opponents off guard and deal devastating blows.


This debuff damages the target champion by 2.5-5% of their maximum HP at the beginning of their rounds. The more maximum HP the enemy possesses, the higher the damage inflicted. Poison poses a persistent threat to opponents, wearing them down over time.

Decrease ATK

This debuff decreases the enemy’s attack by 25-50%, reducing their overall offensive capabilities.

Decrease DEF

This debuff decreases the enemy’s defense by 30-60%, making them more susceptible to incoming damage.

Decrease SPD

This debuff decreases the enemy’s speed by 15-30%, reducing their turn frequency and slowing down their actions.

Decrease ACC

This debuff decreases the enemy’s accuracy by 25-50%, diminishing their chances of successfully landing hits and applying buffs or debuffs.

Block Healing

Any healing received by the enemy will be reduced by 50-100%, significantly limiting their ability to recover health during battle.

Block Buffs

This debuff prevents any buffs from being applied to the champion. It nullifies potential advantages and ensures enemies are deprived of beneficial effects.

Block CD Skills

The champion with this debuff is unable to use their cooldown skills, restricting their access to powerful abilities and limiting their overall effectiveness.


Enemies afflicted with this debuff are rendered unable to take any action, including reducing their skill cooldowns. Damage received by frozen champions is reduced by 75%.

HP Burn

While active, this debuff causes the affected champion and their allies to continually suffer damage equal to 3% of their respective maximum HP at the start of their turns. Only one HP Burn debuff can be active on a champion at a time. However, if multiple champions on a team are debuffed with HP Burn, each debuff will work independently, inflicting full damage.

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The champion with this debuff can only target and attack the champion who applied it for a specific number of turns, limiting their options and forcing them into combat with a specific enemy.


Any champion that attacks a champion with this debuff will heal for 10% of the damage inflicted. This effect allows your champions to recover health while dealing damage to the enemy.


Champions afflicted with this debuff are unable to take any action until they are attacked by an opponent. Cooldowns are not refreshed while Sleep is active, although other debuffs like poison will continue to affect the sleeping champion.


The champion with this debuff is rendered unable to act for a certain number of turns. Cooldowns are not refreshed while stunned, leaving the affected champion vulnerable to enemy assaults.


This debuff increases the damage received by the target champion by 15-25%, amplifying the impact of your attacks and abilities.

Special Effects: Minotaur’s Labyrinth

In the Minotaur’s Labyrinth stage, players will encounter special effects unique to this challenging environment. These effects can turn the tide of battle and must be taken into account when formulating strategies. Let’s explore these special effects:


While active, this buff increases the damage dealt by the Minotaur by a staggering 400%. It is crucial to be wary of this effect and adjust your tactics accordingly.


Champions with this debuff are susceptible to double damage from the Minotaur’s Tremor Stomp skill. Prioritize removing this debuff to minimize the threat posed by the Minotaur.


While active, this debuff increases the damage the Minotaur receives by 200%. This effect cannot be prolonged, making it essential to capitalize on its duration and deal significant damage to the Minotaur.

By familiarizing yourself with the complete list of buffs and debuffs in Raid Shadow Legends, you will gain a tactical advantage in battle. Remember, mastering the art of utilizing these effects to your advantage requires practice and strategic thinking. So, assemble your team of champions, unleash their powers, and conquer Raid Shadow Legends!

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