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Who is the Strongest Character in Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World?

Even though Re:ZERO season 2 concluded in 2021, fans continue to engage in debates about the strongest characters in the series. As the light novel series progresses, character strength evolves, fueling ongoing discussions. In this article, we will explore the top 15 characters in the series based on their power levels at the end of arc 6.

15. Wilhelm van Astrea

Wilhelm van Astrea, the grandfather of Reinhard, serves as a member of the Crusch Camp and was married to Theresia van Astrea. Apart from being Crusch’s servant, he also fulfills the role of her sword instructor.

Strength and Abilities

Wilhelm, with his self-taught swordsmanship, possesses remarkable skills with the sword and has honed his abilities to superhuman levels. He even managed to emerge victorious in a duel against the previous Sword Saint, despite being self-trained. Due to his appearance and extraordinary skills, he earned the moniker “Sword Demon” and was regarded as a threat during the Demi-Human War. In his prime, Wilhelm would rank higher on this list, but at the end of arc 6, he ranks 15th.

14. Beatrice

Beatrice, Subaru’s contracted Artificial Spirit as of arc 4, is a member of the Emilia Camp and used to be the caretaker of the library until its destruction. Created by Echidna just like Puck, Beatrice possesses immense power.

Strength and Abilities

Beatrice exhibits mastery over Yin Magic and can even cast forgotten magics that have long vanished. Her magic is far superior to Subaru’s own Yin Magic. Beatrice’s spells materialize as crystallized mana stakes, capable of penetrating defenses. Furthermore, she possesses the ability to heal herself and others using water mana, regenerate lost organs, and detect and remove curses. Similarly to Puck and Reinhard, Beatrice can absorb mana from living beings, draining them. Due to her age and race, Beatrice surpasses Wilhelm in terms of speed and strength, placing her higher in rank.

13. Priscilla Barielle

Priscilla, the Matriarch of the Barielle House and a candidate to become the 42nd King of Lugnica, was born as the daughter of the Emperor of the Vollachian Empire.

Strength and Abilities

In arc 6, Priscilla demonstrates her strength, surpassing Emilia until that point. She possesses the Divine Protection of the Sun, which amplifies her abilities during the day and increases the effects of buffs. Additionally, she has the aptitude for Yang Magic. Priscilla’s battle against Wrath showcased her uncontrolled nature, as she was able to protect others. Her unique ability grants her extraordinary luck in daily life and fights. With her pieces of equipment, buffs, and skills, she secures the 13th position on this list. However, with the completion of arc 7, Priscilla might experience a significant increase in rank.

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12. Ricardo Welkin

Ricardo Welkin, one of Anastasia Hoshin’s followers, leads the mercenary group called Fang of Iron.

Strength and Abilities

As a demi-human, Ricardo possesses heightened senses, including excellent hearing and incredible physical strength. He can unleash a Resonance Wave, emitting a potent blow of mana from his mouth without suffering any significant weaknesses. Although Ricardo sports a prosthetic iron hook after his battle with Roy Alphard in arc 5, he utilizes it as a weapon. Mounted on his liger, Ricardo stands out in terms of speed and endurance.

11. Julius Juukulius

Julius Juukulius, the finest knight among Anastasia Hoshin’s entourage, is a member of the Royal Guard.

Strength and Abilities

Julius possesses the Divine Protection of Gathering Spirits, enabling him to communicate with spirits and form contracts with them. He harnesses the magic of six spirits—fire, water, wind, earth, yang, and yin—and can employ Spirit Magic with any of them. His Quasi Spirits evolved into proper spirits after arc 5, multiplying his power. Alongside his mastery of swordsmanship, Julius achieved an astonishing feat by defeating the 9th Divine General of the Vollachian Empire using the power of the six spirits imbued into his sword. Although it should be noted that Reid Astrea was not at his full strength during their encounter.

10. Lye Batenkaitos

Lye Batenkaitos served as a Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, representing the Gourmet aspect of gluttony. Among the Sin Archbishops, Lye often went unnoticed due to his Authority’s nature and lack of responsibility for coordinated attacks by the Witch Cult.

Strength and Abilities

Lye possesses the ability to eat multiple people, absorbing their memories, magical abilities, combat skills, experience, and knowledge. Additionally, his left hand can erase a person from existence by consuming their name through a simple touch. As the possessor of the Witch Factor of Gluttony, Lye commands Demon Beasts, such as the Hakugei and the Oousagi. However, he lacks control over the Kurohebi. In combat, Lye employs techniques like the Leaper to evade attacks and an unnamed wind technique for defense. Nevertheless, he met his demise at the hands of Ram in arc 6.

9. Louis Arneb

Louis Arneb, another Sin Archbishop of Gluttony, represents the Satiation aspect of gluttony. Following a fatal battle with Subaru, Louis survives but loses all her memories, ultimately transported to Vollachia at the end of arc 6.

Strength and Abilities

Similar to Lye, Louis can consume names and memories through touch. Her trump card, Solar Eclipse, allows her to harvest victims’ identities and transform into their appearance. She possesses control over Demon Beasts and has the ability to create life using her Witch Factor of Gluttony. Additionally, she can split herself into copies, each capable of possessing others. In arc 6, she uses this ability to possess Subaru. Louis ranks 9th due to her unique abilities and versatility.

8. Roy Alphard

Roy Alphard, a Sin Archbishop of Gluttony representing the Bizarre Eating aspect, attempted to consume Reid in a battle during arc 6. As a result, Roy was sealed away utilizing Yin Magic.

Strength and Abilities

Apart from the Authority of Gluttony, Solar and Lunar Eclipse, Demon Beast Control and Creation, Roy possesses the Witch Cult’s Gospel, providing him with details of future events. This advantage allowed him to eat Julius’s name, causing everyone except Subaru to forget about him. Although Roy was sealed after consuming Julius’s name, he remains alive, preventing the return of Julius’s name. This unique ability grants Roy a higher rank among his siblings.

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7. Roswaal and Regulus

Although slightly superior to Regulus, it is challenging to determine who would emerge victorious in a one-on-one battle between Roswaal and Regulus.

Roswaal serves as the lord of the Roswaal Mansion and is a descendant of the original Roswaal. Surprisingly, it is revealed that he is the original Roswaal, possessing the bodies of his descendants.

Strength and Abilities: Roswaal

Roswaal wields the Divine Protection of Sorcery, allowing him to excel in all six magic elements. Regarded as the kingdom’s best, he possesses strength equivalent to an entire army. Over time, Roswaal’s power has grown, earning him the titles “Red,” “Green,” and “Yellow” for reaching the pinnacle of Fire, Wind, and Earth magic, respectively. In addition to his magical prowess, Roswaal is also a proficient physical combatant. His most notable spell is AI Goa, a massive inferno. His yellow eye enables him to dismantle magic. If it weren’t for Ram’s broken horn, Roswaal would rank slightly lower on this list.

Strength and Abilities: Regulus

Regulus Corneas, the strongest Sin Archbishop of the Witch Cult, represents greed. However, he was defeated by Reinhard van Astrea, Natsuki Subaru, and Emilia.

Regulus can manipulate time, rendering him impervious to external attacks during its activation. However, this ability also stops his heart, posing a significant risk. He employs his time-stopping ability by hurling pebbles, gravel, or dirt at enemies, causing them to pass through anything and everyone, resulting in widespread destruction.

6. Puck

Puck, an Artificial Spirit created by Echidna, unfroze Emilia and became her friend and mentor seven years prior to the election.

Strength and Abilities

As a Great Spirit presiding over Fire Mana, Puck possesses mastery over various elements, including fire, water, and Yin magic. While he predominantly assumes a smaller form, his true form manifests as a colossal, golden-eyed cat-like beast called “the Beast of the End.” However, maintaining this form necessitates an enormous amount of mana, which Puck forcibly drains from his surroundings, causing freezing or temporal pauses.

5. Emilia

Emilia, a half-elf and a candidate to become the 42nd King of the Dragon Kingdom of Lugnica, boasts powerful spirit affinity. She is contracted with several spirits, including Puck, and effectively utilizes Spirit Arts.

Strength and Abilities

Emilia’s spirit affinity enables her to wield powerful offensive Ice Magic. Her mana attack power ranks second only to Roswaal, according to author Nagatsuki Tappei. Emilia’s trump card, Absolute Zero, can decisively end battles. Her rank significantly rose at the end of arc 6, as she became the admin of the Watchtower after its liberation, granting her control over the Divine Dragon Volcanica, a being almost as powerful as Satella.

4. Sekhmet

Sekhmet, the Witch of Sloth, once exterminated her entire clan due to their abandonment. Unbeknownst to her at the time, her actions were motivated by hatred and a desire for revenge.

Strength and Abilities

Sekhmet wields the Authority of Sloth and can employ an advanced version of the Unseen Hand. This ability enables her to strike with invisible force from any direction without moving. According to Nagatsuki, she was the strongest witch among the six before her demise.

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3. Pandora

Pandora, the Witch of Vainglory, maintains ties to the Witch Cult, which venerates Satella. She orchestrated the attack on the Elven village 100 years ago alongside Regulus and orchestrated an assault on Garkla 30 years ago.

Strength and Abilities

Pandora possesses the Authority of Vainglory, allowing her to rewrite any phenomenon in her favor and render herself invincible and immortal. She can bury individuals in the ground, teleport, and alter their memories. However, her offensive abilities are limited, as she relies on manipulating her surroundings to harm others. Despite lacking direct offensive capabilities, her invincibility and control over the Kurohebi secure her position on this list.

2. Satella

Satella, the Witch of Envy, and the Witch of Envy herself exist as separate personalities, brought forth by the absorption of incompatible Witch Factors. In the Re:ZERO universe, Satella is the only entity capable of stopping Reinhard.

Strength and Abilities

Satella wields the Authority of Envy and the Authority of Sloth. Her ability to create an invisible force field resembling a hand allows her to cause physical interference. The Unseen Hand permits her to seize Subaru’s heart as a warning whenever he mentions his Return by Death. Furthermore, Satella has control over shadows, although it remains unclear if this power stems from her Authority of Envy. Shadows under her control destroy all life and matter, including thoughts and memories. Time also freezes whenever Subaru attempts to reveal his Return by Death ability.

1. Reinhard van Astrea

Reinhard van Astrea, the son of Heinkel and Louanna Astrea, stands as the unchallenged strongest character in Re:ZERO – Starting Life in Another World. Renowned as the “knight among knights,” he serves as Felt’s knight and currently holds the title of Sword Saint.

Strength and Abilities

Reinhard possesses the Divine Protection of the Sword Saint, inherited at the tender age of five. His power is so overwhelming that even a fraction of it leaves Subaru in awe. Reinhard’s invincibility stems from his unique ability to acquire Divine Protections whenever necessary. During the battle at Priestella, he wished for the Divine Protection of Judgement to aid him, a power unrelated to his role as the Sword Saint.

In addition to his Divine Protections, including those of Wind and Fire Resistance, Anti Magic, Dodging, War God, Cloud, Lake, Lightning, and Death God, Reinhard also possesses exceptional physical strength. By absorbing a colossal amount of mana, he further enhances his physical capabilities. While others are unable to employ magic while he absorbs mana, he remains virtually unparalleled. Additionally, if Reinhard sustains any injuries, Minute Spirits flock to him, healing his wounds.

Reinhard’s expertise as a master swordsman and his possession of the Dragon Sword Reid only elevate his prowess. He can draw mana from the air to execute the sword art of the Astrea family. With a single swing, he decimated the Beast of the End. Reinhard’s prowess, combined with his Divine Protection acting as a cheat, solidifies his position as the ultimate powerhouse in Re:ZERO.

About Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World

Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World is a Japanese light novel series authored by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. The story follows Subaru Natsuki, who finds himself transported to a fantasy world after a trip to the convenience store. Rescued from a dire situation by a girl named Satella, Subaru’s life takes an unexpected turn. Re:Zero encompasses elements of fantasy, adventure, and mystery, captivating readers and fans alike.

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