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All You Need to Know About Destiny 2’s A Rising Tide Quest

Destiny 2’s latest quest, “A Rising Tide,” marks the culmination of the Season of Plunder, providing an opportunity for the Guardian community to come together and contribute towards the rebuilding and improvement of the Eliksni Quarter. This quest focuses on the pro-humanity refugees among the Eliksni people, and as a Guardian, it is your duty to help in this noble cause.

Completing A Rising Tide

The quest begins when you visit the Donations Chest in the Tower. The main objective is for Guardians to donate treasure, especially Captain’s Coins, at the Donations Chest to fund the various improvements needed in the Eliksni Quarter. Initially, each step of the quest was dependent on worldwide donation milestones. However, the community has already reached these milestones, and now the entire quest is available for you to complete on your own.

The quest steps for A Rising Tide are as follows:

  1. Collect Captain’s Coins
  2. Donate Captain’s Coins
  3. Visit Improvement I: Cleanup
  4. Visit Improvement II: The Ether Tank
  5. Visit Improvement III: Comforts
  6. Visit Improvement IV: Recruits
  7. Visit Improvement V: Housing
  8. Visit Improvement VI: Garden
  9. Visit Improvement VII: Town Square

Once you have visited the final site, the quest will be completed, and your efforts will be rewarded with an Eliksni Quarter Gift Box. Inside the gift box, you may find a Deepsight Resonance Weapon, an Eververse Engram, Bright Dust, or Glimmer.

Where to Visit Improvements in the Eliksni Quarter

As you progress through the A Rising Tide quest, you will be tasked with visiting different improvement locations within the Eliksni Quarter. Each visit will trigger a button prompt and initiate a dialogue from Mithrax, who will describe the improvements being made. Here are the locations you need to visit:

  • Improvement I: Cleanup – Located at the top of the stairs, just to the left of where you load in.
    Cleanup Improvement

  • Improvement II: The Ether Tank – Found in the bar, known as the Ether Tank, at the center of the area.
    The Ether Tank Improvement

  • Improvement III: Comforts – Situated at the back of the Ether Tank. Follow the building counter-clockwise until you find a creepy painting.
    Comforts Improvement

  • Improvement IV: Recruits – Can be found guarding the door just outside of Spider at the Ether Tank, straight ahead and to the right of the initial load-in area.
    Recruits Improvement

  • Improvement V: Housing – Refers to the building at the top of the ramp behind where you initially spawn in the Eliksni Quarter.
    Housing Improvement

  • Improvement VI: Garden – Easily accessible among the planter boxes, straightforward from your initial spawn point.
    Garden Improvement

  • Improvement VII: Town Square – Located right next to the remains of Insurrection Prime, the large mech directly behind you when you arrive in the Eliksni Quarter.
    Town Square Improvement

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By visiting each of these locations, you will not only contribute to the improvement of the Eliksni Quarter, but you will also experience the heartwarming progress made by the community.

Remember, while the Destiny 2 community has already completed its donation goal, your individual contributions are still valuable and will bring you rewarding personal incentives.

The Season of the Deep is here, along with the Into the Depths quest, and there are other exciting activities like fishing and the Lost Sector and King’s Fall challenge rotations to keep an eye on.

Trust in your E-E-A-T Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, and enjoy the journey of A Rising Tide in Destiny 2!

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