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Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Job: A Comprehensive Guide

Overview & Review – Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Job

The Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer job is the primary tanking class in the game, specializing in inflicting the Enrage status on enemies, forcing them to attack the afflicted target. In terms of RPG archetypes, the Enforcer is akin to a Knight.

While the tanking skills of the Enforcer may not be very useful throughout most of the game, they become invaluable during the final challenge, the True Final Millennium Tower. However, even without relying on its tanking utility, the Enforcer is a formidable fighter in its own right.

One of the standout features of the Enforcer job is its exceptional selection of skills. At job level 6, it learns Paralysis Prongs, an incredibly powerful single-target attack that outstrips most other job’s attacks until much higher levels. Furthermore, it also gains access to two top-tier target-all Essence abilities—a blunt-type physical attack leveraging its above-average Attack stat and a potent electric elemental attack with a high chance of paralyzing all foes.

The Enforcer is an excellent choice for a first or second job due to the significant HP and Defense bonuses it provides. These bonuses prove crucial when facing the True Final Millennium Tower, where enemies can effortlessly deal 1,000-1,200 damage with their regular attacks alone.

Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Best Weapon

yakuza like a dragon enforcer best weapon

The optimal weapon for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer job is the Special Ops Riot Shield EX EX. Like other top-tier weapons, it can be obtained by upgrading a low-level base weapon at the Romance Workshop located in the Commercial District of Ijincho.

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To acquire the Special Ops Riot Shield EX EX, you will need the Bulletproof Shield as the base weapon, which can be purchased at the Gambling Hall in Ijincho for 500 points. To complete the upgrade, you must then obtain the Absolute Shield, available for purchase from the Shogi Prize Shop for 150,000 points or from Le Marche in Kamurocho for 10,000,000 yen.

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Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Accessory

The Job Experience accessory for the Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Job is the Medal of Honor. Obtaining it is relatively straightforward, as it can be acquired through Substory 38. However, there is only one Medal of Honor available in the game, limiting the Enforcer’s Job Experience boost to 1.5x.

Character Skills – Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Job

Each job in Yakuza Like a Dragon grants two unique Character Skills that can be utilized by any character, regardless of their assigned job. For the Enforcer job, these character skills are:

  • Shield Blast: Damages a single enemy and surrounding foes by unleashing a shockwave of sheer bravado.
  • Power Lift: Inflicts extreme damage on an enemy with a forceful shield strike, potentially enraging the target.

While Shield Blast offers limited utility, primarily useful during the early game levels when other skills are unavailable, Power Lift proves advantageous as it inflicts the Enraged status, allowing the Enforcer to extend its tanking capabilities to other classes.

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Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Skills

Here are all the skills that the Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer job unlocks, along with the corresponding levels and effects:

Skill Table

That concludes our comprehensive Yakuza Like a Dragon Enforcer Job Guide. For more Yakuza guides, visit the Yakuza Like a Dragon section. Additionally, you can explore our main page for guides on a variety of games, and feel free to check out my Yakuza Like a Dragon review on YouTube.

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