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Genshin Impact: Unleash the Power of Albedo with the Best Team Compositions for DPS and Support

Genshin Impact players know that assembling the perfect team composition is crucial for achieving success in the game. Albedo, the exceptional 5-star Geo Sword character, brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the table. In this article, we will explore the best Albedo team compositions for both high DPS and support roles, ensuring you get the most out of this remarkable character.

Discovering the Sub-DPS/Support Potential of Albedo

Albedo truly shines as a sub-DPS character, and he excels when paired with other formidable champions. His skillset allows him to dish out sustained damage while effectively scaling on Defense. Let’s delve into the top team compositions that make the best use of Albedo’s talents.

Albedo Electro Charged Team

Childe + Albedo + Fischl + Jean

This team composition harnesses the synergy between Albedo’s turret and Fischl’s Oz to maximize damage output. By combining Albedo’s abilities with Childe’s Electro Charge procs, you can unleash devastating attacks. Venti (or any other Anemo character) plays a crucial role in crowd control, grouping enemies together and infusing Electro damage. This enables you to clear mobs swiftly, leaving no chance for your adversaries to retaliate.

Albedo's ability synergizes with Fischl's Oz, proccing Crystallize for Energy Regeneration.

Note: Players can explore other Electro Charged lineups, but those involving Fischl prove to be the most effective.

Albedo Itto Pure Geo Team

Itto + Albedo + Gorou + Zhongli

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If you’re seeking the best mono-Geo lineup in Genshin Impact, look no further than this composition. Itto assumes the role of the main DPS, while Albedo provides invaluable support. Zhongli acts as a shielder, safeguarding your team, and Gorou serves as the primary support character.

Gorou plays a pivotal role in this lineup, providing both Albedo and Itto with defensive and Geo damage bonuses. When equipped with the Archaic Petra artifact set, Gorou’s picking crystal bestows a whopping 35% Geo damage bonus upon the team.

Itto and Gorou's release have provided Albedo with the best mono-Geo lineup in the game.

Albedo unleashes his burst off-field, while Itto relentlessly unleashes continuous charge attacks to deal damage. Zhongli provides bursts and shielding as needed. Equipping him with the Tenacity of the Millelith set amplifies the damage output. Overall, this Itto lineup stands as the pinnacle of Albedo team compositions in version 2.3.

Embracing Albedo as a DPS: The Best Team Compositions

Albedo undoubtedly shines as a support character, but for those who seek to utilize him as a DPS, let’s explore the most effective team compositions for this role.

Albedo Phys + Geo DPS

Albedo + Ningguang + Xinyan + Bennett

This team composition offers a straightforward and effective route for unleashing Albedo’s full DPS potential. The lineup takes advantage of both Geo and Pyro resonance, resulting in an impressive display of raw power. Xinyan’s P4 talent boosts Physical damage output, while Ningguang’s passive skill enhances Geo damage.

Note: This composition may struggle against foes with formidable resistance or shields, such as Fatui.

Before Itto, Ningguang is usually paired up with Albedo if you want Geo Resonance.

Albedo Crystallize DPS (f2p)

Albedo + Fischl + Xiangling + Barbara

When desiring to maximize Albedo’s skills and spam them relentlessly, this team composition is your go-to choice. The Albedo-Fischl combo triggers countless lightning strikes from Oz through crystallized reactions. By alternating between Xiangling and Albedo’s elemental skills, you can consistently generate turrets for Albedo to utilize. Caution must be exercised to prevent triggering Overload, as you wouldn’t want to send your enemies flying away.

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Albedo can be a DPS, but his damage output is fairly limited.

Barbara serves as the team’s healer, and her thrilling tales keep your energy levels high. The combination of Albedo and Fischl’s turrets generates an abundant amount of energy, enabling you to frequently unleash Albedo’s burst ability.

Unleashing Albedo’s Power for Free: F2P Team Compositions

This lineup is designed explicitly for free-to-play and new players who have Albedo as their sole 5-star character. By utilizing characters obtained through completing main quests, you can create an effective team even without additional acquisitions. This composition ensures that Albedo remains a formidable force, even in a free squad. However, if you’ve been playing for some time, this lineup may not be necessary.

Albedo + Xiangling + Kaeya + Noelle

In this team composition, Albedo’s primary role is to maintain his skill and burst during battles. Noelle acts as the main on-field DPS character and also grants the team the Geo Resonance bonus. Xiangling triggers elemental reactions with Kaeya when necessary, and her physical damage output is significantly high, making her an excellent fit for the team. Kaeya’s Cryo abilities enable crucial melt reactions.

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In conclusion, Albedo possesses immense potential as both a sub-DPS and support character. By carefully selecting the right team composition, you can truly unleash his power and dominate battles in Genshin Impact. Remember to consider the principles of E-E-A-T Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, ensuring your team compositions are both reliable and effective.

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