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Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide: Best Strategies for Defeating the Avatar of Destiny Boss

Guild Battle is a crucial game mode in Cookie Run: Kingdom that offers weekly rewards based on your guild rank. To climb the ranks, it’s essential to deal substantial damage to bosses. One of the formidable adversaries you’ll face in the Guild Battle is the Destiny Boss Avatar. Here are some expert tips to help you conquer this boss and rise to the top.

Recommended Cookies and Treasures

For this boss encounter, it is highly recommended to have the following cookies at least at level 50: Blackberry Biscuit, Oyster Biscuit, Rye Biscuit, Pomegranate Biscuit, and Cherry Blossom Biscuit. However, having them at the maximum level of 70 will significantly enhance your chances of success.

Equipping the right treasures is equally important. The ideal treasures for this composition are the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, Enchanted Librarian’s Robes, and the Squishy Jelly Watch. Make sure your Squishy Jelly Watch treasure is maxed out, as it is crucial for this strategy to work effectively. Additionally, having a higher ATK speed, which can be achieved with a tall Robes treasure, will greatly benefit your team’s performance at higher boss levels. For the Rye Biscuit, it is recommended to have at least a Level 10 Magic Candy for better results.

How to Defeat the Avatar of Destiny Boss

Timing is key in executing this strategy to maximize your damage output. When you enter the game, ensure that the “Auto” button is activated. Trigger the skill of the Pomegranate Biscuit first, as indicated by the appearance of an hourglass button on their skill icon. Afterwards, queue up the skill of the Blackberry Biscuit. Unlike Pomegranate, Blackberry’s ability only deactivates upon reaching the boss.

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As you progress towards the boss, launch the Oyster Biscuit’s ability before the encounter. Once you’ve reached the boss, cast the abilities of Rye and Cherry Blossom as quickly as possible. If you have doubts about your timing, you can set the battle speed to 1.0x, the slowest speed in the game, to ensure accuracy. Ideally, Blackberry’s ability should be activated after Rye and Cherry Blossom. If Blackberry’s ability is activated before the other two, it indicates a timing error.

Once you’ve executed the initial setup, the rest of your cookies can be deployed, allowing them to attack the boss until time runs out. However, during Cherry Blossom’s second ability, be attentive to dodge the boss’s laser beam aimed at her head. Activate her ability once you see the red laser and have her run towards the boss and back when the laser disappears.

By following this strategy, you should be able to deal at least 40 million damage to the Avatar of Destiny, and potentially even more with higher bonds, cookie promotion/ascensions, guild buffs, or scroll levels.

Essential Seasonings for Each Cookie


Blackberry plays a vital role in this composition due to her 20% bonus to CRIT damage. This bonus helps inflict a significant amount of damage to both the Avatar of Destiny Boss and the additional tombstones released by the boss. Without the extra CRIT damage, breaking down the boss’s barriers becomes much more challenging for other cookie teams.

To ensure that Blackberry can cast her ability as frequently as possible, prioritize cooldown reduction. Ideally, aim for a cooldown reduction of 29.6%. However, as reaching this amount may be difficult for most players, settling for a cooldown reduction of 27% or more is acceptable.

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Additionally, high ATK speed is crucial for this team’s success. Enchanted Robes provide an ATK speed boost bonus, so ensure that Blackberry receives this benefit. There is no specific threshold for ATK speed, but as long as she gains the effect of Enchanted Robes, even a 1% increase in ATK speed is sufficient.

To further enhance Blackberry’s survivability at higher Avatar of Destiny levels, consider obtaining some DMG Resistance substats. However, if obtaining good DMG Resistance secondary stats proves challenging, prioritize cooldown reduction and ATK speed as secondary stats.


Rye is your main damage dealer in this composition, so equipping Searing Raspberries with her is highly recommended. Aim for a full set of Seared Raspberries with as many ATK and CRIT substats as possible. As the primary striker, allocate resources to optimize Rye’s set.

Similar to Blackberry, Rye also benefits from secondary ATK speed stats. While there is no specific threshold, ensure that she benefits from the ATK speed boost bonus provided by the Enchanted Librarian’s Robes.

As you progress to higher Avatar of Destiny levels, additional DMG Resistance substats may be necessary for Rye’s survivability. Cooldown reduction is also beneficial, although not as critical if your team is functioning well. Aim for a minimum of around 2% cooldown reduction.


Pomegranate is an integral part of this composition as her healing abilities help keep the team alive. Additionally, her 30% ATK increase supports Rye Cookie in dealing more damage. Since the boss periodically emits laser attacks, it is crucial to cast Pomegranate’s ability as frequently as possible.

A minimum cooldown reduction of 22.8% is acceptable for Pomegranate if Blackberry’s cooldown reduction is at least 29.6%. However, if Blackberry’s cooldown reduction is below 24.6%, aim for a higher cooldown reduction for Pomegranate. Maximize her recovery time by equipping a full Swift Chocolates set. Additionally, try to obtain some Damage Resistance secondary stats for added survivability.

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Cherry Blossoms

For Cherry Blossom, equip a full set of Searing Raspberries. While players using Cherry Blossom in the Head of the Living Abyss boss encounter could opt for Apple Jelly toppings, it is better to stick with Searing Raspberries in this composition. The increased CRIT chances provided by Blackberry and Oyster Cookies synergize well with Cherry Blossom’s abilities, leading to more CRIT hits.

Cherry Blossom functions as a support in this team, providing constant ATK buffs. To maximize her effectiveness, prioritize cooldown reduction. Aim for around 8% cooldown reduction, allowing her to dodge the boss’s initial laser beam attacks more easily. Consequently, fewer recovery substats are required in this scenario.


Oyster Cookie performs a similar role to Blackberry, increasing CRIT chance and CRIT damage. Equip a full set of Swift Chocolate Toppings, as Oyster has a unique ability that releases soldiers based on her cooldown reduction.

To achieve the maximum number of soldiers, aim for a cooldown reduction of at least 29.3% (without an effect set). However, if you are unable to afford a 29.3% cooldown reduction while also equipping a high cooldown set for Blackberry, you can opt for an 11.2% cooldown set, generating three soldiers instead. Any additional cooldown reduction beyond 11.2% will not affect Oyster since her ability always lasts for 17 seconds. This alternative is viable if you cannot attain a recovery time of 29.3%, although it may result in a slight decrease in damage output.


With these strategies and cookie compositions, you’ll be well-equipped to defeat the Avatar of Destiny boss in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Remember to focus on timing your abilities correctly, equipping the appropriate treasures, and optimizing each cookie’s strengths. Good luck, and may your guild climb the ranks with resounding victories!

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