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The Marvel Snap Pool 2 Decks You Can’t Miss

Once you’ve reached Collection Level 222 in Marvel Snap, you’ll enter Pool 2 and unlock access to some of the game’s best cards. Pool 2 introduces new and exciting deck combinations, giving you a fresh perspective on the game. In this article, we’ll explore the top Pool 2 decks in Marvel Snap, highlighting the cards included and strategies to dominate your opponents.

Movement Deck

The movement archetype truly shines in Pool 2, offering unique opportunities in Marvel Snap. This deck focuses on moving cards between locations to activate their abilities and power them up. Iron Fist and Nightcrawler are the foundation of this deck, with their movement abilities allowing for strategic plays.

Kraven and Multiple Man thrive in this deck by capitalizing on card movement. Kraven gains power whenever a card is moved to his location, while Multiple Man leaves behind a copy of himself when relocated. Cloak provides a helpful advantage, allowing both players to move cards to his location. Doctor Strange and Vulture are also valuable additions to this deck, offering strategic card movement and power boosts.

Infinaut Control Deck

The Infinaut Control deck revolves around gaining control of the tempo in Marvel Snap. By reaching Pool 2, you unlock the Infinaut, whose impressive base power can be a game-changer. The key strategy of this deck is to secure at least one location before playing the Infinaut on turn six. In order to execute this strategy, you’ll need to skip turn five. Sunspot becomes a valuable card in this deck, utilizing unspent energy as additional power.

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Scorpion and Wolfsbane are excellent additions to control the tempo of the match, reducing opponent power and gaining power based on the number of cards in a specific location. Storm and Killmonger offer disruptive abilities to hinder your opponent’s field. Jubilee, Shang-Chi, and Enchantress bring additional flexibility to this deck’s strategy.

Swarm Discard Aggro Deck

Building on the Discard archetype from Pool 1, the Swarm Discard Aggro deck takes it to the next level in Marvel Snap. By discarding cards strategically, you can power up certain cards and unleash their maximum potential. The addition of Swarm in Pool 2 is a game-changer, as it creates duplicate copies of itself when discarded, allowing for incredible power plays.

Apocalypse is the primary target for discarding, as it returns to your hand with increased power. Ant-Man, Iceman, and Nightcrawler are versatile 1-Cost cards that complement this deck. Blade, Lady Sif, and Sword Master form the core of this deck, providing the ability to discard cards from your hand to boost their effects. Wolverine and Nakia further enhance the potential for powerful plays.

Ongoing Deck

Pool 2 introduces several powerful cards that are perfect for an Ongoing deck archetype in Marvel Snap. The goal of this deck is to capitalize on the Ongoing abilities of cards, building power as the game progresses. Ant-Man remains a solid choice, benefiting from the synergies within this deck. Armor and Colossus offer advantages in terms of destruction prevention and durability.

Lizard’s negative Ongoing ability can be turned into a strength when combined with other cards in this deck. Mister Fantastic, The Punisher, Captain America, and Cosmo further augment your strategy by shutting down opponents’ abilities, increasing your own cards’ power, and preventing certain effects from occurring. Spectrum and Onslaught are particularly potent options for the final turn.

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Destroy Deck

The Destroy deck archetype focuses on dismantling your opponent’s cards while powering up your own. This Pool 2 deck leverages several robust cards from Marvel Snap to achieve its goals. Nova’s ability to grant additional power to your remaining cards upon destruction makes it a crucial piece. Angel automatically joins the field when one of your cards is destroyed, while Bucky Barnes transforms into the mighty Winter Soldier when destroyed.

Carnage and Bishop are pivotal cards that excel at destroying both friendly and opponent cards. Killmonger and Sabretooth offer destructive abilities that can be used strategically. Shang-Chi and Professor X lock down locations and disrupt opponents’ strategies, while America Chavez guarantees a strong card draw on turn six.

These are the top Pool 2 decks in Marvel Snap, each offering unique gameplay experiences. Experiment with different strategies, unleash powerful combos, and dominate your opponents. Which Pool 2 deck sounds most appealing to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below, and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more Marvel Snap guides. Happy gaming!

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