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The Top 5 Electro Wizard Decks of 2023

Here, you’ll discover the finest Clash Royale decks featuring the Electro Wizard for all arenas. The Electro Wizard has the unique ability to immobilize troops and buildings, making it an invaluable card in battle.

1. Electro Wizard Deck for Arena 12

Electro Wizard Deck Arena 12

Average Elixir Cost: 4.4

In Arena 12, the Electro Wizard reigns supreme as the ultimate defensive card. It offers a multitude of advantages for players at this level.

  • Witch: A reliable defense against the menacing Mini Pekka.
  • Princess: Can be utilized defensively when necessary.
  • Miner: Deploy this versatile troop strategically.
  • Electro Wizard: Boasts moderate hitpoints and formidable abilities.
  • Bandit: Can swiftly dash through enemy troops, dealing damage.
  • Ram Rider: Use it to slow down the opponent’s troops crossing the bridge.
  • Electro Giant: Combines exceptionally well with the Tornado spell.
  • Poison: Replace the Tornado spell with Poison, if preferred.

2. Electro Wizard Mega Knight Deck

Electro Wizard Deck Arena 11

Average Elixir Cost: 3.9

The combination of the Mega Knight and Electro Wizard is a force to be reckoned with in Clash Royale battles.

  • Skeleton Army: Strictly used for defense, avoid deploying as an offense.
  • Battle Ram: Pair it with the Poison spell, assisting as a win condition card.
  • Inferno Dragon: The go-to counter against the mighty Mega Knight.
  • Electro Wizard: Effectively counters Sparky and Battle Ram.
  • Mega Knight: With its jumping ability, this card proves exceedingly effective.
  • Royal Ghost: Best utilized as an offensive card.
  • Zap: Ideal for countering Bats, Skeleton Army, and Minions.
  • Poison: When pushing with the Battle Ram, employ the Poison spell on enemy towers.
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3. Electro Wizard Deck for Arena 11

All Wizards in One Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 3.8

For Arena 11 players, the Electro Wizard unlocks, allowing for the creation of this specially crafted deck.

  • Witch: An effective counter against Inferno Dragon and Sparky.
  • Valkyrie: Preferably, wait for defensive support before deploying.
  • Baby Dragon: Be mindful of Musketeer and Wizard, as they can quickly take it down.
  • Mini Pekka: A single shot from the Mini Pekka can dispatch the Electro Wizard effortlessly.
  • Electro Wizard: An exceptional counter against Inferno Dragon and Inferno Tower.
  • Tesla: Interestingly, the Tesla possesses the same range as the Cannon, providing flexibility for deck customization.
  • Goblin Barrel: Always place tank troops on the lane when deploying the Goblin Barrel.
  • Zap: A low Elixir cost spell for added utility.

4. Inferno Dragon Electro Wizard Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.3

The Electro Wizard is the perfect counter against the Inferno Dragon in this deck configuration.

  • Witch: Position the Witch towards the rear of the tower to maximize the production of skeletons.
  • Baby Dragon: Takes care of airborne troops effectively.
  • Inferno Dragon: Pair it with the Mega Knight for optimal results.
  • Goblin Gang: Counters tank troops seamlessly.
  • Electro Wizard: Dispatches troops like Skeleton Army, Bats, Minions, and Minion Horde in a single shot.
  • Mega Knight: Functions as the win condition card.
  • Mirror: Experiment with mirroring the Mega Knight to deploy multiple lanes of attack.
  • Lightning: Strategically place the Lightning spell when numerous troops are near the enemy tower.

5. All Wizards in One Deck

Average Elixir Cost: 4.4

This unique deck incorporates all the wizards Clash Royale has to offer. It may sound like a troll deck, but fear not, as it includes reliable win condition cards like the Hog Rider and Mega Knight.

  • Baby Dragon: When numerous enemy troops fill a lane, deploy the Baby Dragon to inflict area damage.
  • Wizard: Utilize this card primarily for defense.
  • Hog Rider: Our primary win condition card.
  • Ice Wizard: Provides support for the Hog Rider.
  • Inferno Dragon: Assists the Mega Knight in overpowering the opposition.
  • Electro Wizard: Pair it with mini-tank troops to push effectively.
  • Mega Knight: Serves as our secondary win condition card.
  • Fireball: When pushing with the Hog Rider, the Fireball spell is your friend.
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We hope you appreciate these Electro Wizard decks, designed to excel in any arena. Players predominantly employ them in Arena 11 and Arena 12.

Remember, Clash Royale is a captivating strategy game pitting you against a lone opponent.

For a comprehensive list of decks utilizing various Clash Royale cards, be sure to explore List of Decks By Clash Royale Cards.

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