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The Best Enemy Highlight Color Options in Valorant

Enemy Highlight Color customization has been a feature in Valorant since its early beta period. This crucial aspect of the game determines how well you can identify your enemies from a distance. The community has constantly compared different outline options to determine the best enemy highlight color in Valorant.

Ranking The Enemy Highlight Color Options

Before we dive in, it’s important to note that the best highlight color for you might come down to personal preference, such as your reaction time, familiarity, and colorblindness to certain colors.

When choosing the best enemy outline color, consider the following factors:

  • Visibility at long range, including brightness and vibrance
  • Blending consistency with environments
  • Players’ reaction to spotting the color
  • Feedback from top Valorant players

With these factors in mind, let’s take a look at the ranking for all available enemy highlight colors:

1. Yellow (Protanopia/Deuteranopia)

Yellow is the brightest highlight color and is the preferred option for most Valorant pro players like TenZ, Scream, Brax, and HIKO. It stands out the most in any location, making it easier to spot enemies hiding behind walls or in dark corners. The brightness and vibrancy of yellow separate it from the environment, even in yellow-themed maps like Bind, Haven, and Ascent.

However, one drawback is that it might be confusing to differentiate between yellow-themed enemy agents like Killjoy and Raze. This can be overcome by practicing and getting familiar with spotting these agents with yellow as the enemy outline.

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2. Red

Red is the default enemy highlight color and is widely used by both newcomers and veterans. It matches the “enemy” theme color in Valorant and is familiar to most players. It’s fairly vibrant and easy to spot, especially in brighter maps like Split, Bind, and Lotus. However, it may blend in with dark corners of maps like Haven or Ascent.

3. Purple (Tritanopia)

Purple is a unique highlight color that doesn’t offer significant advantages over red or yellow. It’s less bright than the other colors, which can make tracking enemies at long range difficult. However, it is recommended for players with Tritanopia, a condition that affects the ability to differentiate between blue and yellow.

Overall, purple looks appealing and unique but doesn’t have outstanding tactical qualities. Its lack of contrast and brightness means it may blend in with certain backgrounds and agents.

Which Enemy Highlight Color Should You Choose

Choosing the best enemy highlight color ultimately depends on personal preference. Just like sensitivity or crosshair settings, the best color is the one that stands out the most to you during gameplay. It’s important to avoid having an enemy outline color that matches your crosshair color to prevent confusion.

To change the enemy highlight color in Valorant, go to the Settings menu, click on the General tab, and select your preferred color from the drop-down menu.

In conclusion, test out all the outline options and choose the one that feels most visible and comfortable for you. Don’t try to replicate a specific pro player’s setup, as their preferences are based on personal bias. Trust your instinct and choose the enemy highlight color that will help you secure easier kills.

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