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5 Best Jungle Champions to Master for One-Tricking


Playing as a jungler in League of Legends can be both challenging and rewarding. If you’re looking to climb the ranks and escape the ELO trap, mastering a specific champion and becoming a one-trick pony might be the key to your success. In this article, we’ll explore the top five jungle champions that you should consider one-tricking, based on their effectiveness and suitability for carrying games.

5. Viego – The Ultimate Simp


Viego, known as the ultimate simp, might not have the most impressive appearance, but don’t let that discourage you. This champion offers tremendous carrying potential. With his passive ability, “Sovereign’s Domination,” Viego can possess the bodies of his fallen opponents, gaining health and becoming temporarily invulnerable. His W ability, “Spectral Maw,” allows him to CC enemies, while his E ability, “Harrowed Path,” grants him invisibility. Lastly, his R ability, “Heartbreaker,” enables him to escape possessed bodies and explode in a designated area.

Why Viego Is Ideal for One-Tricking

  • Low ban rate and pick rate, making him readily available for one-tricks.
  • Solo carry potential, even when slightly behind.
  • Dominates the mid to late game, allowing for hard-carrying performances.
  • Invulnerability while possessing opponents’ bodies.
  • Excellent objective control.
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4. Lee Sin – The Monk with Beach Vibes

Lee Sin

Lee Sin, the monk with unparalleled vision, is a champion that requires skill and finesse to master. Despite his high difficulty level, once you become proficient with him, victories will come pouring in. Lee Sin’s versatility allows him to excel in both jungle clearing and ganking, provided you can hit your skill shots. His Q ability, “Sonic Wave/Resonating Strike,” grants him mobility. His W ability, “Safeguard/Iron Will,” aids in protecting teammates. His E ability, “Tempest/Cripple,” disrupts opponents, and his R ability, “Dragon’s Rage,” can kick enemies towards your team.

Why Lee Sin Is Ideal for One-Tricking

  • Agile and quick, making him one of the most mobile junglers.
  • Strong early and mid-game presence, transitioning into a supportive role in the late game.
  • Easy ganking potential, leading to kills or assisting teammates.
  • Diverse combinations of abilities for exciting and effective plays.
  • Low pick rate and win rate, ensuring regular opportunities to play as him.

3. Rengar – The Rabid Cat


Rengar, the ferocious predator, is a nightmare to face, regardless of the champion you’re playing. His passive ability allows him to cast his Q, W, or E multiple times, enhancing their potency. Rengar’s Q ability, “Savagery,” is an empowered auto-attack, while his W ability, “Battle Roar,” grants him healing and CC removal when empowered. His E ability, “Bola Strike,” throws a net, and his R ability, “Thrill Of The Hunt,” grants invisibility and a leap onto enemies.

Why Rengar Is Ideal for One-Tricking

  • High damage output at any stage of the game, even when behind.
  • Exceptional mobility.
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master, resulting in valuable LP gains.
  • Ability to recast an ability after fully stacking his passive.
  • Versatility in itemization, allowing for different playstyles.
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2. Kayn – The Schizophrenic


Kayn, the champion with a split personality, offers unique gameplay mechanics that make him an exciting choice for one-tricking. Kayn’s passive enables him to transform into either a bruiser or an assassin, depending on whether he targets melee or ranged champions. His red form provides tankiness and sustain, while his blue form emphasizes high damage. Kayn’s Q ability, “Reaping Slash,” deals AoE AD damage, and his W ability, “Blade’s Reach,” either knocks opponents up or slows them down. His E ability, “Shadow Step,” allows him to move through walls, and his R ability, “Umbral Trespass,” allows him to enter and damage his target.

Why Kayn Is Ideal for One-Tricking

  • Two distinct forms, each excelling in different situations.
  • Red form offers frontline tankiness, while blue form provides assassination potential.
  • Invulnerability during ultimate ability usage, perfect for diving under turrets.
  • Excellent jungle clearing with abilities like E and Q.
  • Effective ganking potential to support teammates and secure victories.

1. Zac – The Bouncy Tank


Zac, the champion who leaves a lasting impression, is an ideal choice for jungle one-tricks. With his unique sound effects created from unconventional sources, Zac stands out both visually and gameplay-wise. Zac’s Q ability, “Stretching Strikes,” lets him knock-up and stun multiple targets. His W ability, “Unstable Matter,” deals magical damage in an area. His E ability, “Elastic Slingshot,” enables him to engage from a long distance. Lastly, his R ability, “Let’s Bounce!,” allows him to bounce multiple times, throwing enemies into the air.

Why Zac Is Ideal for One-Tricking

  • Easy to learn and play, perfect for beginners to quickly grasp.
  • A tank jungler dealing AP damage.
  • Unique passive that allows him to resurrect after dying once, making him difficult to shut down.
  • Abundance of crowd control abilities, valuable in team fights.
  • Blobs from his W ability provide healing, ensuring sustainability in the jungle.
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One-tricking a champion can significantly boost your performance in the jungle and lead to more victories. Consider mastering champions like Viego, Lee Sin, Rengar, Kayn, or Zac to dominate the rift. Embrace their unique abilities, adapt to different situations, and pave your way to success.

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