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Nasus Wild Rift Build & Guide


This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of Nasus in Wild Rift, including his abilities and optimal build. Nasus is a powerful champion who excels in the late game, but his early game can be challenging. By mastering his abilities and strategic playstyle, you can dominate the battlefield and lead your team to victory.

Understanding Nasus’s Abilities:

Innate: Soul Eater

Nasus’s innate ability, Soul Eater, grants him a significant amount of physical vamp. This passive synergizes well with his primary ability, Siphoning Strike, allowing him to sustain his weak early game. When Nasus is stacked up, the high damage from Siphoning Strike provides substantial healing.

Q | 1st Ability: Siphoning Strike

Siphoning Strike is Nasus’s signature skill and the key to his late-game dominance. This ability has the potential to two-shot opponents if left unchecked. However, Nasus’s early game is relatively weak, so it’s important to focus on last-hitting using Siphoning Strike. This ability can be tempting to use for trading with enemies, but it’s generally unwise to sacrifice stacks for short-term damage. Instead, freezing your lane and unleashing your wrath in the mid to late game is the wisest strategy. Remember to prioritize last-hitting the cannons with Siphoning Strike to gain double stacks.

W | 2nd Ability: Wither

Wither is an underrated ability that slows down the attack speed and movement speed of the target enemy for a significant duration. When under pressure near your tower, calling for a gank and using Wither can easily result in a takedown of an overextended opponent. In the late game, it’s crucial to reserve Wither for the enemy’s ADC to reduce their damage output. This ability allows you to 1v1 any ADC in the late game and come out on top.

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E | 3rd Ability: Spirit Fire

Spirit Fire deals area-of-effect damage and reduces the armor of affected targets. In the early game, this ability is essential for managing waves when you are pushed into your tower. It can also be used to last-hit cannons if you are being zoned away. In the mid and late game, use Spirit Fire to clear waves quickly and combine it with Wither to deal more damage with your Siphoning Strike during duels.

R | Ultimate: Fury of the Sands

Fury of the Sands is Nasus’s ultimate ability, granting him increased health, armor, and magic resist. It also provides an immolation effect that deals magic damage to nearby enemies based on their current health. Additionally, it reduces the cooldown of Spirit Siphon by half. When engaging in team fights, use Fury of the Sands strategically. Avoid waiting too long and activate it when you have more than 70% health to make the most out of its effects. This ultimate ability has the potential to turn the tides of battle, allowing you to stomp out opponents or create space for your team to push and secure objectives.


Nasus is a formidable champion in Wild Rift, especially in the late game. By understanding his abilities and implementing strategic gameplay, you can harness his full potential and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Remember to focus on last-hitting with Siphoning Strike, utilize Wither to control your enemies, use Spirit Fire to manage waves efficiently, and make smart use of Fury of the Sands in team fights. With practice and experience, you’ll become a feared Nasus player and lead your team to victory.

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