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Destiny 2 Different Times: God Rolls and How to Obtain Them

Our first-ever Strand pulse rifle, Different Times, has taken the gaming world by storm. With its craftable nature, incredible perk combinations, and visually appealing design, there’s every reason for you to actively pursue this weapon, regardless of your play style.

In this article, we will delve into how to obtain Different Times, where it stands in the meta, and explore the highly coveted god rolls that will make you forget about its Reckoning counterpart (sorry, Outlast).

How Exceptional is Different Times?

For those unaware, pulse rifles are currently all the rage. They received a significant buff last season in PvE, propelling them from being underpowered to becoming top picks. This is separate from exotic rifles like Outbreak or Revision Zero. Moreover, as a Strand weapon, Different Times can take advantage of any perk or fragment that provides Unraveling rounds. This feature transforms it into an anti-Barrier weapon on command. With perks like Hatchling and Golden Tricorn, it can truly showcase its potential in various scenarios.

In PvP, pulse rifles continue to dominate the meta. Being a rapid-fire weapon, Different Times encourages a more aggressive playstyle compared to other pulse frames. This attribute becomes a boon in a world where SMGs remain the number one choice week after week. However, it’s worth noting that the overall stats of Different Times are slightly inferior to those of its counterparts. Hence, it is recommended as a fallback option when alternatives are unavailable.

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Here are some of the best alternatives:

  • Autumn Wind: Rapid-Fire, Legendary, Primary, Kinetic, Free-to-Play
  • Piece of Mind: Rapid-Fire, Legendary, Primary, Kinetic, The Witch Queen
  • PvPVox Obscura: Season 16, Kinetic, Craftable

Best Different Times Rolls for PvE and PvP

Different Times PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Smallbore
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell or Appended Mag
  • Perk 1: Outlaw or Subsistence
  • Perk 2: Hatchling or Multikill Clip
  • Masterwork: Stability or Reload

Pulse rifles are excelling in PvE activities, and Different Times clearly showcases this prowess. While the Origin Trait leans more towards PvP, the perks are the real attention-grabbers. Before we explore those, it’s essential to address some of the stats that may be underwhelming. Smallbore can provide a small boost to range and stability, while Flared Magwell ensures faster reloads and additional stability. Alternatively, you can opt for Appended Mag to increase the burst count, allowing you to utilize a different weapon mod.

Column 3 offers a slightly limited pool of usable perks. However, Subsistence or Outlaw are the standout choices. Free ammo or a swift reload complements the damage perk perfectly. Golden Tricorn is a must-have perk if you use Different Times with a Strand subclass. Multikill Clip or Collective Action are excellent options for a more subclass-agnostic approach. Additionally, the coveted Hatchling perk pairs nicely with Outlaw, as both require precision kills to activate. Determining the best Column 4 perk can be a challenging task!

Different Times PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Break
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds
  • Perk 1: Heating Up or Moving Target
  • Perk 2: Headseeker or Multikill Clip
  • Masterwork: Stability or Reload
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In PvP, pulse rifles continue to hold their ground in the meta. Although the focus has shifted slightly towards SMGs, pulses, including Different Times, show no signs of losing popularity. Recoil, range, and stability are the primary stats players aim to boost in these weapons. Fortunately, Different Times offers Arrowhead Break and Ricochet Rounds as options. These perks provide a substantial increase in all three stats, allowing for smooth and precise takedowns. Depending on whether you prioritize consistency or slightly better engagement distance, a Range or Stability Masterwork is recommended.

For Column 3 perks, Moving Target or Heating Up are ideal choices. While we may lack the illustrious Rapid-Hit perk, Heating Up can serve as a worthy substitute by enhancing stability and recoil control. Moving Target, on the other hand, proves invaluable when dealing with evasive opponents. As for Column 4, most players would choose Headseeker without hesitation. It has become a must-have perk for pulse rifles due to recent improvements. Alternatively, if extra damage is your preference, Multikill Clip will not disappoint.

How to Obtain Different Times this Season

Different Times drops from Season of the Deep activities: Salvage and Deep Dives. To access these activities, you must complete the intro quest for the season and access them through the H.E.L.M. Using Salvage or Deep Dive keys at the end of each respective activity will enhance your rewards. For a more challenging experience, gather two friends and attempt higher-level Deep Dives. Completing challenges within these activities will unlock better rewards. If you give it your all, you might even earn several weapons, including those with red borders!

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Additionally, you can use Deep Weapon Focusing on your Deep Engrams at the Sonar Station to guarantee your desired weapon. To focus a Deep Engram, you will need:

  • 2 Deep Engrams (4 for a specific weapon)
  • 3,000 Glimmer

Is Different Times Worth Farming?

Rapacious Appetite is an exceptional pulse rifle and, most importantly, the sole Strand Pulse rifle in the game. That alone makes it worth chasing. If you’re interested in obtaining more top-tier Season of the Deep weapons, be sure to check out The Navigator Trace rifle or Rapacious Appetite. Both weapons are gaining significant popularity this season.

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