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Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022: A Comprehensive Guide to the Something New Hand Cannon

The latest addition to Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes 2022 event, the Something New Hand Cannon, may not be a standout weapon, but it has its charms. It doesn’t excel in either PvE or PvP, but with the right god roll, it becomes a viable option for both playstyles. Whether you’re battling it out in the Crucible or engaging in other activities, a well-rolled Something New can hold its own without requiring constant builds changes.

Something New Hand Cannon PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Opt for Arrowhead Break or Corkscrew Rifling. Arrowhead Break is particularly useful due to the Something New’s recoil, providing much-needed control. Additionally, the handling bonus is a nice touch. On the other hand, Corkscrew Rifling strikes a balance with moderate boosts to stability, handling, and range.

  • Magazine: Choose between Ricochet Rounds and Extended Magazine. Ricochet Rounds offers significant bonuses to range and stability, addressing the weapon’s need for better controllability. Alternatively, Extended Magazine grants three extra bullets, extending the active time of the Something New. However, be mindful that it slows down reload speed considerably. Pairing it with a specific first-slot trait can help mitigate this issue.

  • PvE Trait 1: Consider Feeding Frenzy, Triple Tap, or Wellspring. Feeding Frenzy substantially aids the lengthy four-second reload time of the Something New, while Triple Tap extends its damage uptime. Wellspring serves as a good third option if maintaining your Super availability is a priority.

  • PvE Trait 2: Opt for Demolitionist or Headstone. Demolitionist provides passive Grenade buffs that complement almost any build, while Headstone shines in activating powerful Stasis builds.

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Something New Hand Cannon PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Stick with the PvE choices mentioned above, as they work well for PvP too.

  • Magazine: Swap out Extended Mag for Appended Mag in PvP. This change allows you to keep the reload speed of the Something New intact while only losing one bullet in the magazine.

  • PvP Trait 1: Consider Wellspring or Tunnel Vision. While there aren’t many outstanding options for PvP in Trait 1, Tunnel Vision makes landing a second kill much easier with its additional Aim Assist and Handling.

  • PvP Trait 2: Choose between Demolitionist or Multikill Clip. Having a powered Grenade ability is always beneficial, but the real game-changer is the 17% damage buff from Multikill Clip after a kill. If you manage to secure two kills in a single magazine, the buff increases to 33%.

The Something New Hand Cannon may not be the most impressive weapon in the Destiny 2 loot pool, especially if you prefer specialized PvE or PvP options like Fatebringer or Austringer. However, it still serves as a reliable catch-all choice. If you’re interested in more Solstice-related topics, check out our Destiny 2 guides hub, where we cover Candescnet Armor, Silver Leaves, and more.

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