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Destiny 2 TTK Chart: Time-to-Kill Values for PvP Weapons

TTK Calculator

Almost all your needs can be met with the TTK table provided above. However, if you want to delve deeper into specific weapons or situations, you can utilize the TTK Comparison Tool. This tool closely resembles a Destiny 2 TTK Calculator, allowing you to customize parameters such as:

  • Player Crit Accuracy (in %)
  • Opponent Resiliency Tier (ranging from 1 to 10)
  • Opponent HP (hit points)

To use the tool, you will need to make a copy of the Google sheet for your own use.

TTK Formulas

While there is no need to calculate TTK values manually, as Mercules has already done the work for you, here are the formulas if you are curious:

  • For Constant Rate of Fire weapons: (Shots to kill – 1) * (60 sec / Game Rate of Fire)
  • For Burst Rate of Fire weapons: [Frames to kill – Frames per Bullet – Frames between Burst – Frames between Bullets – (Uneven Burst Frames to Kill * Uneven Burst Frame Correction)]

These formulas are applicable not only to Destiny 2 but also to other modern first-person shooters.

Best TTK Exotics

The TTK values for most Exotic primary weapons can be found in the chart above, as they share the same base damage profile as their Legendary counterparts. However, some Exotics exhibit significantly lower TTK figures. Here are the most requested Exotics:

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No Time to Explain TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.20 seconds

Tarrabah TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.0 seconds

Huckleberry TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.0 seconds

Coldheart TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.67 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 0.93 seconds

Vigilance Wing TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.7 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.20 seconds

Dead Man’s Tale TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.8 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.63 seconds

Ace of Spades TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.87 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.30 seconds

Crimson TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.87 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.43 seconds

Graviton Lance TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 1.0 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 1.87 seconds

Lastly, while not technically an Exotic, the Messenger Pulse rifle boasts one of the best perks in the game:

Desperado TTK:

  • Optimal TTK: 0.47 seconds
  • Body Shot TTK: 0.8 seconds

TTK and Ease of Use

Merely evaluating TTK values would be a mistake. Equally significant is a weapon’s ease of use.

The game’s meta is determined by both TTK (lethality) and ease of use (forgiveness). The best PvP weapons in Destiny 2 strike a balance between both.

No Time to Explain Destiny 2 Full V2

But what does “meta” mean, exactly? Meta refers to the most frequently used weapons for a specific activity. Typically, these weapons are popular because they deliver the highest power or efficiency.

Three scenarios come to mind:

  1. A weapon with a fast TTK and high ease of use instantly becomes part of the meta and attracts many users. For instance, 600 RPM Auto rifles currently fit this description.
  2. A weapon with a fast TTK but low ease of use (offering little forgiveness) might only excel in the hands of a skilled player. Redrix’s Broadsword is one such example.
  3. A weapon with a slow TTK and low ease of use barely sees any use. Precision frame Scout rifles are a prime example.
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“Ease of use” refers to a combination of factors such as a weapon’s optimal crit percentage and numerical stats like stability, range, aim assist, and zoom, as stated by Mercules.

In conclusion, when choosing a weapon, it is essential to consider TTK values, crit percentages, overall stats, and align them with your playstyle.

What about Special and Heavy Weapons’ TTKs?

Mercules’ original Google sheet includes data and TTK values for every weapon in the game, including Special and Heavy ammo weapons and Exotics.

However, the vast majority of Special and Heavy weapons used in PvP have the ability to eliminate guardians in a single shot. This is why shotguns and sniper rifles are so widely utilized. Consequently, we have excluded these types of weapons from this review.

The Last Word

Experienced PvP players possess a good understanding of the current PvP meta and, by extension, TTK values. However, if all of this is new to you, here’s how you can leverage these values to your advantage:

You should always use the weapons you like the most and/or have the most fun with.

That being said, the lower the TTK of a weapon archetype, the more lethal it can be. If you seek a competitive advantage, these figures should guide you towards the most effective weapons available.

Latest Changes

Destiny 2 undergoes rapid changes, particularly when it comes to the game’s sandbox (and consequently, the Meta, DPS, and TTK values). Major sandbox changes occur approximately once per season.

The changes introduced this season include:

  • Introduction of new Exotic archetypes, some featuring brand-new damage archetypes.
  • Buffs or nerfs to certain weapon types. You can read more about these changes here.
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