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Where to Find the Aspect of Torment: A Guide to Diablo 4

The world of Diablo 4 is filled with powerful Legendary Aspects, and one of the most coveted among them is the Necromancer’s Aspect of Torment. If you’re wondering where to find it and what it can do for you, you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need.

Legendary Aspects and their Power

In Diablo 4, Legendary Aspects offer incredible buffs to enhance your builds. These powerful abilities can be extracted from one item and applied to another. Whether it’s increasing elemental damage with specific weapons or boosting critical strike chances, these Aspects grant a wide range of abilities. With such a variety available, there’s sure to be an Aspect that suits your playstyle.

The Quest for the Aspect of Torment

Today, we’ll focus on the highly sought-after Aspect of Torment in Diablo 4. This Legendary Aspect possesses immense power and potential, but it must be sought out. Knowing that the world of Sanctuary can be vast and perilous, our guide will provide you with a speedy walkthrough to help you on your way.

Black Asylum Dungeon Location in Diablo 4

How to Obtain the Aspect of Torment

To acquire the Aspect of Torment in Diablo 4, you have two options. Firstly, you can extract it from any Legendary Gear that happens to contain it. Secondly, and most likely, you can complete the Black Asylum Dungeon. Let’s focus on the latter and provide you with a quick and foolproof walkthrough:

  1. Head to the region known as Fractured Peaks.
  2. The Dungeon awaits just a couple of clicks northeast of Kyovashad in the Frigid Expanse.
  3. Once inside the Dungeon, explore it thoroughly and locate two Gate Winches. Make sure to activate each of them.
  4. After unlocking the passage, venture into the Haunted Cellblock.
  5. Engage and defeat all enemies until you come face-to-face with The Undying, a formidable foe.
  6. If you emerge victorious from this encounter, you will be rewarded with the Aspect of Torment.
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Description of Aspect of Torment in Diablo 4

Unleashing the Power of the Aspect of Torment

So, what exactly does the Aspect of Torment bring to the table in Diablo 4? This Aspect holds special significance for cunning Necromancers, as it enables the enhancement of their Bone builds. By leveraging this power, Necromancers can continuously unleash devastating attacks.

When equipped, the Aspect of Torment triggers a powerful effect: “Critical Strikes with Bone Skills increase your Essence Regeneration by [20 – 30]% for 4 seconds.” This means that if your Necromancer relies heavily on Bone skills, such as the formidable Bone Spear, the Aspect of Torment’s significant boost to Essence Regeneration can keep you attacking for a prolonged period of time – as long as you keep landing critical hits.

By utilizing this ability, you can focus on wielding potent Bone Skills without resorting to standard attacks (unless you choose to). Each critical strike you land will accelerate the speed of your Essence regeneration. For optimal results, consider combining this power with items that amplify your critical attacks. This synergy will create a build capable of relentless assaults with bone-infused death!

To maximize the potential of the Aspect of Torment, we recommend infusing it into an Amulet. This amplifies its power by 50% compared to other items, effectively doubling its effectiveness!

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