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Diablo IV Armors: A Comprehensive Guide to Legendary & Unique Sets

In Diablo IV, the armor plays a vital role in protecting your character from enemy attacks. There are five types of armor pieces: Helm, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots. Each piece provides defense, which reduces the damage taken. Additionally, armors can have fixed and random modifiers that influence your character’s stats.

Obtaining armor in Diablo IV can be done in various ways. You can acquire them as drops from defeated enemies or bosses, find them in chests and crates scattered throughout the world and dungeons, purchase them from merchants, or craft them using different materials.

Armors come in different rarities, such as Common, Magic, Rare, Legendary, Ancient Legendary, Set Items, Ancient Sets, Mythic, and Unique. Common items have no additional modifiers, while Magic items have one extra modifier. Rare items have three extra modifiers, and Legendary items can have up to four modifiers. Unique items possess special effects that cannot be altered or replaced. The rarity of items can be influenced by your character’s level progression, with higher rarity items dropping more frequently as you level up.

Set Items are unique armors that offer bonuses when equipped together. By equipping a certain number of pieces from a set, you unlock powerful bonuses that can significantly enhance your character’s abilities. For example, a two-piece set may increase your critical hit chance, while a six-piece set may grant additional damage or defensive bonuses.

You can obtain set items through various means, including monster drops, quest completions, or crafting. Each set has a unique appearance and is typically themed around a specific playstyle or character class, such as melee fighters, spellcasters, or ranged attackers.

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Enchanting is a valuable tool in Diablo IV that allows you to modify unwanted affixes on your gear in exchange for a chance at better stats. By rerolling a specific affix, you can improve Legendary items and transform them into powerful gear. However, once an item is enchanted, it becomes account-bound, and you can only attempt to reroll that same stat in the future.

To enchant rare items, you’ll need Veiled Crystals, which can be obtained by salvaging other rare items. Legendary items, on the other hand, require Fiend Rose. It’s essential to note that some affixes cannot coexist on the same item, so understanding which stats can roll together is crucial to avoid wasting materials. During the enchanting process, you’ll be presented with two new stats to choose from, and you can decide to keep the current affix if you’re unsatisfied with the new options.

Diablo IV Legendary Armors Sets

Legendary armors in Diablo IV consist of two parts: the armor’s name, such as “Adventurer’s Armor,” and the armor’s effect, which is determined by the equipped legendary aspect. For example, an Adventurer’s Armor with the imprinted aspect of the protector becomes the “Adventurer’s Tunic of the Protector.”

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Please note that the images below feature a female sorcerer, but changing classes and genders will result in a distinct appearance of the armor.

Adventurer Armor Set

Adventurer Armor Set

  • Adventurer’s Helm
  • Adventurer’s Tunic
  • Adventurer’s Gloves
  • Adventurer’s Pants
  • Adventurer’s Boots

Boneweave Armor Set

  • Boneweave Armor
  • Boneweave Gauntlets
  • Boneweave Treads

Coven's Armor Set

Coven’s Armor Set

  • Coven’s Cowl
  • Coven’s Raiment
  • Coven’s Gloves
  • Coven’s Trunks
  • Coven’s Slippers

Etched Armor Set

  • Etched Helm
  • Etched Jacket
  • Etched Pants
  • Etched Greaves

Exceptional Armor Set

  • Exceptional Boots

Fur Lined Armor Set

  • Fur Lined Hood
  • Fur Lined Robe
  • Fur-Lined Mitts
  • Fur-Lined Boots

Heavy Armor Set

  • Heavy Boots

Hide Armor Set

  • Hide Tunic
  • Hide Gloves
  • Hide Pants
  • Hide Boots

Highland Armor Set

  • Highland Vestment
  • Highland Handwraps
  • Highland Trousers

Primal Armor Set

  • Primal Breastplate

Runic Armor Set

  • Runic Mail

Starting Armor Set

Starting Armor Set

  • Tunic
  • Gauntlets
  • Pants
  • Treads

Strider Armor Set

Strider Armor Set

  • Strider’s Crown
  • Strider’s Tunic
  • Strider’s Handwraps
  • Strider’s Leggings
  • Strider’s Shoes

Sturdy Armor Set

Sturdy Armor Set

  • Sturdy Hood
  • Sturdy Tunic
  • Sturdy Gloves
  • Sturdy Pants
  • Sturdy Boots

Warlord Armor Set

  • Warlord Boots

Weathered Armor Set

  • Weathered Cover
  • Weathered Tunic
  • Weathered Breaches
  • Weathered Boots

Rings & Amulets

  • Amulet of Pulling Whirlwind (Amulet)
  • Vigo’s Protecting Amulet (Amulet)
  • Ring of Frozen Thought (Ring)
  • Ring of Three Curses (Ring)
  • Writhing Band (Ring)
  • Stone of Jordan (Ring)
  • Loop of Abundant Energy (Ring)
  • Storm Swell Loop (Ring)
  • Loop of Abundant Energy (Ring)

Diablo IV Unique Armors List

Diablo IV Unique Armors List

According to Blizzard, unique items in Diablo IV have fixed affixes, class-specific powers, and distinctive appearances. Here is the complete list of unique armors:

Unique Barbarian Sets

No image available

Unique Druid Sets

No image available

Unique Necromancer Sets

No image available

Unique Rogue Sets

No image available

Unique Sorcerer Sets

No image available

Diablo IV Sacred & Ancestral Armor

To obtain these unique and powerful armors, you need to play the game on tier 3 and tier 4 difficulties. To unlock tier 3, complete the campaign and Cathedral of Light Capstone Dungeon on Veteran difficulty. To unlock tier 4, complete the campaign and Fallen Temple Capstone Dungeon on tier 3 difficulty.

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Once you’re playing on these difficulties, the armors will be random loot drops, similar to other legendary items.

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