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What Is the Rarest Discord Tag?

What Is The Rarest Discord Tag

Discord tags are numeric discriminators consisting of four digits that appear next to usernames. If you wish to stand out or appear more intriguing, you should strive to make your Discord tag more enticing and attention-grabbing. Let our guide assist you in achieving this goal.

What Is Discord Tag?

Discord tags are unique four-digit numbers displayed alongside your username. When you create a Discord account, the username you choose is not used as is. Discord, with its 150 million active users, increases the likelihood of encountering someone with the same username. To avoid confusion, Discord automatically assigns random four-digit numbers to differentiate users.

For example, if your name is “MissCongeniality,” Discord will assign a tag like “MissCongeniality #3930” to distinguish you from others who share the same name. This serves as a convenient way for your friends to locate you in the bustling land of Discord.

You can find your Discord tag next to your avatar on the main screen of Discord.

What Is the Rarest Discord Tag?

Upon creating a Discord account, you are assigned a random four-digit discriminator tag. While you cannot change your Discord tag, you can modify your username. However, to change your Discord tag, you need a Nitro subscription.

With a Nitro subscription, you have the freedom to unleash your creativity by creating unique combinations of discriminators, as long as they haven’t been taken by a user with a similar username. However, this can be challenging due to the vast number of Discord users who have joined the platform since its inception in 2015.

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While it is impossible to determine the rarest Discord tag definitively, we can provide insights into the most sought-after ones. One widely sought-after tag is “#0001,” which was allegedly given to early users during the app’s beta testing phase. As a result, it holds a special place in the hearts of Discord users. People even purchase Nitro subscriptions to obtain this coveted tag.

Naturally, if your username is not unique, it may be challenging to secure the “#0001” tag, as someone with the same username may have already claimed it. In fact, individuals are so determined to obtain unique Discord tags that they are selling their accounts with special tags. Epic Centre and Playerup are platforms where such sales take place.

For instance, on Playerup, you can find Discord accounts with various tags available for purchase at different rates depending on their rarity. Some sellers offer tags like “Doss #1230” and “Ceb #2626” for $49, while others provide tags for as low as $5.

In addition to “#0001,” tags with repeating numbers such as “6666,” “1010,” and “9090” are also highly sought after.


In platforms like Discord, where physical appearance and traits are absent, people compete based on unexpected factors. Discord tags serve as your identity on the platform, and it’s only natural to desire a unique and eye-catching tag. If you have a Nitro subscription, you have the flexibility to create custom Discord tags. Among the most sought-after tags is “#0001,” which captures the attention of users. Other appealing tags consist of repeating numbers like “9999,” “1212,” or “4567.”

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We all strive to stand out and make an impression. On platforms like Discord, our physical attributes are absent, prompting us to compete on unexpected fronts. Discord tags serve as our online identity, and naturally, we all want an exceptional tag to enhance our presence. With the ability to create custom tags through Nitro subscriptions, the pursuit of tags like “#0001” remains constant. Additionally, tags featuring repeating numbers like “9999,” “1212,” or “4567” are equally appealing.

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