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How to Boost your Combat Score | Ultimate Guide


In Tower of Fantasy, your combat effectiveness is measured by your Combat Score (CS). Various factors, such as your wanderer level, weapons, and equipment, contribute to your CS. This guide will show you how to raise your CS and become a formidable warrior in the game.

How to Increase Combat Score

Raise Wanderer Level

Your wanderer level plays a crucial role in determining your CS. By leveling up, you unlock new features and gain access to powerful enhancements that help boost your CS. Prioritize increasing your wanderer level to unlock a world of opportunities.

Power Up Suppressors

Unlock new areas and progress through the game by upgrading your Suppressors. These essential items enhance your stats and contribute to increasing your CS. Don’t underestimate the importance of powering up your Suppressors.

Obtain SSR Characters and Matrices

Boost your CS significantly by obtaining SSR ranked characters and matrices. Save up resources and try your luck to obtain these powerful assets. Equipping an SSR weapon at its base level can considerably increase your CS.

Upgrade and Augment Weapons

Enhance your weapons as soon as you obtain the necessary materials. Prioritize upgrading weapons with higher rarity, as they have a greater impact on your CS. Don’t forget to take advantage of special buffs and increased ATK damage through weapon augmentation.

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Develop Weapon Matrices

Equip compatible weapons with multiple matrices to improve stats and gain an advantage in battle. Enhance your matrices using the required materials to maximize their effects. You can even unlock set bonuses by attaching multiple instances of the same matrix.

Enhance all Equipment

Enhance and equip your equipment and armor to boost your character’s overall stats and CS. While enhancing equipment might have a lower priority due to the scarcity of materials, it’s still essential for improving your combat efficiency.

The Importance of Wanderer Level

Your Wanderer Level determines your character’s progression and overall stats. As you accomplish achievements and gain experience points (EXP), your Wanderer Level increases. This contributes to your CS and unlocks additional game features that aid in raising your CS further.

The Significance of Power Up Suppressors

Suppressors serve as gateways to new areas in Tower of Fantasy. Upgrade your Suppressors by collecting required materials to explore uncharted territories. Powering up your Suppressors not only facilitates game progression but also enhances your stats, increasing your CS.

Obtain SSR Characters and Matrices for a Power Boost

Equipping SSR characters’ weapons and affixing SSR matrices can substantially improve your CS. Even fully upgraded SR weapons can’t match the CS of SSR weapons at their base level. Gambling with your resources might be worth it when it comes to SSR assets.

Upgrade and Augment Weapons for Enhanced CS

Upgrading and augmenting weapons is essential for raising your character’s weapon stats and CS. In addition, these enhancements unlock special skills that enhance your combat experience. Prioritize weapon upgrades to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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Develop Weapon Matrices for an Advantageous Edge

Develop and affix matrices to your weapons for a strategic edge in battle. Matrices offer various effects, such as cooldown reduction, shield generation, and extra damage. Equipping multiple matrices and matching sets can significantly boost your CS.

Enhance all Equipment for Optimal Stats

Enhancing your equipment, including armor, can improve your character’s overall stats and CS. While enhancement materials and better armor might be harder to obtain, don’t neglect this aspect of your combat preparation.

Increasing your Combat Score in Tower of Fantasy is a combination of strategic choices and resource management. By focusing on raising your Wanderer Level, powering up Suppressors, obtaining SSR characters and matrices, upgrading weapons, developing weapon matrices, and enhancing equipment, you can maximize your combat effectiveness. Take control of your journey and reach new heights in combat prowess.

Images courtesy of Tower of Fantasy official website.

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