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Dragon Storm Fantasy Wiki: Ultimate Game Guide for Tips and Tricks


Welcome to the ultimate game guide for Dragon Storm Fantasy! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, this guide has got you covered. In this article, we have compiled a list of pumping tips from top players, developer answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our own secrets for passing the game. With constant updates on the Wise Geek website, make sure to visit us frequently for the latest information.

Table of Contents

  1. Gift Codes (Promotional Codes)
  2. War Guide
  3. Magician Guide
  4. Archer Guide
  5. Guide to Skills and Characteristics of Heroes
  6. How to Level Your Character?
  7. Secrets of Boss Victories
  8. Adventure Tips
  9. Walkthrough Tips

Gift Codes (Promotional Codes)


To enter a promotional code, go to the “Wealth” menu located in the upper right corner of the main screen or through the “Settings” button. Visit the official Facebook page here to find the promotional code. Winners of competitions receive prizes in the form of diamonds, which can be exchanged for in-game items.

War Guide


Warriors are the main shields of the army, with a strong focus on survival and protection. They have a large health reserve and skills that enhance defense and blocking attacks. However, warriors lack control and agility, making them vulnerable to enemy attacks. Utilize skills like Thunder, Wind Attack, Earth Attack, Dragon Attack, and Moon Attack to deal damage and increase blocking and alertness chances.

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Magician Guide


Magicians dominate the battlefield with their control over the elements. They have high damage output, agility, and the ability to prevent opponents from using special abilities. Magicians, though, have low health and need to focus on increasing their basic health points. Icy Wind, Ice Strike, Ice Blizzard, Thunderclap, and Rumble of Thunder are some of the skills you can use to deal damage and increase accuracy and blocking chances.

Archer Guide


Archers are agile and deadly, with strong speed and evasion skills. They have lower health and defense compared to other classes but make up for it with their attack speed and damage output. Use skills like Stream of Arrows, The Illusion of the Wind, Lightning of Horror, Hurricane Strike, and Rain from Arrows to deal damage and enhance evasion and penetration chances.

Guide to Skills and Characteristics of Heroes


Heroes have various characteristics that increase as they level up. These include attack, health points, breaking through, protection, accuracy, evasion, and critical hit. Improved parameters can be enhanced through bonuses from equipment, dragons, satellites, and other interchangeable characteristics.

How to Level Your Character?


Pumping your hero is essential to increasing their combat strength. You can level up your character through various activities such as Towers, Dungeons, and Story Campaigns. Focus on achieving the highest possible combat strength to receive better rewards and progress further in the game. Transmutation and forging equipment can also enhance your hero’s basic parameters.

Secrets of Boss Victories


To ensure victory against powerful bosses, it’s important to pay attention to various factors. In team battles, coordinate with other players, choose dragons and companions wisely, and prioritize attacking and tanking roles. In solo battles, take advantage of manual mode to carefully control your hero’s actions and avoid unnecessary damage. Don’t forget to utilize your skills and call on your dragon for additional support.

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Adventure Tips


Dragon Storm Fantasy offers a wide range of activities to level up your character. The Story Campaign takes you through various chapters and episodes, rewarding you with valuable items. Tower of the Divine Dragon, Solo Dungeons, and Team Dungeons provide challenges and rewards for players of different levels. Limited events like Eternal Battle, Goblin Warehouse, and Quiz offer unique experiences and prizes. Make sure to participate in these adventures daily to maximize your progress.

Walkthrough Tips


To optimize your gameplay experience, pay attention to red circles in the menu. These symbols indicate important functions or actions that can enhance your character or progress in the game. Joining a guild and making friends can provide valuable benefits such as stamina gifts and assistance in completing certain tasks. Always stay updated on limited events and participate to earn extra rewards.

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