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Unleashing the Depths: A Guide to Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon

Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep, the latest dungeon in Season 21, is not for the faint of heart. Located on Titan, this underwater labyrinth poses a daunting challenge even for the most battle-hardened Guardians. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the loot tables, provide a walkthrough of the dungeon, discuss the rewards, share tips and tricks, and even reveal a cheese method to conquer this treacherous abyss.

Dive into the Depths

To begin your descent into the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, you must first pick up the Rise quest from Hawthorne at the Tower. Once you have the quest, access the dungeon through the H.E.L.M interface in the Director. However, don’t be too hasty to jump in. It is crucial to note that the Normal difficulty requires a Power level of 1790, while the Master difficulty demands 1840 Power. Moreover, this dungeon is not included in any Season Pass or content updates, so you will need a Lightfall Dungeon Key (2,000 Silver) to unlock this area and embark on your adventures.

Unearthing Prized Loot

Ghosts of the Deep boasts a wide array of rewards. From Legendary weapons and a brand new Exotic Trace Rifle named “The Navigator” to the Taken King Armor sets and exclusive Emblems, there is something for every Guardian. The dungeon also features special Triumphs that will test your skills. Dive into the loot tables and choose your desired treasures wisely.

Ghosts of the Deep Weapons

Each of the Legendary weapons can be obtained during the final encounter of the dungeon:

  • Cold Comfort: Rocket Launcher (Heavy, Stasis)
  • Greasy Luck: Glaive (Special, Solar)
  • Ecthar: Grenade Launcher (Special, Stasis)
  • New Pacific Epitaph: Grenade Launcher (Special, Solar)
  • Hive Ritual: Submachine Gun (Primary, Solar)
  • The Navigator: Trace Rifle (Special, Unknown)
  • Simmumah ur-Nokru: Unknown

Ghosts of the Deep Armor

As with any dungeon, Ghosts of the Deep rewards Guardians with stunning armor sets for each class:

  • Titan: Helm, Gauntlets, Chest, Legs, Class Item
  • Hunter: Helm, Arms, Chest, Legs, Class Item
  • Warlock: Helm, Arms, Chest, Legs, Class Item
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Solo Adventures and Master Difficulty

For solo players, Ghosts of the Deep presents a greater challenge, especially against the formidable bosses. To overcome these trials, we recommend using the Arbalest or Leviathan’s Breath for the final two encounters. If you seek an exclusive Emblem to add to your collection, our Ghosts of the Deep Solo Flawless run service is just what you need.

Ghosts of the Deep also offers a Master Difficulty for those seeking an even greater test of skill. With a minimum recommended Power level of 1840, you must come prepared with formidable weapons and armor. As more details emerge about the Master’s difficulty, we will keep you informed.

Tips and Tricks for Deep Diving

Ghosts of the Deep can be farmed for unlimited loot with a dedicated Fireteam and a few hours of time. Unlike some dungeons, there are no limitations on the number of runs you can attempt in a week. However, there is a caveat: players are limited to one visit per week to farm The Dungeon Exotic per character.

To successfully farm a specific encounter in the dungeon, follow these steps:

  1. Complete the encounter on your main character.
  2. Intentionally wipe and ask your team to wait.
  3. Switch to another character who hasn’t completed the dungeon that week and rejoin your Fireteam.
  4. Wipe again to set the checkpoint for the second character.

From there, you can repeat the encounter as many times as you desire until the weekly reset. To continue obtaining loot, launch the dungeon with your second character holding the checkpoint, switch to your first character, complete the encounter, and then switch back to your second character to repeat the process.

Cheesing the Depths: Ghosts of the Deep Cheese Method

In Destiny 2, players always find ingenious ways to overcome challenges. The Ghosts of the Deep dungeon is no exception. With the latest cheese method, you can acquire weapons and armor without breaking a sweat. This method ensures an ample supply of ammo and eliminates the risk of team wipes. Follow these steps to succeed:

Bring a Friend

To activate the cheese in Destiny 2 Ghosts of the Deep, you must bring a fellow Guardian and intentionally die to damage the boss. A second Guardian is essential to prevent wipes, so find a reliable partner to journey through the dungeon with you.

Loadout with Witherhoard

Acquire the Witherhoard from the Monument to Lost Lights vendor at the Tower. This versatile weapon is the key to executing the cheese method effectively. Focus on its Exotic Perks, which inflict damage over time with Taken Blight projectiles. Don’t worry about the Catalyst. To ensure an ample supply of Witherhoard ammo, equip two Special Ammo weapons and keep your ammo reserves low. This will grant you 3 Special Ammo every 30 seconds, essentially providing you with infinite Witherhoard ammo for continuous damage.

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Speed Up Damage

Using just one Witherhoard to damage both bosses may take some time, but it is a safe method to defeat Ghosts of the Deep on Master difficulty and obtain valuable loot. For faster damage phases, consider using a Solar Warlock or Void Titan. Build up your Supers by dealing passive damage. Warlocks can employ Empowering Rift or Well of Radiance to boost damage, while Void Titans can deploy Ward of Dawn for Weapons of Light.

Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun

To defeat Ecthar, shoot him with Witherhoard and perish. Upon revival, the damage numbers will replace the dreaded “Immune” sign, allowing you to repeatedly apply Witherhoard’s damage. However, if Ecthar becomes immune again, don’t hesitate to meet your demise once more. During the fight, ads will appear, making Ecthar even more formidable. Dispatch the Acolytes and use damage-resistant mods wisely. It’s crucial not to eliminate all three Blistered Knights, as doing so will cause Ecthar to submerge and prolong the battle. Prepare yourself for a battle with the Hive ghost shell after Ecthar’s defeat to prevent his resurrection. The Witherhoard cheese in Ghosts of the Deep is a reliable method to reach the DPS phase for Ecthar, despite the relentless assault from ads.

Simmumah ur-Nokru, Lucent Necromancer

Simmumah, the final boss of Ghosts of the Deep, is a Lucent Necromancer hell-bent on resurrecting Oryx, the Taken King. However, with the Witherhoard cheese method, defeating Simmumah becomes a breeze. Simply shoot the Wizard with Witherhoard and refrain from using a Finisher on Oryx’s Hive ghost shell. This will prevent the boss room from activating and spawning a multitude of ads and arc attacks from Simmumah. To defeat Simmumah effectively, employ the same strategy as with Ecthar, the Shield of Savathun. Continuously shoot Simmumah with Witherhoard, die, and keep shooting to deal damage. The boss fight will not commence, and Simmumah’s health bar will be absent. You can wait for the boss to collapse or use the D.A.R.C.I. sniper rifle to assess its health and other pertinent details. It may take approximately 20 minutes to defeat Simmumah Ur-Nokru using the Witherhoard method, depending on the weapon buffs obtained through cooperative play. This method guarantees success and secures your Master or Normal Ghosts of the Deep dungeon loot. Destroying Simmumah’s Hive Ghost shell is crucial to prevent the boss from respawning and wasting your precious time.

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Pros and Cons

By repeatedly farming the third and final encounter, players can obtain unlimited loot. Though it takes time to defeat Simmumah Ur-Nokru with Witherhoard and complete the ritual to exterminate three Lucent Hive Light Bearers, the cheese method proves more efficient in terms of time and eliminates the risk of wipes.

Rich Rewards

Upon defeating Simmumah Ur-Nokru, you can access a chest nestled within Oryx’s heart. This chest contains two Legendary items, with Master Difficulty offering additional rewards such as Legendary Shards or Enhancement Prisms. However, the true highlight lies in the legendary loot, which encompasses weapons from Ghosts of the Deep and pieces from the Artifice Armor. Completing the dungeon on Master Difficulty brings you closer to earning the Ghoul title Triumph. The first completion of this dungeon on Master Difficulty awards the Sovereign Triumph for the Ghoul title and the coveted Recalcitrant Host Sparrow. Furthermore, completing the cheese method augments the drop rate of the new Exotic Trace Rifle, The Navigator.

Remember, you can farm the Ghosts of the Deep encounter using the Witherhoard cheese every 20 minutes to obtain two pieces of exceptional loot. Acquire as much Artifice Armor as possible to secure high stat rolls and triple-100 stats with the best mods. Additionally, you can allocate 3 levels to any stat without consuming a single mod level. Time is of the essence, as Bungie may soon patch this exploit.

Exploring the Depths: Secrets and Chest Locations

As you navigate through the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, keep an eye out for secret chests. These hidden treasures can be found between specific encounters:

  • The first secret chest is located between the first and second encounters. After completing the turbine section, descend to the ocean sand and follow the path towards the second encounter. Enter the first cave, proceed forward, and then turn back. Look for a ravine on the right, where the first chest awaits.
  • The second chest lies between the second and third encounters. Defeat the ogre boss and ascend the building beneath it. At the highest point, you will discover the final chest.

Now equipped with the knowledge of the Ghosts of the Deep dungeon, you are ready to embark on this perilous journey. Our Ghosts of the Deep Boosting services provide an effortless way to obtain specific god rolls or desired loot without the arduous grind. Forge your path, claim your rewards, and emerge triumphant from the depths!

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