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Ranking of the Best Lightning Weapons in Elden Ring 2023 (Version 1.10)

In this comprehensive guide for Elden Ring, we will evaluate and rank all the lightning-based weapons from D tier to S tier. Elden Ring features a limited selection of lightning weapons, with only seven dealing lightning damage. Additionally, three of these weapons require the activation of their respective weapon skill to deal lightning damage. Surprisingly, none of these weapons scale with faith. Perhaps future DLCs will introduce lightning weapons with faith scaling. In this guide, we will thoroughly analyze each lightning weapon, highlighting their pros and cons to determine their ranking.

7. Dragon Greatclaw & Dragonclaw Shield (D Tier)

Starting off at number 7, we have the Dragon Greatclaw. Unfortunately, this weapon, along with the Dragonclaw Shield, provides no unique weapon skills despite both being obtained from the draconic trace sentinel boss, which possesses several lightning attacks. Dragon Greatclaw only offers split lightning damage, and its colossal size and slow moveset make it a rather underwhelming weapon. While it does provide increased damage against dragons, this redeeming quality is not enough to lift it from the bottom tier.

6. Stormhawk Axe (C Tier)

The Stormhawk Axe, situated at number 6, initially seems like it should rank higher. However, its weapon skill, Thunderstorm, is easily outclassed by Stormcaller, an enchantment that can be applied to other weapons. When equipped on weapons like Great Axes and Talbots, Stormcaller allows for significantly higher damage output while consuming less FP. Additionally, Stormcaller inflicts more stance damage than the Stormhawk Axe. Despite these drawbacks, the Stormhawk Axe does provide a temporary 120 lightning damage boost, making it eligible for inclusion on this list. However, its short duration and average overall performance prevent it from achieving a higher ranking.

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5. Veteran’s Prosthesis (B Tier)

The Veteran’s Prosthesis, a fist-based weapon, claims the number 5 spot. Fist weapons generally offer impressive DPS (damage per second) and versatile movesets, and this weapon is no exception. Its extended range, combined with slashing and piercing damage types, make its running attacks particularly effective. However, the weapon skill leaves much to be desired. Although it inflicts decent damage and consumes only 10 FP, the initial AOE kick adds little value and, in fact, hinders the weapon skill’s overall effectiveness. Despite this flaw, the Veteran’s Prosthesis remains a decent choice for discerning players.

4. Dragonscale Blade (A Tier)

In fourth place, we have the Dragonscale Blade, a katana that lacks innate lightning damage or passive status effects. To unlock its lightning damage and passive status effect, players must use its weapon skill, Ice Lightning Storm, which consumes 25 FP. This skill initiates a slam-down animation similar to Lightning Slash Azure 4, providing a 45-second bonus of 160 lightning damage and 80 Frost buildup. Furthermore, the Dragonscale Blade inflicts additional damage against dragon-type enemies. Overall, it is a solid weapon, although it requires the use of a buff to unlock its full potential—a drawback absent from other katanas.

3. Dragon Halberd (S Tier)

Ranking in at the third spot is the Dragon Halberd. Similar to the Dragonscale Blade, this weapon needs its weapon skills to unlock lightning damage and frost build-up. However, the Dragon Halberd surpasses its counterpart due to several key factors. Notably, its light attack combo consists of powerful poking attacks that deal considerable piercing damage. Additionally, the heavy attack unleashes a devastating horizontal spin known as the Ash of War Spinning Slash. This skill, which costs a mere 17 FP, is a more cost-effective buff than other weapons offer. By spending 28 FP, players can execute the entire combo, resulting in significant enemy damage and impressive stance damage. Thanks to its exceptional moveset and impactful weapon skills, the Dragon Halberd earns its rightful place in the S tier.

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2. Dragon King’s Cragblade (S Tier)

Our second-ranked weapon is the Dragon King’s Cragblade, narrowly surpassing the Dragon Halberd. Despite the situational Frost effect and limited AOE range of the Dragon Halberd’s weapon skill, the Dragon King’s Cragblade emerges as the preferred choice. For just 28 FP, players can activate the Ash of War Thundercloud Form, which allows for a fully charged attack with infinite reach and incredible speed. This attack boasts impressive poise and stance damage, surpassing that of the Dragon Halberd. In addition, the Dragon King’s Cragblade deals more damage against dragons. With its remarkable moveset, high-damage weapon skill, excellent reach, and incredible poise damage, the Dragon King’s Cragblade secures its place in the upper echelons of Elden Ring’s lightning weapons.

1. Bolt of Gransax (S Tier)

Unsurprisingly, the Bolt of Gransax claims the number one spot for its exceptional performance as a spear weapon. With its piercing damage and potent attacks, it offers the second-longest reach among all spears. The weapon’s Ancient Lightning Spear skill, activated by consuming 25 FP, deals incredible damage and allows players to snipe enemies from a safe distance. When coupled with the Godfreys Icon, the fully charged attack travels at an astonishing speed, making it nearly impossible to dodge. The Bolt of Gransax also inflicts bonus damage against dragons. With its exceptional range, devastating damage output, and strategic advantages, the Bolt of Gransax undoubtedly stands as the best lightning weapon in Elden Ring.


This ranking of Elden Ring’s lightning weapons provides players with valuable insights regarding their strengths and weaknesses. By considering the diverse skillsets and attributes of each weapon, players can make informed decisions about their loadouts. Remember to choose weapons that suit your playstyle and complement your preferred strategy for success in the world of Elden Ring.

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