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How to Obtain the Vexcalibur Destiny 2 – Perfect Roll and Drop Location

Obtaining the Vexcalibur and Completing the Avalon Mission

To initiate the Vexcalibur Quest Walkthrough, head to the EDZ and select The Sludge Landing Zone. From there, proceed directly to The Gulch sector.

Before entering the Gulch zone, you’ll spot a white electric box located above you.

1st Electric Box

Electric Box

Upon acquisition, you’ll receive the Access Code 53-??-??-??-??-?? effect, which lasts for 30 seconds.

To maintain the active buff and replace the question marks with numbers, collect the remaining 5 white electric boxes. Fortunately, all of them are concentrated within one zone.

2nd Electric Box

Electric Box

3rd Electric Box

Electric Box

4th Electric Box

Electric Box
Electric Box

5th Electric Box

Electric Box

6th Electric Box

Electric Box
Electric Box

After collecting all 6 electric boxes, you’ll be bestowed with the Simulated Cave Access buff. Simultaneously, a colossal electrical vortex will manifest in the sky. Beneath it lies the entrance to the cave.

Cave Entrance
Cave Entrance

As you descend into the cave, you’ll encounter a Harpy that grants you access to the Vexcalibur drop location, known as the Avalon Mission.

Note: If you don’t possess the Lightfall expansion, commencing the Avalon Mission won’t be possible.

Access Granted

Though the Avalon Mission Walkthrough may address the question of where to acquire Vexcalibur, it isn’t the swiftest trial. You’ll need to invest a considerable amount of time to obtain this brand-new exotic weapon.

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The mission’s mechanics are relatively straightforward, with the exception of the towers. In proximity to each tower, you’ll encounter 3 symbols: a square, a rhombus, and a triangle.


The primary challenge lies in the specific sequence required to destroy these symbols. Next to each tower, you can find an order of symbols indicating which figures should be eliminated and the sequence in which to do so.

Symbol Order

The only deviation in mechanics occurs during the first boss fight, Data Nullifier. Prior to each Damage Phase, you’ll need to transport particles into a designated tower to reveal a safe zone beneath. You’ll have a limited time to access it, and failure to do so or to find shelter in time will result in death once the timer expires.

When battling Brakion, the final boss, your sole objective will be to destroy the figures in a specific order. No additional mechanics will be present during this confrontation.

After defeating Brakion, follow the Vexcalibur Quest Steps and visit H.E.L.M. to claim your long-awaited reward.


Unlocking the Vexcalibur Catalyst

To acquire the Vexcalibur Catalyst and determine its worth, you must complete the Avalon Mission on Legend Difficulty. Before undertaking this challenge, take note of several crucial discrepancies compared to Regular Difficulty:

  • 1830+ Power Level Requirements: We recommend attempting the mission on Legend Difficulty only after reaching a power level of 1820 on your character.
  • Multiplicity Mode: The number of players in your fireteam affects the enemy difficulty. Due to this modifier, it is advisable to undertake the Avalon Mission on Legend Difficulty as a duo rather than a trio.
  • Galvanized Mode: Enemies possess increased HP and are more resistant to stun. To overcome this obstacle, tailor your loadout to effectively penetrate Void and Arc shields, as you’ll encounter a multitude of enemies wielding them throughout the mission.
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Once you obtain the Catalyst, simply visit the Enclave and apply it to the Vexcalibur.

Similar to Revision Zero, there are multiple Catalysts available for the Vexcalibur, each providing distinct advantages:

  1. Immovable Refit: Deals ranged damage and grants increased weapon energy while stationary with your shield raised.
  2. Robber Refit: Performs a melee final blow to reload the weapon’s magazine from reserves.
  3. Feedback Refit: Blocking damage partially reloads the weapon from reserves.

You can only earn one Catalyst per week by completing the Avalon Mission on Legend Difficulty. As an added bonus for obtaining all Catalysts, you’ll also receive the Scribetrace Exotic Ghost Shell.

If you lack a team to conquer this challenge or simply desire a speedier process, our Vexcalibur Catalyst Boost service is at your disposal. Our professional players will gladly assist you in obtaining the desired Catalyst for this exceptional weapon, ensuring fair prices and guaranteed results.

Is the Vexcalibur Worth It and How to Utilize It

Without a doubt, Vexcalibur Destiny 2 stands as the premier special glaive within the game. Its perks, M1R Distribution Matrix and Perpetual Loophole, are the primary reasons for its superiority, granting a Void Overshield buff simply by blocking any incoming damage.

Furthermore, both the timer and the Overshield reset after eliminating an enemy, allowing for the perpetuation of this buff indefinitely and, most importantly, extending survival time.

Moreover, Vexcalibur is a customizable weapon, enabling you to tailor and enhance it according to your playstyle. We have compiled the optimal perks that constitute the Vexcalibur god roll.

Linear Fusion Rifles such as Cataclysmic and Stormchaser synergize exceptionally well with the Vexcalibur. They deliver overwhelming damage in situations where utilizing Vexcalibur proves challenging due to distance from the enemy or the threat of unavoidable death during a boss’s AoE attack.

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However, Linear Fusion Rifles may prove ineffective in certain scenarios. Vexcalibur excels at dispatching mini-bosses at close range, often sustaining no damage in the process.

Vexcalibur thrives in Void Builds. Pay special attention to the Echo of Exchange, Echo of Persistence, and Echo of Undermining fragments. When combined with Vexcalibur, these fragments facilitate the creation of powerful builds centered around the frequent use of grenades, which can weaken targets. If needed, consider adding the Echo of Instability to acquire Volatile Rounds on your Glaive/Void Heavy Weapon.


Vexcalibur has emerged as an outstanding Exotic Glaive offering versatility and customization. It pairs exceptionally well with a Void Subclass, enabling the creation of unique builds, while also providing a continuous Void Shield buff when used in conjunction with any other subclass.

Although the mission’s secrecy has left many players pondering how to acquire Vexcalibur Destiny 2, unlocking it is relatively straightforward compared to past challenges like obtaining Whisper of the Worm.

We genuinely hope that our Destiny Vexcalibur Review has proven helpful, providing you with the necessary information. We have provided an all-encompassing guide on how and where to find the Vexcalibur in Destiny, as well as highlighting its exceptional qualities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vexcalibur a worthwhile weapon?

Vexcalibur stands as the finest exotic glaive in Destiny 2.

What constitutes the perfect roll for Vexcalibur?

The combination of Auxiliary Reserves, Swap Mag, Short-Action Stock, and Robber Refit perks represents the ideal roll for Vexcalibur.

Is Vexcalibur effective in PvE?

Vexcalibur is an excellent choice for PvE content due to its ability to facilitate unique void builds and its exceptional perks.

Can Vexcalibur be acquired without a Season Pass?

To obtain Vexcalibur, you must possess a Season of Defiance Season Pass.

How do I acquire Vexcalibur?

Completing the Avalon Mission will grant you access to the Vexcalibur.

How do I initiate the Vexcalibur quest in Destiny 2?

To embark on the Vexcalibur quest, head to the Gulch sector in the EDZ. For further details, consult the dedicated section within our article.

Where can I acquire the Vexcalibur Catalyst?

To obtain the Vexcalibur Catalyst, you must complete the Avalon Mission on Legend Difficulty.

How do I start the Vexcalibur Catalyst quest?

The Vexcalibur Catalyst quest becomes available after obtaining the Vexcalibur Exotic Glaive or completing the Avalon Mission on Normal Difficulty.

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