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Lost Ark Paladin Leveling Guide: Tips and Tricks for Quick Leveling

If you’re aiming to level up your Paladin swiftly in Lost Ark and need some guidance, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll provide you with all the tips and tricks you need to know for Paladin leveling in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Paladin Leveling: The Importance of the Paladin Class

The Paladin is a support class character in Lost Ark and plays a crucial role in end-game content. Because of their significance, it’s crucial to level up your Paladin quickly.

To assist you in speeding up the leveling process, we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks, including the best skills and tripods to use at each level.

Best Skills for Paladin Leveling

When leveling up a character, skill selection is of utmost importance. Choosing the right skills will allow you to progress swiftly through missions and quests, facilitating efficient XP farming.

Despite being a support-based class, the Paladin possesses excellent offensive skills that are perfect for leveling. Below, we’ve listed the top skills you should focus on to level up your Paladin as quickly as possible.

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Level 12: Charge

At level 12, allocate 4 points to the Charge skill. This skill, known as Punish, enhances your mobility, making dungeon navigation a breeze.

The recommended tripod for this skill is Excellent Mobility, which will greatly benefit your Paladin in the long run as you strive for XP farming.

Level 15-16: Flash Thrust

From levels 15 to 16, invest 20 points into Flash Thrust. This skill provides your first AoE damage capability, allowing you to eliminate multiple enemies at once.

The recommended tripod for this skill is Law of the Jungle.

Level 19-20: Punishment

From levels 19 to 20, put 20 points into Punishment. This target skill surprisingly packs a powerful punch even at an early stage, significantly increasing your damage output.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Swift Fingers and Divine Punishment.

Level 25-26: Flash Thrust (Enhanced)

From levels 25 to 26, invest 48 points in Flash Thrust to significantly boost your damage output. This will enable you to effortlessly clear dungeons and complete raids with your Paladin.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Law of the Jungle, Flash Enhancement, and Chain Attack.

Level 30-32: Executor’s Sword

From levels 30 to 32, invest 48 points into Executor’s Sword. This offensive skill works well in both single-target and AoE situations.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Stigmata, Challenger’s Will, and Broad Slash.

Level 36: Holy Explosion

At level 36, invest 20 points in Holy Explosion. This will become your primary AoE damage skill for the time being.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Swift Fingers and Wide Explosion.

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Level 40-41: Holy Sword

From levels 40 to 41, reallocate 16 points from Holy Explosion to invest 48 points into Holy Sword.

Holy Sword delivers outstanding burst damage to single targets, followed by linear AoE damage.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Stigmata, Weak Point Detection, and Condensed Energy.

Level 45: Execution of Justice

Upon reaching level 45, redistribute the 16 points back into Holy Explosion and invest 20 points into Execution of Justice. This skill greatly aids in AoE clearing.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Rune Prison and Strength Release.

Level 48-50: Holy Explosion (Enhanced)

From levels 48 to 50, maximize Holy Explosion by investing 48 points into it. This will unlock your Paladin’s full potential for AoE damage.

The recommended tripods for this skill are Swift Fingers, Wide Explosion, and Prepared Explosion.

Paladin Leveling Tips and Tricks

Now that you’re familiar with the essential skills for Paladin leveling, let’s delve into some tips and tricks to maximize your XP gains with the Paladin.

Forget Support Skills

While Paladins are known for their support abilities, it’s crucial to set aside support skills during leveling.

Focusing on support skills instead of damage-oriented skills can make defeating enemies, clearing dungeons, and completing raids significantly more challenging. This will ultimately impede your XP gains. Save the utilization of support skills for end-game content. For now, prioritize leveling up your Paladin.

Focus on Ranged Attacks

Compared to other classes, the melee skills of the Paladin may be underwhelming. Therefore, prioritize ranged attacks during battles.

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Let the melee classes handle close-quarters combat while you contribute by attacking enemies from a distance.

Utilize Burst Damage Skills

As mentioned earlier, the Paladin’s melee damage is not particularly impressive, so continue investing your points in burst damage skills.

These skills allow you to dispatch enemies swiftly, enhancing your leveling efficiency.

Prioritize the Main Story

To expedite Paladin leveling, focus solely on the main story quests, disregarding side quests.

Main story quests offer the most XP, making them the key to rapid level progression. Once you reach level 50, you can then start completing side quests.

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll have your Paladin leveling up swiftly and efficiently in no time.


I hope this guide helps you on your Paladin leveling journey in Lost Ark! Happy leveling!

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