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A Comprehensive Guide to Completing the Fields of Ruin Quest in Diablo 4


When you arrive at The Downs area in Diablo 4, you’ll encounter the Fields of Ruin quest. This quest requires you to place ward stones and defeat a quest boss, but the description doesn’t provide specific instructions. To help you out, we have prepared a complete walkthrough guide for the Fields of Ruin side quest in Diablo 4.

How to Complete the Fields of Ruin Quest

If you prefer to tackle the quest with a bit less guidance, here are the key points and quest rewards. We’ll provide more detailed instructions in the walkthrough below.

  • Speak to Phelan in Blycroft to initiate the quest.
  • Collect the ward stones near Phelan’s house.
  • Place the three ward stones.
  • Summon and defeat Blackhorn.
  • Deliver Blackhorn’s head to Phelan.
  • Quest Rewards: Item cache, gold and XP based on your level, and +20 Scosglen renown.

Fields of Ruin Quest Walkthrough

Guide to The Fields of Ruin quest Phelan map
Screenshot by GameSkinny

To begin the Fields of Ruin quest, you must first converse with Phelan in the Blycroft area. This quest becomes immediately available upon entering the area and has no prerequisites. Phelan will request your assistance in dealing with the attacks plaguing the fields by placing protective ward stones.

After accepting the quest, locate the ward stones near Phelan’s house. Your main map and mini-map will display markers indicating their positions.

Placing the Ward Stones in Fields of Ruin

Three wardstone locations in The Fields of Ruin quest
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Once you possess the ward stones, it’s time to position them. Search areas will appear on your map, but the precise locations remain a mystery. I discovered the first ward stone in the southwest corner of the west field. The remaining two can be found in the north and southeast corners of the east field.

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How to place a wardstone in The Fields of Ruin quest
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Interact with the designated placement areas to successfully position the ward stones. When all three ward stones are in place, you must summon Blackhorn. It’s time to prepare for a challenging battle.

Finding Blackhorn

Blackhorn's location on the map in The Fields of Ruin quest
Screenshot by GameSkinny

A new search area will appear on your map, indicating that Blackhorn is within it. To summon Blackhorn, eliminate the Blood Clan Khazra until the progress bar on the right side of your screen is full. Once complete, Blackhorn will appear as a boss symbol on your map. Journey to Blackhorn’s location and defeat him to obtain his head for Phelan.

Blackhorn fight in The Fields of Ruin quest
Screenshot by GameSkinny

Blackhorn is Fire Enchanted and Explosive, so expect to endure fire damage during the battle. If needed, a healing well is available in the vicinity to replenish your potions. After defeating Blackhorn, his head will drop as loot. Return to Phelan and hand over Blackhorn’s head to complete the quest. Your rewards include an item cache, gold, and XP tailored to your level, as well as a +20 Scosglen renown boost.

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