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“Friends vs Friends” Character Tier List: Expert Strategies and Rankings

Are you struggling to choose the right character to play in the popular game “Friends vs Friends”? Look no further! In this comprehensive tier list, we’ll provide you with a breakdown of each character’s strengths and weaknesses at launch. Please note that this list may be subject to change as the game updates and opinions evolve.

Understanding the “Friends vs Friends” Tier List

Before we dive into the rankings, it’s important to note that the characters within each tier are not listed in any particular order. With that said, let’s explore the best characters in “Friends vs Friends” and what makes them stand out.

S Tier: Unstoppable Powerhouses

Haru – The Mobile Ace

In an arena shooter game like “Friends vs Friends,” mobility reigns supreme. Haru excels in this department, making it incredibly difficult for opponents to land hits. His agility also grants him a significant advantage against characters like Sable, whose cheesy tactics can be countered by Haru’s speed. Furthermore, Haru’s versatility allows players to build their deck based on personal playstyle and preferred win conditions.

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Lars – The Explosive Connoisseur

Explosives play a pivotal role in this game, and Lars knows how to take full advantage of them. With their devastating damage output, explosives can secure victories, especially in higher levels of play. Lars’ unique ability renders a large portion of the opponent’s deck useless, ensuring that the explosive attacks don’t harm him. Consider equipping Lars with various explosives to unleash chaos and gain an upper hand against unsuspecting foes.

Moose – The Clever Jumper

Similar to Haru, Moose possesses exceptional mobility that grants him access to hidden routes and rotations on the map. With his double jump ability, Moose can outmaneuver opponents, deliver surprise attacks, and minimize the damage taken in return. Mastering the art of double jumping and using it strategically will undoubtedly frustrate your adversaries. Like Haru, Moose offers deck-building flexibility, enabling players to tailor their win conditions according to their preferences.

A Tier: Solid Contenders

Duck Anderson – The Tactical Healer

Duck Anderson stands out from the crowd due to his unique healing ability. This burst of health in the midst of a fight can catch opponents off guard and disrupt their expectations. Mental gameplay plays a significant role in “Friends vs Friends,” and exploiting your opponent’s assumptions can turn the tide of battle. Additionally, Duck Anderson’s free card every round allows players to check for counters and equip win conditions without worry. With a slight health advantage, Duck is a well-rounded character that accommodates various deck-building strategies.

Sable – The Katana Master

Sable’s katana brings annoyance to the battlefield, and mastering its usage is key to success. By spacing out reloads and honing your aim, the katana can deliver devastating blows in most rounds. However, be cautious of tough matchups against Haru and Lars, as their abilities and certain cards can easily shut down Sable’s offense. Construct a well-rounded deck for Sable, including cards like parley, no jump, move faster/slower, energy drink, and turrets. Incorporating weapons into your arsenal will give you the flexibility to engage opponents at different distances and overcome unfavorable situations.

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B Tier: Solid Choices

Donnie B – The Tenacious Survivor

Donnie B’s strength lies in his high health pool, which can be a game-changer. In a game with lengthy time-to-kill, having more health is undeniably beneficial. Donnie B offers flexibility in deck-building, allowing players to experiment with different card combinations. Additionally, his cowgirl outfit adds a unique flair to his character design.

Stevie Gull – The Deadly Marksman

Stevie Gull shines with his default pistol, which already packs a punch. Upgrading this weapon provides a lethal advantage, granting players the ability to deal devastating damage from a distance. The extra ammo capacity enhances Stevie Gull’s effectiveness, ensuring consistent firepower. With a wide range of cards at your disposal, you can experiment and find the perfect playstyle to complement Stevie Gull’s skills.

C Tier: Moderate Impact

Spike – The Elusive Fighter

Unfortunately, Spike’s impact on the battlefield feels lackluster. While Spike has the advantage of passing weapon benefits to newly equipped weapons, this aspect holds minimal significance, as the weapon itself often determines the round’s outcome. Deck-building options remain open for Spike, allowing players to experiment and adapt.

D Tier: Challenging Choices

DJ Newton – The Stylish Rookie

DJ Newton may be visually impressive, but their advantages pale in comparison to other characters. While DJ Newton can excel with powerful weapons like the boomstick, fk-82, and brasshopper, relying heavily on specific cards limits their overall potential. Engaging opponents without these weapons feels like playing on hard mode. Long-range fights against opponents armed with pistols are ill-advised and often result in failure.

Myk Raver – The Ill-Fated Warrior

Myk Raver’s Brasshopper weapon falls short when compared to the starting pistol. Close-range combat becomes a necessity, and Myk heavily relies on cards like More Accuracy, Poison Bullets, Steel Bullets, and mobility-enhancing abilities to survive. Engaging in long-range trades is unwise and often leads to defeat.

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Expert Insights from GotToBomb9

As the creator of this guide, I’ve dedicated 30 hours of gameplay in the first week of “Friends vs Friends”‘ release. Currently at level 50, I consistently secure victories and have a deep understanding of the game mechanics. However, please note that this guide is subjective and may become outdated as the game evolves. All characters possess viability, and even S tier characters can lose to those in lower tiers. Understanding your character’s strengths, weaknesses, and optimal strategies is crucial for success. If any character references or gender misidentifications require correction, please inform me so that I can rectify them promptly.

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