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Revealing the Secrets: Uncovering Hidden Strife Letters and Their Locations

Are you an avid Genshin Impact player looking for hidden treasures and secrets? Look no further! In this guide, we will take you on a journey to discover all the hidden Strife letters and their locations throughout the game. So gear up and let’s dive into the world of Teyvat!

Table of Contents

All Hidden Strife Letter Locations

Where to Find the Letters in Hidden Strife

Found in Dawn Winery, the Knights of Favonius Headquarters, and Albedo’s Camp

A bulk of the letters can be found inside Dawn Winery during the “All’s Well that Ends Well” quest in Hidden Strife. There are also letters found on the roof of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters and inside Jean’s Office. Additionally, two letters can be found in Albedo’s Camp in Dragonspine.

List of All Hidden Strife Letters

  • Dawn Winery Letters
    • Beautiful Handwriting 1
    • Beautiful Handwriting 2
    • Beautiful Handwriting 3
    • Beautiful Handwriting 4
    • Beautiful Handwriting 5
    • Beautiful Handwriting 6
    • Beautiful Handwriting 7
    • Beautiful Handwriting 8
    • Beautiful Handwriting 9
    • Rough Handwriting
    • Tidily Written Letter
    • Clear Handwriting
    • Elegant Handwriting
    • Neatly Written Letter
  • A New Letter
  • Letters and Notes on the Roof
  • Burnt Sheet of Paper
  • Eyepatch Note
  • First Letter to ”K”
  • Second Letter to ”K”
  • Letters in Reply
  • Letter to Jean
  • Letter to Varka
  • Letter to Albedo
  • Letter to Alice
  • Someone’s Notes
  • Piece of Paper
  • First Note
  • Second Note

Letters in Beautiful Handwriting

Kaeya’s Letters

Letters in Beautiful Handwriting

  • Letter 1
  • Letter 2
  • Letter 3
  • Letter 4
  • Letter 5
  • Letter 6
  • Letter 7
  • Letter 8
  • Letter 9

These letters are found on the other side of the hallway in Dawn Winery. They are addressed to “D” and mention the sender only being able to see with one eye. These letters are highly likely to be from Kaeya, as there are replies “To K” found on the roof of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters that are obviously owned by Kaeya.

Kaeya’s Story and Profile

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 1

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (I)
 A storm is brewing within the Knights of Favonius. Varka’s inner circle is preparing to investigate Eroch and his henchmen, and it’s looking increasingly likely that Eroch is about to get unseated from that high horse of his.
 You might not be too pleased to see this letter of mine, but I mean to get this news to you as soon as possible.
 You don’t have to reply.

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 2

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (II)
 Even I was a little surprised to hear that you’d decided to leave on a trip.
 Jean wanted to write and try to dissuade you, but I advised her against it.
 As for Varka, I don’t think he knows about this. Otherwise, he’d have probably sat you down for a talk.
 If you’d like to leave, do it now. The less the people know, the fewer goodbyes you’ll have to say. Leave at night, too, so things won’t be too saddening.
 Take care.

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 3

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (III)
 Some slightly bad news. Eroch won’t be quite so difficult to bring down after all.
 The Grand Master’s order to investigate has certainly dealt him a major blow, but I wouldn’t call the problem “pulled up by the roots” yet.
 The matter’s been handed over to Jean’s jurisdiction. She’ll take care of this, I believe. Eroch is an obstacle in her path, in any case.
 Just sit tight and wait for the good news.

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 4

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (IV)
 To D:
 Recently, a group of businessmen returned to Mondstadt. Word is that the reason for their return is a downturn in business.
 According to my observations, their employees are regulars at Angel’s Share. These people can also be found out in the more dangerous parts of the wilds around the city.
 Now, a few of them were a little careless and even dropped some pages of their notes on the ground. I took the liberty of returning these sheets to the Angel’s Share. You know, out of the goodness of my heart.
 I think they might have something to do with you, seeing as how they were there. I also noticed that their notes were written in code. Information brokers, perhaps? Or some kind of secret organization?
 Whatever the case, it took quite a lot of effort to see those blurred words with only one eye, you know? Don’t worry, I’ll keep this a secret.

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 5

This letter is in reply to the First Letter Addressed to ”K”.
A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (V)
 I didn’t try to hide it from you on purpose, you know. But I suppose you found out all the same, huh?
 I mean, not everyone who wears an eyepatch must be blind, right? Don’t people also wear an eyepatch if they have a scar over their right eye?
 The long-awaited good news is finally here.
 Now, I’m going to bring a glass of wine when I go to watch Eroch pack his things and leave on his last day (good riddance, by the way). That should be fun, eh?
 I know you’re not the type to do that sort of thing, but I am, so allow me.

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 6

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (VI)
 Oh, my! No sooner did you get back than a mysterious character started popping up.
 I hear he’s called the Darknight Hero. He has repeatedly fought off Treasure Hoarders and monsters in the Mondstadt area – and he’s even attacked Abyss Order strongholds.
 So far, it seems like he is on Mondstadt’s side, but the Knights of Favonius could never permit the existence of a vigilante.
 I get the feeling that the two of you would get along nicely. Why don’t you find an opportunity to get to know him and give him some sage advice? You know, just so he doesn’t get caught by the Knights?

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 7

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (VII)
 To D:
 Per standard procedure, the Knights of Favonius needs to take a statement from all relevant parties.
 Recently, the Knights of Favonius have received reports from a number of eye-witnesses claiming to have seen the Darknight Hero in the vicinity of the Dawn Winery.
 The Grand Master has assigned the Cavalry Company to this mission. As such, I will be paying you a visit in three days.
 He seems to think that our relationship can be improved if we are forced to talk in person.
 Don’t worry, though. My lips are sealed. This will be nothing more than a formality. Anyway, three days’ notice should be enough for you, I presume?

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 8

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (VIII)
 To D:
 The appearance of the Darknight Hero has indeed bought the Knights of Favonius some valuable time during the Abyss Order’s last attack.
 This helped Jean convince the Knights of Favonius to stop focusing on trying to stop him.
 This will decrease the limits on the Darknight Hero’s actions, but this doesn’t mean that his situation will necessarily improve.
 Objects with too honed an edge tend to be damaged more easily. You, I’m sure, are aware of the great dangers that come with acting alone.
 That said, I would advise against such a course of action.

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A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting 9

A Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (IX)
 To D:
 I heard that the Dawn Winery did not suffer any damage. Likewise, the Knights of Favonius only sustained minor injuries, and will recover quickly.
 However, an employee of a local merchant has gone missing, and their last known location just so happens to align with the Abyss Order’s area of activity.
 The Knights have dispatched people to go to the rescue.
 Do be aware that the Abyss Order has become more dangerous as of late, even going so far as to organize multi-pronged offensives.
 Perhaps the Darknight Hero and the Knights of Favonius should team up. That might guarantee that things will go off without a hitch, hmm?

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All’s Well That Ends Well Letters

A Letter With Rough Handwriting

Letter from Varka

This letter seems to have come from Varka himself. Diluc’s reply to this letter can be found inside Jean’s office at the Knight of Favonius Headquarters!

Varka Story and Details

A Letter With Rough Handwriting
 Diluc, Jean wrote to me lately with shocking news. If I don’t miss my guess, she wrote to you too. Her sentiments are those of the Knights as a whole.
 Crepus was a good man, and I thought very well of him. It grieves me greatly to know that he met with such a fate.
 As for the defeat of the drake, the honors for that accomplishment should go to your father. I do not accept Eroch’s theft of the credit for that deed, which was bought with your father’s sacrifice.
 Stolen credit will not be accepted within the Knights of Favonius under any circumstances. I will not permit it.
 I have already given Jean the authority to punish Eroch with all necessary severity. The Knights will inform you of the results.
 I’ve heard that you’ve been taking some time off outdoors and may not be easy to reach, so there is no guarantee that my letter will reach you. As such, I’ll stop here for now.
 If it does reach you, then I wish you good health and safety in your travels. Contact us if you need anything.
 I hope that falcon of yours will help put this letter in your hands. I mean, I don’t write in person very often, you know?
 These may seem like pointless words to you right now, but remember: even the greatest of disasters must come to an end.
 Mondstadt waits for your return, and if you’re willing, the Knights will always welcome you. (If you’re not, forget I said anything, yeah?)

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A Tidily Written Letter

Letter from Alice

The letter mentions Klee, and the author refers to her as her daughter, so this most likely from Alice! Diluc’s reply to this letter can be found in Albedo’s Camp in Dragonspine.

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Alice Story and Details

A Tidily Written Letter
 To the heir of the Ragnvindr Clan, I apologize for sending this letter without notice. You may not remember me, but we’ve met a few times.
 We’ve met near the square, when I sat at the table adjacent to yours at the Good Hunter, and I’ve seen you in your tavern…
 You were always busy with a great many things, especially back when you were much chattier than you are now. You spoke cheerfully and often with your brother and friends then.
 It’s probably no surprise that you did not notice me then. But I’ve always had my eye on you, child.
 I recall with crystal clarity how my little Klee once made a complete mess of your vineyard while she was trying to catch Crystalflies there…
 But you didn’t get angry. In fact, you personally escorted Klee back and even gave her a few bottles of fresh grape juice.
 Now I think that might jog your memory, yes?
 Klee recently told me that she ”hasn’t seen that strange man with the red hair in aaages,” so I decided to look into it out of curiosity.
 My deepest condolences regarding your father.
 In many of the stories I’ve been told, you are the model knight: proud, driven, a knight of noble character and lineage.
 But I know that you’re gentler than you appear. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t have treaded Klee the way you did.
 And since you helped my child out, I hope you won’t mind if I treat you as if you were my own.
 Therefore, I sincerely hope that you will leave the dark place that you are presently in, and you will not wallow in grief and remorse.
 Partings are the most painful things, but they also encourage us to grow. A bird that has lost the roof over its head will fly further than others of its kind.
 Go out and see the world. That’s the best course of action I can envision. Only by feeling, observing, and listening can your heart be healed.
 Parents all wish that they can accompany their children forever, and the skies, seas, and stars bear witness to that oath.
 Everything that was your father now finds new life with you. That which you will experience in this world may have been things that your father experienced once upon a time.
 I hope that the wind will bring you all manner of wondrous things in your journey to come.
 In any case, keep your chin up, child.

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A Letter With Clear Handwriting

Letter from Dawn Winery Staff

This letter is from one of the people working at Dawn Winery, hinted at by the way they address both Diluc and Kaeya as “Master.” This could be a letter from the butler, Elzer.

A Letter With Clear Handwriting
 Master, Master Kaeya took leave and stayed at Dawn Winery for a few days.
 In a rare turn of events, he decided to stay in his original bedroom. He would pace about the grounds when idle, and even asked Adelinde to make him his favorite dishes.
 Ah, it really does take me back.
 I shall be honest with you, but I was quite surprised to hear Master Kaeya say that he wanted to stay for a few days.
 We did not refuse him, however. We believe that even if you were here, you would not refuse him outright.
 Dawn Winery has always been a more quiet location, perhaps because all who stay here are rather peaceable people.
 The house is made by those who live in it, and Master Kaeya’s uncommon arrival did end up livening the place up significantly.
 I hope that you are doing well in your travels abroad. Everyone here at the winery misses you.
 May you remain safe and in good health.

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A Letter With Elegant Handwriting

Letter Possibly from Jean

Varka’s letter mentioned that Jean had sent Diluc a letter as well, and Diluc also has a reply to the letter found inside Jean’s office at the Knight of Favonius Headquarters!

Jean Story and Profile

A Letter With Elegant Handwriting
 Dear Diluc,
 Welcome back to Mondstadt, Sir.
 It has been some time since the incident. We discovered that Eroch had betrayed us, and he has been punished severely.
 I hope that this news will put your mind at ease.
 In other news, our people have discovered that the Abyss Order has stepped up its activities between Wolvendom and Stone Gate lately.
 Also — a mysterious individual that people are calling the “Darknight Hero” has suddenly started showing up out of nowhere all around Mondstadt City. He typically acts in the dead of night, and his intentions are currently unclear.
 Please stay safe, and notify the Knights as soon as possible should you see anything suspicious. We will send support immediately.
 Whether you are presently in our ranks or not, all faithful knights will remember your contributions to the Knights of Favonius.
 May you remain in good health.

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A Neatly Written Letter

A Letter Possibly from Albedo

The author mentions that their focus is on “alchemy” and seems to be investigating the ley lines, so it’s likely that it’s written by Albedo!

Albedo Story and Profile

A Neatly Written Letter
 Dear Mr. Diluc,
 It is my pleasure to investigate the ley lines alongside you.
 As you know, my focus is on alchemy, so my knowledge of the ley lines remains quite shallow, and I fear that I will only be able to share what little understanding I have.
 According to many pre-existing documents, the ley lines can be seen as a medium for storing information. Under certain circumstances, they can record activities that occur in the area around them.
 All this information goes through a recording and storage process. After a certain period of time, they may be released once again by the ley lines.
 If I may be so bold as to make a guess, there should be a method to activate the ley lines. Those who grasp such methods can control the times at which ley line information is recorded and released.
 Judging from the runic symbols and some other clues, I surmise that there are particular members of the Abyss Order who may have a very small chance of being able to achieve this.
 If you believe that this requires further investigation, these entities may serve as your point of entry. I wrote a paper a few years ago in which I covered my brief foray into questions concerning the flow of ley lines and other such topics. You will find a copy of this paper enclosed.
 I hope that it can help to clear up some of your doubts.

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A New Letter

Letter from Diluc’s Friend

This letter talks about the happenings in the Hidden Strife event itself, supported by the Notes found at Falcon Coast.

A New Letter
 Dear Darknight Hero, the Knights of Favonius have stepped up the guard details throughout Mondstadt without making any major movements. The Abyss Order will not have noticed.
 I am scouting around Dragonspine. The monsters here are scattered and separated. Clearly, they haven’t been assembled by the Abyss Order.
 There are no signs of enemy activity in the south of Mondstadt either.
 If you can confirm that the other locations are also free of monsters, we will be able to conclude that the Abyss Order has nothing to do with the recent ley line disorder.

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Letters and Notes Found on the Roof of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters

Mysterious Box in a Secret Compartment

You can find a loose brick on the roof of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. Inside is a Secret Compartment with a Mysterious Box. This box contains several letters, an old eyepatch, and a bag of old sea shells.

Burnt Sheet of Paper

From Kaeya’s Past

The paper talks about the Alberich Clan, matching Kaeya’s last name, who supposedly ruled as regents of Khaenri’ah when their king ”failed.”

The annotation on the back of the paper seems to have been written by Kaeya, who noted the difference between his ‘Father’s handwriting and his own.

Eyepatch Note

Note on the Eyepatch
 Hah! To think that all that play-acting as a one-eyed pirate would eventually end with one actual wounded eye.
 I have never blamed Diluc for that. I suppose I must have been asking for it, telling him the truth the day my adoptive father died without expecting conflict to emerge somehow.
 He seems to believe that I really was blinded, though that’s not the case. Well, I’ve fooled him for a while, haven’t I? Might as well keep going.

Letter Addressed to ”K” 1

Letters Possibly from Diluc

Both the First and Second Letters found in this Secret Compartment are addressed to ”K” and signed from ”D.” The same ‘names’ are used in the set of Letters in Beautiful Handwriting found at Dawn Winery.

The first letter addressed to ”K” seems to be in reply to the Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (IV)

Letter Addressed to ”K” 2

The second letter addressed to ”K” seems to be in reply to the Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (VI)

Letter Addressed to ”K” 2

The second letter addressed to ”K” seems to be in reply to the Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (VI)

Letter Addressed to ”K” 2

The second letter addressed to ”K” seems to be in reply to the Letter in Beautiful Handwriting (VI)

Letters Found in Jean’s Office

There are two letters found in Jean’s Office inside the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. One is addressed to the Acting Grand Master Jean, while the other is addressed to Grand Master Varka.

Letter Addressed to the Acting Grand Master

This letter seems to be in reply to the Letter in Elegant Handwriting found in Dawn Winery.

Letter Addressed to Grand Master Varka

This letter seems to be in reply to the Letter in Rough Handwriting found in Dawn Winery.

Letters at Albedo’s Camp

Two letters can be found in Albedo’s camp located in Dragonspine! One is addressed to Albedo, while the other is addressed to Alice.

Letter Addressed to Mr. Albedo

This letter is in reply to the Neatly Written Letter at the Dawn Winery.

Letter Addressed to Ms. Alice

This letter is a reply to the Tidily Written Letter found at the Dawn Winery.

Notes in the Camp

These are the notes found during the Hidden Strife’s first quest, Phantom of the Past.

Piece of Paper

Dear Darknight Hero, we are seeing a repeat of the phenomenon we encountered many years ago.
Although you fully resolved the issue last time, the ley lines seem to have been stimulated in some way and are releasing the monsters they recorded once more.
I’m sure you’ll want to deal with those that pose the biggest threat immediately.
So I’m notifying essential individuals, per the operating procedures.

Someone’s Notes 1

It’s been years since the ley lines last released such highly aggressive monsters during an anomaly.
The Darknight Hero’s timing was perfect. The way he lured the monsters a few at a time into the open to defeat them one by one… quite the strategy.
And then he pretended to be seriously injured, luring out the Abyss Order’s main forces and then meeting them head-on. A truly magnificent counterattack.
Still, this plan involved too many uncertainties. The Darknight Hero himself even said that he can’t afford to take risks like this every time.
Getting to the root of the problem and preventing these types of ley line disorders from happening is the safest approach.

Someone’s Notes 2

Ley lines hold many secrets. We ordinary people do not need to concern ourselves with the way they work.
But since the Darknight Hero will be fighting against the Abyss Order for the long term, it is in our best interests to gain a deeper understanding of them.
I heard that the captain of the Knights of Favonius Investigation Team is a highly accomplished academic, but unlike Lisa, he is not especially close with the Acting Grand Master.
We should be able to learn a few things from him without the Knights of Favonius finding out.
Perhaps the Darknight Hero could ask him for input on the technical issues regarding the ley lines. I will deliver the letter to his camp on the mountain.

Hidden Strife Letters Information

Part of the Hidden Strife Event

All these letters can be found during the Hidden Strife event. You must complete all the event quests to be able to find these letters.

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